Diabetic Bread And Butter Pickles Recipe

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Time: 25 minutes



  1. cucumbers
  2. onion
  3. garlic clove
  4. pickling salt
  5. ice cubes
  6. cider vinegar
  7. water
  8. mustard seeds
  9. celery seed
  10. turmeric
  11. sugar twin


  1. combine cucumber , onion and garlic in a bowl
  2. sprinkle with pickling salt , cover with ice cubes and let stand at least 6 hours or overnight
  3. drain well
  4. combine vinegar , water , mustard seed , celery seed and tumeric in a large saucepan
  5. bring to a boil and add drained cucumber mixture
  6. return to boil and cook 2 minutes
  7. discard garlic clove
  8. stir in sweetner and put in sterilized jars

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