Diabetic Pecan Pie Recipe

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Time: 55 minutes



  1. unbaked pie shell
  2. plain gelatin
  3. unsweetened applesauce
  4. water
  5. cornstarch
  6. eggs
  7. vanilla
  8. very strong coffee
  9. pecan halves
  10. frozen apple juice concentrate
  11. granular fructose


  1. make fruit sweetener: mix together 1 / 2 cup frozen apple juice concentrate plus 1 / 2 cup granulated fructose or diabetic sugar
  2. )
  3. prepare pastry and place in 9-inch pie pan
  4. in large bowl , combine fruit sweetener , gelatin and apple sauce
  5. beat with electric mixer
  6. in small bowl , blend water and cornstarch until smooth
  7. add cornstarch to fruit sweetener mixture and blend
  8. beat in eggs , one at a time
  9. stir in vanilla and coffee
  10. pour mixture into pie shell
  11. decorate top with pecan halves
  12. bake 30-40 minutes at 375f cool slightly before cutting

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