Diana S Favourite Caramel Corn Recipe

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Time: 90 minutes



  1. light brown sugar
  2. light corn syrup
  3. butter
  4. cream of tartar
  5. salt
  6. baking soda
  7. popped corn


  1. in a large pot , combine sugar , corn syrup , butter , cream of tartar and salt
  2. boil rapidly on medium high heat , stirring constantly until mixture reaches 260 on a candy thermometer
  3. remove from heat
  4. stir in soda thoroughly
  5. pour over popped corn in a large bowl
  6. stir until well coated
  7. place popcorn on a large buttered cookie sheet
  8. bake for 1 hour at 200 , stirring 3 or 4 times
  9. keep in a tightly covered container
  10. care should be taken not to get the caramel on your skin
  11. trust me -- i know the consequences

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