Dill Pickle Roast Recipe

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Time: 195 minutes



  1. rump roast
  2. browning sauce
  3. celery
  4. flour
  5. carrots
  6. potatoes
  7. onions
  8. dill pickle spears
  9. salt and pepper


  1. salt and pepper all sides of roast and brown in a pan on the cooktop
  2. for some reason when i try to submit this recipe it says "oil for browning sauce" , even though i don\'t have that written anywhere
  3. "brown the roast in the oil" is how it should read
  4. a nice crust should form , but do not burn
  5. while meat is browning , peel carrots and potatoes
  6. if using cooking bag , sprinkle flour in bottom of the bag
  7. place celery down on the bottom of the pan , and set the browned roast on top of the celery stalks
  8. surround the roast with onions , carrots , potatoes , and pickle spears
  9. we usually use about 1
  10. 5 jars of the pickle spears
  11. you may need to cut the carrots in half to help them fit around the roast easier
  12. pour pickle juice onto and around the roast
  13. important: do not let juice go more than half way up the side of the meat , otherwise you will be boiling your dinner instead of roasting it', "if the pickle juice isn't enough to reach the meat , add water", 'if liquid accumulates higher than half way up the roast while cooking , remove liquid with a baster and reserve for dipping or pouring over meat and veggies on the plate before serving
  14. seal the cooking bag and slice a couple vents in the top of the bag , or if using a roasting pan use the lid
  15. roast at 350 degrees for 2 to 3 hours , depending on the amount of veggies you use and the size of the roast
  16. the meat should just about start to shred away from the roast when you test it with a fork
  17. you may need to remove the roasted veggies earlier than the meat , test with a fork and remove when done
  18. keep warm or reheat just before serving', "discard the onions , we don't eat those", 'baste the meat while roasting if using the roasting pan
  19. slice the meat thin for serving , pour some of the au jus over the meat and veggies just before serving
  20. we always do a second roast in the same roaster because this makes amazing sandwiches the next day
  21. for the sandwich roast , slice meat when fresh out of the oven and store it in the remaining au jus to keep it moist
  22. reheat meat in some au jus , place a slice of muenster cheese and a pickle on a crusty roll or sub bun and microwave just long enough to melt the cheese
  23. add the warmed meat and serve with some dipping juice', "it's wonderful !"]

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