Dilled Pickled Peppers Recipe

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Time: 35 minutes



  1. water
  2. white vinegar
  3. salt
  4. oil
  5. hot peppers
  6. fresh dill
  7. garlic cloves
  8. alum


  1. sterilize jars
  2. mix brine ingredients and heat to a boil
  3. wash peppers and cut in half or quarters length wise removing the seeds
  4. heat lids
  5. pack peppers tightly in quart jars
  6. add 1 sprig of fresh dill or 1 tsp of dill weed to each jar
  7. add a clove of garlic to each jar
  8. add 1 tsp of alum to each jar
  9. fill each jar to within 1 / 2" of the top with the boiling brine
  10. wipe rim of jar , place lids and screw on bands finger-
  11. process in boiling water bath five minutes up to 1000 feet in elevation
  12. ten minutes up to 6000 feet
  13. fifteen minutes over 6000 feet
  14. when the jars have been processed in boiling water for the recommended time , turn off the heat and remove the canner lid
  15. wait 5 minutes before removing jars
  16. using a jar lifter , remove the jars one at a time , being careful not to tilt the jars
  17. carefully place them directly onto a towel or cake cooling rack , leaving at least one inch of space between the jars during cooling
  18. avoid placing the jars on a cold surface or in a cold draft
  19. let the jars sit undisturbed while they cool , from 12 to 24 hours
  20. do not tighten ring bands on the lids or push down on the center of the flat metal lid until the jar is completely cooled

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