Dining On A With Chicken Breasts Recipe

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Time: 33 minutes



  1. ramen noodles
  2. chicken breast
  3. carrot
  4. onion
  5. celery
  6. red pepper
  7. green pepper
  8. olive oil
  9. butter
  10. lemon pepper seasoning
  11. garlic
  12. parmesan cheese
  13. water


  1. in large skillet , melt olive oil and 2 tbsp butter on medium low heat
  2. add in all ingredients except chicken , carrots , and noodles and saut til el dente , scoop out into serving dish
  3. in same skillet add in additional tbsp of butter and more olive oil if needed , add chicken and cook on medium til all pink is gone
  4. approx 4 min depending on thickness of chicken strips
  5. in a separate pan at the same time bring 2 c water to a rolling boil
  6. turn down heat and add in carrots and cook for 2 min then add in noodles and cook an additional 1-2 minute
  7. drain any remaining liquid and toss into skillet
  8. , stir
  9. then take vegetable mixture from serving dish and incorporate back into skillet to reheat on med low heat
  10. sprinkle on parmesan cheese and incorporate through
  11. return all to serving platter and voila
  12. serve with crusty bread
  13. options: other vegetables can be substituted or interchanged for variety such as broccoli , spinach , chard , zucchini disks , etc
  14. you can keep noodles separate and serve the chicken veggie mixture over top of the noodles as opposed to mixed together

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