Donna S Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe

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Time: 45 minutes



  1. sirloin steak
  2. worcestershire sauce
  3. egg noodles
  4. sweet onion
  5. cream cheese
  6. sour cream
  7. butter
  8. garlic salt
  9. salt and pepper
  10. sliced mushrooms
  11. frozen sweet peas
  12. sliced water chestnuts


  1. the night before , i marinate my beef strips
  2. cook egg noodles as directed , drain them and set them aside
  3. saute onions until translucent in the butter but do not drain them you want to keep the butter
  4. cook beef strips in the worcestershire sauce on low to med heat until done , drain off and save the juice and let it cool
  5. set the beef strips aside
  6. use a large mixing bowl and with a mixer , mix the sour cream , cooled beef juices and cream cheese
  7. pour the noodles into a extra-large skillet or soup pot and add the beef , onions in butter , mushrooms , water chestnuts , peas , sour cream mixture and the spices
  8. simmer mixture on low until hot and bubbly
  9. this dish can be poured into a large casserole dish and sprinkled with shredded parmesans or mozzarella cheese and then baked in the oven until cheese has melted
  10. enjoy !
  11. delicious with a salad and yeast rolls or garlic bread !

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