Dried Cranberry Salsa Recipe

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Time: 40 minutes



  1. diced tomatoes
  2. jicama
  3. red bell peppers
  4. red onion
  5. jalapeno pepper
  6. dried cranberries
  7. fresh cilantro
  8. lime juice
  9. ground black pepper
  10. salt


  1. combine all ingredients in a medium bowl
  2. let stand 30 minutes at room temperature to allow flavors to mix
  3. serve at room temperature
  4. cover and refrigerate any remaining salsa

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See more This salsa is a tasty accompaniment to chicken, duck, turkey, pork-and it‚s dynamite on salmon. For a change of pace, try it on enchiladas. Or just eat it with tortilla chips. The red and green colors are appropriate for a holiday season buffet.

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