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Drunk Turkey

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this is a spin off of a southern tradition, drunk chicken. the turkey stays so juicy and truly absorbs every bit of seasoning.

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Time: 20 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 7

Ingredients: turkey,beer,butter,garlic salt,cajun seasoning,all purpose greek seasoning,onion salt


  1. thaw the turkey and place in a roasting pan
  2. put 2 sticks of butter in the cavity of the turkey
  3. take 1 / 2 stick of butter and rub on the turkey itself
  4. pour 1 / 4 can of beer in the bottom of the roasting pan
  5. place desired amount of seasonings in the beer can (we love tons of flavor , so we use about 1 tablespoons each of garlic salt , cajun seasoning and greek seasoning and 1 teaspoons of onion salt
  6. place can into the cavity of turkey , top first
  7. leave the can sticking out of the cavity a couple of inches
  8. pat seasonings on the buttered turkey
  9. cover with aluminum foil
  10. cook as directed on bird
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