Duck Magret With A Blueberry Port Sauce Recipe

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Time: 60 minutes



  1. duck breasts
  2. garlic clove
  3. thyme leaves
  4. orange, zest of
  5. port wine
  6. red currant jelly
  7. blueberries
  8. dijon mustard
  9. cornflour
  10. olive oil
  11. red onion
  12. butter
  13. baby spinach leaves
  14. potatoes
  15. onion


  1. duck breast
  2. place the duck breast in a container with the garlic , orange zest and thyme
  3. cover the container and place it in a refrigerator , leave it to infuse for a few hours
  4. cook duck breast skin side down over medium / high heat to render fat and crisp skin
  5. this will take 8-10 minutes , you will have to drain fat periodically as a lot of fat will fill the pan , just be careful
  6. as it is very hot
  7. transfer duck to an oven proof dish , place on a wire rack and cook in 180c oven for 20-25 minutes , this will leave it nice and pink in the middle
  8. i turn the oven , to grill , for the last few minutes to really crisp up the skin , but take your pick i like it this way
  9. blueberry sauce
  10. heat port , half the berries and redcurrant jelly in a pan
  11. heat to a medium / high heat and leave to simmer for 8-10 minutes until it reduces to a thin sauce consistency
  12. add a little water to cornflour and add to sauce to thicken slightly , add dijon mustard and whisk to dissolve
  13. remove from heat and stir in remaining berries and serve immediately
  14. spinach
  15. heat oil in a large pan add onion and garlic , cook until onion softens
  16. melt butter in same pan , add spinach and cook until spinach is soft
  17. rosti style potatoes
  18. heat butter in a pan , add onion and garlic and cook until soft , using an absorbent cloth squeeze any excess liquid from potatoes and add to pan , cook until potato is sticky
  19. remove mixture from pan
  20. using egg rings place mixture inside and cook until browned and crisp on both sides
  21. alternatively i did this last night as i was in a hurry , but it does not make for the best presentation
  22. just leave potato in pan and stir cooking until crisp , it is a little quicker but potato is in bits rather than a nice shaped ring
  23. to serve: pour a little sauce on plate , place sliced duck breast on top of sauce , serve spinach and rosti on the side

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