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East Meets West Rojak Fruit Salad

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i found this recipe on cyberkuali. it's very refreshing and delicious. the dressing is wonderful!!

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Time: 20 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 17

Ingredients: jicama,green mango,pineapple,green apple,guava,star fruit,kiwi fruits,pomegranate,peanuts,sesame seeds,dark soy sauce,light soy sauce,lime juice,sunflower oil,palm sugar,white sugar,birds eye chiles


  1. soak apple slices for five minutes in a solution of 1 tbsp lime juice mixed with 1 cup water
  2. layer thinly-sliced fruit into a shallow glass dish , or you may stack them in layers on individual plates / bowls
  3. cover and refrigerate until ready to serve
  4. toast peanuts and sesame seeds in 350f oven for 10 minutes , stirring occasionally
  5. to make dressing , combine all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl , stirring well
  6. add the sesame seeds and half the peanuts
  7. serve in a bowl alongside the salad
  8. the remaining chopped peanuts should be offered as an additional garnish which guests can sprinkle on their salad
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