Easy Awesome Musthrooms Recipe

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Time: 13 minutes



  1. mushroom
  2. salt
  3. pepper
  4. herbes de provence
  5. butter
  6. whipping cream
  7. beef base
  8. chicken base


  1. in a pre-warmed sauce pan over medium heat , melt 3 tbl butter
  2. when the butter is melted , toss in couple handfuls of mushrooms
  3. toss them in the pan to coat
  4. add a small pinch of salt and pepper
  5. toss again to coat evenly
  6. let the mushrooms cook for about 3 min - continuing to toss or stirring the mushrooms
  7. add 1 / 2 tsp herb de provence
  8. toss again
  9. by now the mushrooms are starting to shrink
  10. add to the pan , the whipping cream
  11. before the cream begins to heat up , add 1 tsp of either beef base , of chicken base
  12. stir the base into the cream until dissolved
  13. cook the mixture about a minute longer and then plate
  14. this is a great side topping', "even those that don't like mushrooms like this !"]

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