Easy Coleslaw With A Kick Recipe

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Time: 130 minutes



  1. coleslaw mix
  2. mayonnaise
  3. sugar
  4. apple cider vinegar
  5. crushed pineapple
  6. pineapple juice
  7. wasabi
  8. salt
  9. pepper


  1. mix everything but the coleslaw together
  2. pay special attention to be sure the wasabi is well blended
  3. a trick i learned that works very well , is to put all the ingredients but the coleslaw mix into a big ziploc bag , then squish , shake , and massage the ingredients into a nice smooth blend
  4. then add the coleslaw mix and the ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well
  5. cover and put it in the fridge for a couple hours to overnight to allow all the flavors to blend inches it will be soupy on the bottom , but the salad will be crisp

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