Easy Crock Pot Meatball Minestrone Recipe

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Time: 405 minutes



  1. olive oil
  2. frozen meatballs
  3. onion
  4. beef broth
  5. diced tomatoes
  6. carrot
  7. celery
  8. green pepper
  9. dried oregano
  10. dried basil
  11. fresh italian parsley
  12. elbow macaroni
  13. kidney beans
  14. parmesan cheese


  1. in a nonstick skillet , heat oil over medium heat
  2. add meatballs and brown on all sides
  3. just before they are completely browned , add the onion to the skillet and reduce heat to medium-low
  4. continue cooking about 2 more minutes or until the onions are soft
  5. add 1 cup of the beef broth to the pan , stirring up all the browned particles from the bottom of the pan
  6. carefully pour contents of skillet into your crock pot
  7. i used a 4-quart sized crock pot
  8. add the rest of the beef broth , tomatoes , carrots , celery , green pepper , oregano , basil and parsley to the crock pot
  9. cover and cook on lo for 6 to 8 hours
  10. turn the heat to hi
  11. add the macaroni and rinsed and drained beans
  12. stir
  13. cover and cook about 30 minutes until the macaroni is fully cooked
  14. taste before serving
  15. if necessary , adjust seasoning
  16. serve in soup bowls with grated parmesan cheese on top

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