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Ecto Nanna Pudding

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dh lost a bet with me on fb. so he had to cook dinner. he came up with this yummy but strange combination. we had a disagreement on whether the nilla wafers should go on top or bottom. so you may choose where you want them. the color of this pudding reminds me of slimmer from ghostbusters. thus the name. would be great for halloween or st patrick's day.

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Time: 5 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 5

Ingredients: sugar-free instant banana cream pudding mix,sugar-free instant pistachio pudding,skim milk,bananas,vanilla wafer


  1. in medium mixing bowl , mix both puddings with milk and stir till thickened
  2. lay sliced bananas on top
  3. gently mix with pudding
  4. here is your choice on where the vanilla wafers go
  5. either put a layer of wafers in the casserole and then pour in the pudding or
  6. pour in the pudding and top with vanilla wafers or do both
  7. you choose
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