Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies Recipe | Allrecipes

See more In looking over the recipe I thought it could use a little more sugar (can't believe I said that!), and specifically white sugar. So in addition to the 1 cup brown sugar, I added 1/2 cup of granulated sugar as well. Good call - perfectly sweet. As for the cinnamon chips, I used the whole darn bag, essentially doubling what the recipe directed.

Thu, 29 Oct 2020 03:24:00 GMT

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Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies Recipe | Taste of Home

See more Directions. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, baking powder and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture and mix well.

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 23:06:00 GMT

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Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies Recipe | Taste of Home

See more Directions. In a large bowl, cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in molasses and vanilla.

Tue, 27 Oct 2020 13:06:00 GMT

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Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal Cookies ~Sweet & Savory

See more Since perfecting the recipe, I’ve made these cookies many, many times. No one ever complained about lack of real oat flavor. My guess is that additional flavors have something to do with that! My favorite was apple & cinnamon, but you could use any flavors you like, or even mix n’ match. Maple & brown sugar was super good too.

Sun, 25 Oct 2020 23:53:00 GMT

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Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies - Will Cook For Smiles

See more This oatmeal cookie recipe is made with old fashioned oats and flavored with cinnamon and cinnamon glaze on top. It’s a great easy cookie recipe that’s fun to bake with kids on the weekend. This recipe makes a nice big batch so some cookies can be frozen. My favorite thing to do with kids is to make cookies.

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 22:09:00 GMT

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Instant Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies Recipe | Allrecipes

See more 15 of the World's Best Savory Beef Stew Recipes Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Read More Breakfast and Brunch Recipes. Breakfast and Brunch Recipes See all Breakfast and Brunch Recipes . 20 Ways to

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:41:00 GMT

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How to Make Oatmeal Cookies With Instant Oatmeal | LEAFtv

See more Cookies made with old-fashioned oats and 1-minute oats follow the same recipe using the same ingredients. Packet instant oatmeal cookies need less sugar, fewer eggs and shorter, or even no cooking time. Use the packets to make Instant Oatmeal no-bake cookies on the stovetop.

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:22:00 GMT

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Instant Oatmeal Cookies - Easy to make recipes, cooking

See more I did tweak the recipe a little because when quarantine cleaning I found random packages of instant oatmeal. 3 bananas and cream, 2 Maple and brown sugar, and 3 peanut butter and honey. I didn’t want to leave one lonely packet of instant oatmeal the cabinets. So I added a tablespoon extra of both butter, and milk.

Tue, 27 Oct 2020 23:07:00 GMT

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Instant Oatmeal Packet Cookies Recipe -

See more Everyone seems to have a box of instant oatmeal packets hiding in their pantry or kitchen, sadly forgotten. While they make a quick breakfast, a lot of people get tired of the same old flavors of everyday oatmeal. Rather than throwing away money and letting oatmeal packets become trashcan bound, I try to re-purpose them. Instant oatmeal packets aren’t just for breakfast, they also make

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 13:12:00 GMT

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Oatmeal Cookies {Soft and Chewy} - Cooking Classy

See more 7. Shape oatmeal cookie dough into individual rounds: Scoop dough out and shape into 1 1/2-inch balls (or 40 grams each), transfer to prepared baking sheet fitting 12 per sheet and spacing 2-inches apart. 8. Bake: Bake in preheated oven until golden brown on edges and nearly set (center should look under-baked), about 12 – 14 minutes. 9. Cool: Let cool on baking sheet for a few minutes then

Thu, 29 Oct 2020 10:19:00 GMT

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