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Lemon And Herbs Marinade

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a marinade that is good with chicken

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Time: 2 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 9

Ingredients: fresh lemon juice,olive oil,white wine vinegar,garlic cloves,salt,pepper,lemon zest,bay leaves,fresh herbs


  1. in a small bowl , with a whisk , mix lemon juice , oil , vinegar , garlic , salt and pepper
  2. add lemon zest , bay leaf and herbs , stir
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In shallow glass or plastic dish or resealable food-storage plastic bag, mix all ingredients. Add about 1 pound fish, 1 pound boneless chicken, about 3 1/2 pounds bone-in chicken or about 1 pound seafood; turn to coat with marinade. ...Show details

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DIRECTIONS Mix all ingredieants well. Pour over chicken and marinate at lease 2 hours (or overnight). If using fish, only marinate 1/2 hour. ...Show details

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For marinade, combine all ingredients except steaks. In large, shallow non-aluminum baking dish or plastic bag, pour 1/2 cup marinade over steaks; turn to coat. Marinate in refrigerator at least 30 minutes. Refrigerate unused marinade. Remove steaks. Grill or broil, to preferred doneness, brushing frequently with refrigerated marinade. ...Show details

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DIRECTIONS Roughly chop the rosemary leaves, thyme leaves, and lavender flower/s or leaves (if using). Place herbs, salt and pepper into a mortar and pound with a pestle, until herbs are crushed and fragrant. Add garlic and lemon zest and pound until garlic makes a paste - add a little of the olive oil if necessary. ...Show details

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Tangy Lemon Herb Sauce. Cuisinart original. A versatile, tangy sauce – try it with steamed artichokes or fish Ingredients. ½cup plain lowfat yogurt 2tablespoons chopped parsley ½garlic clove, finely chopped ½tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ½teaspoon finely chopped lemon zest ½tablespoon lemon juice 1teaspoon dill weed ¼teaspoon kosher ...Show details

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In a small bowl combine the lemon juice and zest, chopped herbs, garlic, crushed red pepper, and 1/2 cup of olive oil. ...Show details

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Easy Lemon and Herb Chicken Marinade – a Family Recipe. My Easy Lemon and Herb Chicken Marinade is loosely based on a marinade developed by my late Dad. He adored cooking, particularly in the summer, when he would spend hours out on the deck barbecuing delicious meals for family and friends. ...Show details

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