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Meatballs Stuffed With Pineapple Chunks

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i got this recipe from a microwave cookbook i bought my mother 25 years ago. i love to serve these as appetizers for parties, and also with rice for dinner. this is a quick, tasty, easy recipe. give it a try!!

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Time: 35 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 11

Ingredients: pineapple chunks,ground beef,egg,bread,instant minced onion,salt,ground cloves,allspice,pineapple syrup,ketchup,brown sugar


  1. drain pineapple well , reserving syrup
  2. mix together beef , egg , bread crumbs , onion , salt , cloves , allspice and 2 tbsp syrup
  3. mold small amount of mixture around each pineapple chunk
  4. place meatballs in 12x8x2" glass dish
  5. cover with wax paper
  6. mirowave at high 4 minutes
  7. pour off meat juices
  8. stir together 1 / 3 c reserved syrup , ketchup and brown sugar
  9. pour over drained meatballs and microwave at high 3 to 5 minutes longer , or until done
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