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Rice With Lentils And Dates

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from the new book of middle eastern food, posted for zwt iii, north africa and the middle east.

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Time: 140 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 12

Ingredients: basmati rice,butter,onion,lamb,salt and pepper,cinnamon,allspice,lentils,saffron,raisins,pitted dates,blanched almond


  1. wash and drain rice
  2. heat 2 t butter and fry the onion till golden
  3. add the meat and saut stirring and turning the pieces till browned all over
  4. cover with water , add salt and pepper , cinnamon and allspice and simmer for 1 hour
  5. or till meat is tender and most of water absorbed
  6. boil the lentils in water for about 20 minutes till done , adding salt when they begin to soften , drain
  7. now boil the rice in a pan for 10 minutes till not quite tender and still a little underdone
  8. drain the rice
  9. melt 2 t butter in bottom of pan , then stir in 2 t of the saffron water and about a third of the rice
  10. spread half the meat on top , then sprinkle on half the lentils , raisins , dates and almonds if using
  11. cover with a layer of rice and remaining meat , lentils , raisins and dates and finish with the rice that is left
  12. melt the remaining butter , stir in the remaining saffron water and pour all over
  13. cook covered on very low heat for 20-30 minutes
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