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Shrimp Pot Stickers Dumplings

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i found this recipe to be comparable to pf chang's!!!! i make these steamed shrimp wonton wraps as appetizers, served with a soy sauce and they disappear fast. really easy to make, throw everyting in a food processer makes them come together in no time. you'll want to double this recipe, your guest will want more than one ;)

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Time: 25 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 13

Ingredients: raw shrimp,carrot,green onion,garlic,fresh ginger,salt,sugar,wonton wrappers,egg,water,soy sauce,rice vinegar,chili oil


  1. filling prep:
  2. puree raw shrimp in food processor until a smooth paste forms
  3. add carrot , green onion , ginger , garlic , salt , sugar and pulse a couple of times
  4. measure a heaping tbls of filling into the center of wonton wrapper , brush beaten egg on top of the four edges and bring corners together and press to seal
  5. let sit in refrigerator for 10 min so that the egg glue sets
  6. prepare a steamer with hot water
  7. once steaming drop a couple dumplings in and steam for 15 minutes -- remove
  8. serve with sauce:
  9. make sauce by simmering ingredients over medium heat for 1-2 minutes , remove from heat and set aside
  10. delicious served hot or cold
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