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Spinach In Puff Pastry Casserole

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this is one of our favorites! i love the combination of the crispy puff pastry crust and the delicious spinach and cheese filling. this recipe works well with mushrooms too.

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Time: 50 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 9

Ingredients: frozen puff pastry,frozen spinach,swiss cheese,milk,eggs,garlic powder,dried oregano,nutmeg,salt and pepper


  1. pre-heat oven to 400 f line 9x13 inch casserole with puff pastry , stretching pastry half way up sides of casserole dish prick puff pastry in several places with fork bake at 400 f for approximately 12 minutes , until golden brown if pastry has puffed up , compress pastry sprinkle half the cheese over puff pastry spread spinach evenly over cheese sprinkle remaining cheese over spinach
  2. in small bowl mix eggs , milk , garlic powder , oregano , nutmeg , salt and pepper pour egg mixture over casserole top casserole with lattice of puff pastry strips bake casserole for additional 20-25 minutes , until lattice is golden brown
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