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Top recipes for "1-day-or-more"

Confetti relish

this is from an old booklet put out by the walla walla gardeners association. walla walla is in sw washington state, where the sweetest onions outside of vidalia, ga are grown! (how's that for diplomacy!) serve...

Bbq d gin gar chicken

this recipe was a runner up in the 1979 gilroy garlic festival cookout submitted by helen headlee. it is wonderful

Corinnes london broil

this is by far the best london broil we have ever eaten. our friend corinnel shared her recipe with us and we do the same.

Creamed chicken in biscuit bowls

this is comfort food at it's best! you can make this using cooked turkey instead of chicken, use your favorite mixture of frozen veggies for this, i added in some fresh corn that i sliced off the cob with...

Apricot glazed sriracha wings

i found these online and tried them because we love all things sriracha and wow! they are amazing wings! note the prep times includes marinating!

Dutch letters

these are a cross between a pastry and a cookie. they never last longer than a day around here. they are flaky, buttery almond delights! they are not hard to make, just a little time consuming--but...

Country bread

this bread gets its flavor and character from a yeasted sponge, made from white, rye and whole wheat flours. the working time is short and the waiting time is long - but worth it!

Corn rye bread

this classic jewish delicatessen rye bread doesn't actually have any corn in the dough, though plenty should be used on the baking sheet. it should be dense, but not dry, and the crust should be crisp...


this looks good, but i haven't tried yet.

Claussen pickles

this is a copy cat recipe from

Crock pot roast beef and horseradish sauce

horseradish plus roast beef make for one of my favorite food combinations. adapted from cooking light's slow cooker cookbook. leftovers make great sandwiches.

Crabapple juice

this is a great replacement for cranberry juice. i use it in punches and to de-sweeten commerical juice. my mom has a great dark red crabapple tree in her yard so i always have an abundant supply.

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Craft dough for ornaments

my four-year old had great fun with this ornament recipe this holiday season; in fact, we had to make several batches. the ornaments are very smooth, perfect for painting. i had the most success when...

Deer venison jerky

i am a hunter and i love jerky. i came up with this recipe from about 3 others that i like.

Crocked fruit

this is a like a fruit in sauce recipe for waffles, ice cream, crepe, pork,or even a basting sauce for ham adding fruit later as garnish . you can substitute pine apples cherries, strawbwrries, ect.

Dill pickles

i started making my own pickles when i discovered how easy it was to do so. now i can make them as hot or as mild as i like.

Costa rican marinade

this marinade can be used with beef, chicken, or pork. posted for zwt 4 - south/central america and found on recipe goldmine's website.

Crock pot chili with sausage

i hate chili, but this one is good.

Pincho moruno

pincho moruno is a moorish inspired dish that has been improved (i think) by the spaniards. it can be used with lamb or pork. i suppose you could do chicken or beef also but have never tried it with...

Cucumbers in sour cream for a crowd

this tangy recipe serves 40 people and can be prepared the night before.

Continuous brew kombucha tea

kombucha tea is a fermented tea that is high in good bacteria and yeast. great for your health. i drink a cup or two every day. it tastes a little like tangy apple cider. with the continuous brew,...

Chow chow

we grew a ton of tomatoes this last season. there were still blooms on the plants in november when we got our first frost. but andy was on top of things and ran outside and plucked off all the remaining...

Crock pot refried beans

prep time includes over night soaking of beans

Classic cooked eggnog

Dried fruit salad

a lovely mediterranean recipe often used to break the daily fast during the month of ramadan. can be prepared in advance.

Easy chutney chicken kebabs

i have not tried this, but it was in today's newspaper and i wanted to share. with bbq season practically here, i thought this was a great recipe to have on hand. prep time includes overnight marinating,...

Chokecherry vinegar chokecherry shrub

shrubs, also called drinking vinegars, are restorative drinks from the colonial days predating soda pops and sports drinks. prior to the invention of refrigeration, a shrub syrup was a means of preserving...

Easy chicken tandoori

nicer then the paste from a jar! can also be completely baked on the barbecue, but be careful with the heat! the marinade can also be used for fish, large prawns or lobster, but leave out the chilli powder...

Crock pot moroccan cornish game hens

this is a delicious way to serve something a little exotic without slaving over a hot stove with complex recipes. serve this with your favorite hummous and pita bread along side a spinach salad.

Boerewors for boeries

to make the boeries, you will need a meat grinder with a sausage stuffing attachment or "horn". boerwors can be fried, grilled or barbecued over coals. before cooking prick the skin with a fork in a number...

El pollo loco chicken rice bowl

i'm crazier about black beans than pintos so i think i'd change that out. and the serrano chile, i think i'd sub a jalapeno for that. oh, to the rice...i'd add a handful of sauted onions, too. what...

Paige's sour cream cut out cookies

this is my friend paige's recipe. she would bring them decorated in whatever holiday theme (she was big on decorating them in pastels). there were rarely any left. these are very soft and cake-like cookie...

Dreamsicle cake

this tastes close to the ice cream i use to eat when i was a kid. my ex-boss and friend gave me this recipe after our plant closed down. she knew i love to bake and she just had to drop by to give it to...

Crock pot corned beef

i found this unbelievably simple, delicious recipe on the internet - unfortunately, i don't remember which site it came from. this recipe works with any size corned beef - i've just included the size...

Apple butter in a crock pot

so easy, it cooks itself. and your house will smell wonderful for a couple of days. good on bagels, muffins, a filling for a spice layer cake.

Slush punch

here is a refreshing cranberry punch to serve at your next gathering.

Amish friendship starter

this recipe was given to me years ago by a friend's mother along with 1 cup of starter. it's easy to keep and can be used to make a number of delicious recipes using "sourdough starter".

Crock pot lemon turkey breast

this makes a tangy flavored meat for sandwiches and salads. marinade could be used for chicken breast, also. adjust cooking time down.

Mexican fiesta soup

looking for a new way to use leftover turkey? try this tasty recipe. recipe taken from glad/butterball turkey ad in good housekeeping.

Chinese roast pork char siu

sweet, delicious roast pork. recipe adapted from my chef's version at culinary school. if you follow all the steps, it's the best char siu you'll ever have. i am usually "lazy" and use the marinade...

Caramelized pecans raw foods

i found this in the newsletter from nature's pantry, my local health food store. they got it from it is also used in recipe #339133 .

Creamy turkey soup with homemade noodles

a great soup to deliciously use up leftover turkey.

Pickled peppered eggs

excellent pickled egg recipe from the cook book

Slice of sin

all you hear when you serve this are moans of decadent pleasure...a choco-holic's dream. time includes the 2 day chill. recipe says it will keep for 2 weeks.. that has never been tested. lol

Cider roasted pork loin

i got this recipe from my sister and i believe she got it from cooking light magazine. when i made it, i thought it wasn't thoroughly cooked because it's so juicy and i can't ever get my pork to turn out...

Dried figs

dried figs

Chunky italian tomato dip

this recipe was given to me by my italian fil. i don’t measure when i make this, i just eyeball it. so if you wish to make any adjustments to the amounts, feel free. eat it with a crusty or toasted italian...

Perfect dosa

when i was 16 years old, i moved in with a indian guy ...he taught me to make these dosa's.i found them be real simple, compared to the long process of making it traditionally.i hope you enjoy this

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