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Korean zucchini hobak chon

this is a vey simple and tasty way to prepare the ever abundant and cheap zucchini. to be served with a korean dipping soy sauce. recipe 191136

Summer chill

a real cool caper!

Banana burfi

rich in banana taste, this is an easy dessert to make.

Easy chicken tikka masala

this is a classic dish, with wonderful flavor. if you don't have the whole spices, you can easily substitute ground/dried - 1 tbsp whole = 1 tsp ground/dried. lovely served over rice (we always use basmati)...

Crunchy indian style sandwiches

i think this would be rather nice in wraps or rotis as well! zaar insists on calling my 'poppadoms', 'pappadams' .. i don't know why ... from readers digest "quick and thrifty cooking in south...

Curry puffs

malaysia and singapore's version of the empanada

East meets west rojak fruit salad

i found this recipe on cyberkuali. it's very refreshing and delicious. the dressing is wonderful!!

Sushi salad

great side dish for sushi lovers! low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Crock pot cashew pork

pork with cashews.

Coconut lime and pork skewers

from food network magazine. these delicious pork skewers are served in lettuce leaves with chopped peanuts, scallions and cucumber for topping. prep time does not include marinating time.

Curried cauliflower and chickpeas

this recipe was originally shown on a food 911 episode on food network. i have modified the recipe to use easy-to-find ingredients. this is even better the next day.

Japanese pan noodles

a copycat recipe of noodle and company's japanese pan noodles, which are describe on the menu as "satisfying and hearty, caramelized japanese udon noodles in a sweet and spicy soy sauce."

Cranberry orange quinoa salad

quinoa (pronounced 'keen-wa') is a whole grain originating from central america. it has become very popular recently for it's health benefits as a complete protein substitute for vegetarians. quinoa is...

Chicken kabuli pulao afghanistan

afghanistan's national dish. my family likes this version very much. modified from recipe#59168.

Cucumber shrimp salad

i adopted this recipe and prepared it on august 23, 2006. i felt that it needed a boost of flavor and made some changes to the dressing (importantly to include the wasabi). the original poster found...

Dragon noodles

this is my absolute favorite when i go to shakespeare's tavern in atlanta. it is served chilled but it has a bite to it so it is the perfect cool, but warm dish. it is very light like a salad almost. i...

Curried shrimp

this works just as well over rice.

Dragon bowl sauce

a famous vegetarian restaurant in vancouver (the naam) makes an amazing dragon bowl stir fry with loads of tofu and veg and an amazing sauce. i think there are lots of versions of the dish out there,...

Creamy sriracha dressing

use it on everything!

Crunchy noodle kugel a la great aunt martha

posted and developed by melissa clark, in the new york times on 9/12/2007, for rosh hoshana. not at all for the health conscious.

Easy asian beef noodles ww recipe

this is delicious. it satisfies my craving for lo-mein. i have made with chicken and shrimp as well, just adjust the ramen noodle flavor to match. from ww cookbook cooking for two, it makes a huge 10...

Chinese style broccoli

this recipe is from south beach diet. ordinary broccoli springs to life with this garlicky lemon-soy dressing. serve it with any asian-flavored dish or even a simple grilled chicken or shrimp skewer.

Dragon tofu

a wonderful vegetarian delight...i hope! i haven't tried it yet, so if you do, please let me know how you like it. prep time includes standing tofu at room temp for 20 minutes.

Di san xian

i'm finally able to cook this fabulous beijing dish at home! if you worry about those calories, feel free to use less oil, although the potatoes should be covered by it...

Crispy fish sandwiches with wasabi and ginger

wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce give this otherwise typical fried fish sandwich a bright and spicy flavor.


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Clay pot catfish

delicious catfish in tangy sauce. serve with warm baguette or rice. source: mai pham, san francisco chronicle

Mah haw

savory minced pork on pineapple from real thai:the best of thailand's regional cooking by nancie mcdermott copyright 1992. mah haw translates from vietnamese as "horses of the haw people", although it...

Clams in black bean sauce

this is a bob chinn's restaurant recipe found in the chicago sun-times. while i haven't made this recipe, i've had this dish at his restaurant and it's outstanding. i plan to try this soon. prep and cook...


serve this with rice, as part of your authentic indian meal.

Deviled deviled eggs

chile paste with garlic and szechuan peppercorns are available at asian markets, and add heat to this asian fusion version of deviled eggs. adapted from the new basics cookbook.

Dilly fish

a very tasty recipe for fish and a way for me to use all the dill in my garden. this is from a non-cooking friend, who found this recipe for a potluck dinner she attended. she got raves for this and i...

Chole masala

its very tasty


bf and i went to the casino the other night and the chinese section of the buffet had a dish by this name. i knew it was rice and very rich and that i needed to find a recipe for it! this is it!!! i did...


this is the indian original, which inspired the classic breakfast dish known as kedgeree. made with basmati rice and small, tasty lentils, this will make an ample supper or brunch dish. from: the inspired...

Coconut curry

sweet and spicy. my version of curry.

Easy dahl recipe

my family recipes from india and sri lanka are all quite good, but this is one of the easiest and best!

Pork curry

this is a revised recipe from a cooking class i took many years ago. it's super tasty and sadly enough, never any leftovers. i sometimes make it with chicken instead of the pork.

Cool noodles with vietnamese garnishes

this recipe comes from the thai city of chai phumi, which has a large vietnamese population. it is one of my favorite summertime specials at saffron, a wonderful thai restaurant in san diego.

Dhal palak

mmmmmmmm.... yummy yummy! i love this with a warm dish of rice!

Chicken satay goes to rio

this is my third attempt at a main dish recipe for rsc#9. my tasters gave the other two recipes four stars. this one got five. it has been inspired by recipes from brazil and malaysia. there are a lot...

Almost hummus

not the way i've been taught to make it, but it's wonderfully flavorful. i use canned garbanzo beans, because it is much faster than using the dried ones, which must soak for a bit before cooking. if...

Curried egg salad with caramelized onions

this dish was part of a menu that monica bhide had where she had eighteen guests, eight different diets,- and one cook to try and please them all. monica's newest cookbook is modern spice: inspired indian...

Stir fried pork soup

from taste of home.

Chicken teriyaki skewers

great served with rice as a main course or use as appys with dipping sauce. soak the skewers while the chicken is marinading to save time. these go very quickly on an indoor grill but are equally as...

Thai pad pra ram

chicken (or tofu) with stir fry vegetables, jasmine rice and peanut sauce.

Pan seared beef with wasabi sauce

from redbook: flavor rules! sounds gooooooooood to me!

Turkish pilaf

did you know that authentic turkish rice pilaf is supposed to be a bit sticky? well, it is. so, for a nice change of pace, give this one a try. posted for zwt 6.

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