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Top recipes for "Avocado"

Corn fritters with black bean salad

recipe is from good housekeeping magazine. perfect for a light lunch or brunch.

Curied egg and avocado sandwiches

saw this on good chef bad chef and well was intrigued by the recipe so posting.

Creamy guacamole

this is a recipe handed to me by my aunt shawna. it's smooth, rich, creamy, definately not your average guacamole. even my picky three-year-old daughter loves this. i usually eyeball ingredients when i...

Easy avocado feta cheese dip

everybody will love this one.

Egremont inn avocado with celery seed dressing

source for this recipe is from an old country inns of america cookbook. for avocado lovers, this will be a delight. the dressing pares very well with the avocado. note that there may be left-over dressing...

Avocado tomatillo taco truck sauce

ms. gutierrez writes: "this is perhaps the most popular avocado sauce used by taco truck vendors in mexico. a little sour and very creamy, it's used to top everything from totopos (fried tortilla chips)...

Cold avocado and cucumber soup

recipe adapted from canal house cooking, volume no. 4 by christopher hirsheimer and melissa hamilton. this refreshing chilled soup (from their latest edition) combines rich avocados with crisp cucumbers....

Delicious chicken avocado salad sandwiches

deelish!! wonderful combination of flavors that makes a tasty and satisfying lunch or quick dinner. great use of leftover chicken or canned chicken breast. i hope you enjoy these chicken salad sandwiches...

Weight watchers avocado and tomato pasta salad

i love the flavour of guacamole so i came up with this simple, quick recipe for a pasta salad incorporating the same flavours. you can add a variety of other ingredients, cooked chicken would work particularly...

A 1 steak puffs with corn and avocado salsa a1

a.1. original sauce recipe contest entry.

Crispy mushroom spinach and avocado quesadillas

this recipe gets the award for best recipe of the year so far. i didn't have mushrooms, and they're not my favorite anyway so i added extra spinach. instead of avocado slices, i made guacamole so i had...

Cumin spiced pork with avocado tomatillo salsa

recipe is from cooking light magazine. the lemon juice in the salsa keeps the avocado green. pile the sliced pork and salsa on warm flour tortillas and roll them up for soft tacos, if preferred.

Cilantro lime jalapeno chicken salad in avocado cups

refrigerating allows the flavors to meld. chill time not included.

Cobb salad burger

the cobb salad created in 1937 at the brown derby. recreated here to place the same ingredients on a burger. not chopped but sliced for easier enjoyment! i give a choice between chicken the original ingredients...

California wrap

good as is, but can build on it by adding smoked turkey, ham, maybe a few green onions, a squirt of sriracha, etc.

Summer mexican corn salad

i found this in a schwan's food catalog and i tried it. we all loved it and the beauty of it is that you can add your own tastes to it or leave some out...whatever floats your i have made it...

Avocado fries with chipotle remoulade

from pesce, houston’s seafood-centric restaurant. the calories will knock you back on your diet, but so, so good. having said that, double the recipe because you'd wish you had and the original recipe...

Pinto bean burritos

from good housekeeping

Sweet spinach smoothie my way

so we just went on a diet to get off these last 5 pounds and i made this for breakfast this morning and wow was it yummy and healthy! definitely use a light yogurt because it is more runny and easier...

Black bean patties with corn relish and avocado cream

i've come a loooong way from my regular of red beans & rice and gumbo. from the elly loves opa blogster.

Chilean style hot dogs with avocado chili relish

food is a perfect way to connect us all. :) this recipe shows how you can get to know another country's culture in the comfort of your own backyard.;) recipe by nirmala narine, who is founder of

Avacado garlic dip

i was just trying to make guacamole with a lil garlic, but my boyfriend loves garlic so i added more. it's amazing. considering most garlic dips have a mayo/cream cheese carrier, i thought i'd share the...

Top shelf guacamole cantina laredo s

about a week ago i went to lunch at cantina laredo's and tried their table side prepared guacamole, which i normally don't eat the guacamole, not a fan, but just loved this one. they start out with lime...

Silky chocolate pudding vegan

i got this recipe at a class i am taking at whole foods. make sure the family does not see you making it - they will never guess it is healthy. it is really tasty. we estimated 8 1/2-cup servings, but...

Avocado soup 4 net carbs

from dr. atkins quick & east new diet cookbook. for phases 1-4. per serving: carbs 8.5, net carbs 4, fiber 4.5, protein 5, fat 36.5, calories 363

Creamy spinach and avocado pasta

great way to use up bunches of spinach. amazingly creamy without the cream. from perry's plate

Floridanatives salsa avocado and egg salad

i absolutely love the rotel salsa recipe i adopted from lazyme - recipe#315990 - i use it all the time when we have anything mexican or southwestern. i've been on a strict diet lately, and this is a recipe...

Avocado club egg rolls

an eggroll with creamy avocado, crisp bacon, garlicky grilled chicken and melted cheese. be sure to prepare these in the exact order written, to prevent the wrappers from becoming soggy. you can use...

Amazing baby portobello avocado and aspargus sliders

i made these one night for supper and the hubby said these are awesome; write down what you did because you will forget. here is what you need for these amazing little sandwiches.

Guacamole devine

great taste and simple preparation make this guacamole supreme! i had made a couple recipes previously that didn't quite satisfy my taste buds. after trying a few adjustments and ingredient switches, i...

Healthy avocado shake

this healthy avocado shake is quick to make and perfect for breakfast. it is quite simple to make and tastes good too. i know his recipe sounds strange and gross, but seriously try this! keep an open...

Guacamole grilled cheese sandwich

a recipe from the blog two peas and their pods. it looks so amazing. i'm going to have to try it real soon.

Spiced avocado soup

a rich and savoury soup which can be served hot or cold, making it good for winter or summer! make this a meal by adding a side salad and crusty bread or cornbread.

Orange slaw wraps raw vegan

quick, easy & very delicious!!

Strawberry avocado salad with field greens

here's a super tasty fresh and simple salad that's good for you, too. i enjoyed my salad with handcrafted humboldt fog aged goat cheese, some toasted walnuts and a light drizzle of tarragon-olive oil dressing,...

Avocado toast with za atar

i had a giant jar of za'atar i was sick of saving for hummus and savory yogurt — that's when i came up with this avocado toast that rivals many of the best avocado toasts i've had.

Egg and lettuce wrap

from australian bh&g diabetic living and their lunch box special. the cooking time is to cook the egg.

The moroccan pita sandwich zwt 9

found at the biggirlssmallkitchen website, this easy-fix & sure-to-be-tasty sandwich was featured by kelsey brown in a “brown baggin’ it” article primarily directed at college students & the working...

Roasted carrot and avocado salad

from smitten kitchen

Crab avocado mango stack

this is one of my favorite appetizers at a local seafood restaurant. i loved it so much that i've recreated it at home. it makes enough for two generously portioned stacks.

Chicken with avocado and nut sauce

entered for zwt, from olivado website. avocado oil is from nz. serve with green vegetables and potatoes.

Cucumber chip appetizers

fresh and great when using pre-chilled produce, this smart little appetizer is wonderful as a snack or warm up to your back yard summer dinner party. i came up with this recipe when i went on the vegetable...

Avocado tzatziki

for the avocado and tzatziki lover's of this world. a greek classic with an aussie twist! here is a delicious and yet simple way to combine your favorite food with tzatziki. the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon...

Individual avocado salads

mini salads made in a half of an avocado. i saw this on pinterest, but when i followed the link, it was gone. so, this is my version! these are amazing!

Chili rubbed salmon with cilantro avocado salsa

author: amy sherman and copper river salmon/prince william sound marketing association recipe provided by the california avocado commission

Award winning cinco de mayo guacamole with blue cheese and sage

i saw this on food network's the best thing i ever ate. michael simon was raving over it. it sounded so interesting i had to make it and just happened to have everything on hand(okay, i was out of cilantro,...

Vegetable nachos

healthy snack from australian bh&g diabetic living.

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