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Top recipes for "Belgian"

Chocolate orange cream cocktail

this is a drink that's as pretty as it is a sweet indulgence. in fact, we like to call it dessert in a martini glass. it tastes a bit like those chocolate orange cream candy eggs, but a whole lot better...

Curried mussel and butternut squash soup

in the middle ages, flemish cities were at the crossroads of the northern spice routes, and brewers and cooks both took advantage of exotic spices. according to food & wine, you'll see that influence in...

Dame blanche

super-easy dessert recipe. served in every belgian restaurant!

Croque boum

another version af the classic croque monsieur. served a lot in belgium.

Croque madame

another version of a croque monsieur. here in belgium you can eat it in almost every restaurant that serves snacks.

Dark chocolate pudding

this is a rich old fashioned treat! from the taste of home magazine. enjoy! an english recipe brought over to the soutnern usa.

Crispy potatoes and leeks

these become tender and soft in the oven, and are finished off under the broiler to crip them up! adapted from cooking pleasures magazine. potatoes and leeks were used throughout europe and are considered...

Liege waffles belgian pearl sugar waffles

i have not yet had the good fortune to visit belgium, but i do frequent a lovely nyc cafe called le pain quotidien, which is based in belgium. i tried their crispy, caramelized belgian sugar waffle, and...

Alaskan pollack with broccoli in a cream sauce

after eating a dish something like this one in a restaurant, i decided to reconstruct it in my kitchen. a few tries later, this is my delicious recipe

Godiva chocolate sugar cookies

zwt6 belgium. godiva chocolatier was founded in belgium in 1926. my favorite chocolate boutique. from

Chicken paillard

thin breaded chicken cooked in panko bread crumbs served with a simple salad. from tyler florence.

Belgian stew

use a full-flavored ale when preparing this dish. i got this on emazing and want to share with all who love dishes prepared in beer out here !

Belgian chicons au gratin endives au gratin

these taste wonderful with mashed potatoes. (to make mashed potatoes the belgian way, you also put some nutmeg in with the salt and pepper) i hope you will enjoy these as much as i do. endives are a little...

Cream of belgian endive soup

a lovely soup, quite nice when made with skim milk, very rich when made with whole milk, a splurge when made with cream.

Belgian beer marinade

adapted from the barbecue bible sauces rubs and marinades. posted for zwt6. best with robust meat or rich, oily fish.

Belgian chicken fricassee vol au vent

this delicious, creamy chicken fricassee is a classic belgian recipe. my father used to make this regularly for sundays and other festive occasions. often served as a starter, but it is great as a main...

Belgian meatloaf

i believe this recipe comes from everybody eats well in belgium -- it makes for an interesting loaf!

Riz au lait

a very cheap, but o so good dessert. add some fresh fruit and you'll have a very nice and heavenly breakfast!

Smoked salmon and philadephia sandwich

this is a really nice sandwich. it makes a nice change in the brown bag.

Classic french tarte au citron fresh lemon tart

this is the most requested dessert in our chambres d'hotes; i like to make it quite tart and lemony, with creme fraiche, instead of thick double cream - plus i like it to be baked until just set and with...

Orange blossom

a drink from the bar archiduc, bruxelles, belgium. taken in a book.

Blueberry bread pudding with custard sauce

blueberries are so yummy, especially in this dessert! cook time includes time for makeing sauce. the sweet dessert known as bread pudding (not be confused with bread and butter pudding) is rather more...

Flemish beef stew

i'm publishing this so i have a fresh copy. this was my mother's recipe, and my copy is so tattered, i need a new one. also, i think some of you might like it.

Breakfast in bread

this is so yummy, not to mention pretty! adapted from better homes & gardens magazine. a european recipe(english and french), also much enjoyed in the northeast!

Roasted bone marrow with caramelized white turnip

i'm a big fan of bone marrow in the winter. combined with the turnip it gives you that comforting-feel-good warm feeling, just perfect to get through a cold grey winter day.

Carbonnade of beef

this is my tweaked version of a recipe taken from my very old and well worn copy of the good housekeeping cookbook. this is said to be a very old and traditional recipe in belgium. i think it has the best...

Easy cheese potato and ham souffl

serve this as an impressive starter or a light main meal - it has an unsusual combination of cheese, ham and potatoes. souffl├ęs are easy to make - honestly! the only real criteria is that they are served...

Brie and leek sandwiches

these make great tea sandwiches, appetizers or lunch!

Pear roquefort and rosemary french galettes tartelettes

these wonderful little tartelettes are made from a combination of ripe, sweet pears with tangy, sharp roquefort blue cheese and aromatic rosemary.they make an excellent and very elegant starter; they are...

Godiva strawberry white chocolate mint frapp

zwt6 belgium. godiva chocolatier was founded in belgium in 1926. my favorite chocolate boutique. from

Buttermilk soup with apples belgium

this recipe comes from & it being posted here in preparation for the zwt6.

Chicken with belgian endive kip met witloof

belgian endive is a slightly bitter vegetable, but delicious to those who acquire the taste. i realize it is rather expensive in the us, but

Milky carrots

we always eat carrots this way, my mum came up with this recipe. we like them a lot.

Oven baked eggs

this is a really easy recipe, it gets ready in a few minutes. i usually don't like eggs, but this way i can eat them and!! it's really filling so you can eat one and have a settlement ready for a next...

Asparagus flemish style

posted for zwt6 for the benelux leg of tour.

Real belgian stiff dough waffles no sugar added

these came from a grandmother to one of the girls in our youth group. she was born in belgium and this is her family recipe - they are rich and lovely. i use splenda now for the recipe as my son is diabetic,...

Fragrant steamed mussels in vermouth with herbs and shallots

i love moules/mussels, plus they are low in fat and high in minerals, making them very healthy! this is my own version of the traditional french moules mariniere. the vermouth adds a complex and sweet...

Pan fried brussels sprouts with sriracha honey and lime

i love finding new and delicious ways to cook brussels sprouts. yum, another great recipe from the authentic suburban gourmet.

Belgian chocolate lace wafers

a nice recipe found on cooks dot com for zwt6.

Godiva chocolate fondue

zwt7 switzerland. where did chocolate fondue originate? answer: recipe from

Traditional style swiss steak

family or company dinner. very filling and it freezes great! i've made this swiss steak for a good 40's definitely "tried and true"!

Carbonade flamande flemish beef and beer stew casserole

slow cooked beef with garlic, onions and bacon in belgian beer - served with dijon mustard croutons.......absolute bliss! i have eaten this many times on visits to belgium and it remains a firm favourite,...

Belgian mussels

another typical belgian dish! it can be eaten in almost any restaurant during the mussel season. this absolutely has to be served with belgian fries!

Belgian endive salad

this recipe made my taste buds happy. it's so easy. i got this recipe from one of those recipe cards in the produce section at walmart!

Classic entrecote bordelaise steak in red wine with shallots

entrecote bordelaise is a french classic, impressive yet simple to prepare - it is a very chic way to serve a steak! here are my easy step by step instructions for a perfect entrecote bordelaise! serve...

Stoemp aux poireaux stoemp met prei belgian mashed potatoes

this is a version of a dish i first had in brussels. i think it is a traditional flemish working person's dish, and goes really well with carbonnades de boeuf or waterzooi. it is also sometimes cooked...

Red tomato chutney

this sweet-tart chutney combines summer tomatoes with autumn-flavored cranberries, making it an awesome condiment for late-summer and fall barbecues. spoon it over burgers and/or grilled chicken. when...

Buche de noel yule log cake

a traditional dessert served during the christmas holidays in france, belgium, quebec, lebanon and several other christian-populated francophone countries as well as in the uk. as the name indicates, the...

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