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Top recipes for "Berries"

Chokecherry pie

from the colorado state forestry service. chilling time not included in preparation time.

Christmas life

very simple, yet delicious fruity champagne cocktails, the great thing is you can really experiment with just about any fruit, also you can mix several together. i just made mine with strawberries and...

Cinnamon lollipops

i haven't tried them out yet. yet.

Cranberry ginger chutney

this is so delicious with turkey or pork. i strongly suggest to double or even triple the recipe. plan ahead, this needs to chill overnight before using. this can be prepared up to a week in advance. although...

Chocolate drizzled pineapple strawberry pizza

recipe for a strawberry pizza made with strawberries, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk,topped with sliced pineapple and drizzled in chocolate. i would take this delight over pepperoni pizza any...

Double blueberry cookie pie

this blueberry pie uses prepared sugar cookie dough for its crust and decorative stars topping. it's perfect for a fourth of july gathering. feel free to use whatever shape you want for the cookie cutouts...

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Chocolate strawberry slab pie

this sexy slab pie is packed with chocolates and strawberries.

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Cranberry lemon shortbread cookies

a nice flavourful shortbread! i make these for christmas, nice to add to the cookie trays for friends and neighbours. source: inspired by compliments magazine

Country blueberry dessert

this recipe came from eating well. i would make one change however and only use half the amount of blueberries suggested. i have also made this with frozen peaches and it was really good too. it is really...

Daufuskie freeze

i found this recipe in an old copy of family circle. we have been enjoying this drink at barbeques for years. try it and i'm sure it will become a favorite of yours as well.

Spiced blueberry fool

may/june issue of organic style magazine features three beautiful fresh berry desserts, including this blueberry fool. (a fool is an english dessert that is made of sweetened, crushed fruit, folded into...

Crimson strawberry sundae topper

this is great as a topper to ice cream or even cheesecake.

Cranberry chili

i love both chili and cranberries...but i'm not to sure if i want them together. i'll have to try this some day.

Cranberry blondies

one more great way to use cranberries!

Cranberry lime sauce

nice change from the usual cranberry orange sauce, a bit more tart to taste and goes great with chicken and turkey.

Cranberry kissel

kissels are a type of fruit soup that are popular in eastern europe. this one is made with cranberries but you can use any type of soft fruit to make it. please note: you may substitute cornstarch for...

Cinnamon blueberry smoothie

a smoothie with a hint of fall from the simple veganista.

Frozen raspberry dessert

i got this recipe from my mil. it is a nice dessert for a bridal or baby shower. freezing times vary, so plan ahead of time.

Cran salsa

an unexpectedly delicious sweet/tangy salsa. this stuff is addictive

Cranberry shiver

refreshingly sweet and tart! you can make this ahead and freeze until serving. adapted from taste of home magazine.

Cranberry nut pie

this pie has become a holiday tradition for us. it has a nice tangy/sweet taste, and it is great with whipped cream. it's also pretty easy as pies go.

Cranberry walnut bars

entered for safe-keeping. from simply classic by jr. league of seattle. preparation time includes 1 hour to chill the crust dough. may use pre-chopped walnuts, however it is easier to burn the smaller...

Creamy blueberry pie

this was a favorite growing is quick,easy and kids love it and i often serve it when we have dinner guests

Curried cranberry chicken salad

an easy, delicious salad that uses dried cranberries (craisins)

Chokecherry jelly

if you wish to make syrup, use twice as much juice to 1 package of pectin. processing time not included in preparation time.

Cranberry applesauce

a wonderful compliment to many dishes. also a great side for the "2013 thanksgiv-ukkah", as it goes very well with recipe #509834. super easy to make and yummy. i hope you enjoy this recipe.

Cranberry curd

this is straight out of "how to be a domestic goddess," though i'd love to take credit for it. it's so delicious. admittedly, it makes way too much; i usually make a half-batch. i especially like this...

Coconut cranberry muffins

you can use any dried fruit in place of the cranberries, i haven't tried it, but i'm sure it would be good.

Cranberry wobbler

this came from a holiday recipe collecton from jell-o many years ago. it requires a little effort (grinding the cranberries), but it's well worth it. cooking time is time in fridge for mold to set.

Cranberry sauce karpalokastike

the lingonberries that accompany so many finnish dishes, especially pancakes, are difficult to find in this country, but cranberries make a fine substitute. wash and drain the cranberries. remove any...

Berry salsa

a variation of a recipe found on another site. the original had apples but i substituted blueberries. zwt 3: u.s. for all three kinds of berries

High fiber bran muffins

from bob's red mill.

Cranberry apple butter bars

i found this recipe in the pillsbury fall baking booklet that i found in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. the pictures in this booklet are absolutely amazing! one medium orange will provide enough...

Double berry super sodas

a special drink for a warm day.

Cranberry walnut chickpea salad sandwich

delicious but with a sweet flair that you'll fall in love with! this will hit the spot and satisfy your craving for a chunky, sweet, peppery, crunchy style sandwich. full of texture and flavor, it's a...

Currant squares

i have two irish sisters inlaw and both say this is one of their favorite desserts. especially when its make with home made flakey pastry

Oatmeal base and variations healthy low fat oatmeal guide

in this recipe is the perfect and easiest microwave oatmeal base along with 21 variations you can choose from. its the perfect breakfast guide! you get variation without spending hours searching up differant...

Cupid cookies

i havent tried these yet. i just got this recipe today from a friend but since tomorrow is valentine's day i thought it was a good occasion. they do sound really good though.

Cranberry and almond biscotti with white chocolate drizzle

a perfect holiday cookie! you can substitute dried cherries for the cranberries, use a good quality white chocolate for this, i use lindt or baker's. these can be made up to 1 week ahead, or freeze in...

Cinnamon and cranberry challah

recipe is from ocean spray -- a festive bread using craisins. makes 2 braided loaves. prep time includes rising time for dough.

Creamy cranberry bread pudding

i love bread pudding and i love cranberries! this sounded so yummy :)

Creamy mocha berry parfait

sweet temptations when berries are at their very best.

Creamy fruit dip

this is a fantastic tasting thick fruit dip that is enjoyed by everyone i know! i got it from my mom and have no idea where she got it from. warning: this dip is very addicting!! (don't say i didn't...

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake pie

this chocolate topped raspberry cheese pie looks very elegant and yet it is so easy to make. why not impress your friends &/or family? you won't be sorry. i found this

Creeping crust cobbler

it's called creeping crust because the crust will rise to the top and creep over the fruit. my family loves cobblers and this recipes adapts to any fruit and is the best i've made or eatten. serve warm...

Croissant chicken salad sandwich

perfect lunch or light dinner. i love chicken salad and this is my version. it is easily halved or doubled.

Cran raspberry vinaigrette

delicious twist to a raspberry dressing. adjust the amount of oil according to your taste and if you want a low-fat dressing.

Dried cranberry biscuits

here's a recipe for some nice winter holiday biscuits (or for any time of year, actually) -- it comes from the 2004 cookbook, the joy of cranberries: the tangy red treat, that i received from a special...

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