Coconut and corn griddle cakes

i found this little gem in a 1978 cookbook called

Coffee pancakes

something different for breakfast.

Coconut toast

so simple, but so good! my kids (18 and 12) loved it. should be on a hawaiian breafast buffet! served ours with some cheesy scrambled eggs and oj. from the collection.

Crescent pizza

my son want pizza for breakfast this morning. he found the recipe in his 4-h book but we did not have the refrigerated biscuits. so we improvised and this is what we came up with. you can add cooked...

Curried baked beans

this recipe is a regular sunday brunch item prepared by my hubby along with hash browns and have to try this and the best accompaniment according to me is cheese toast....yum!!

Disaronno french toast

i have recently discovered the joys of disaronno. a trip to the disaronno website has introduced me to many lovely and delicious recipes. serve with disaronno butter & disaronno maple syrup

Orange date banana oatmeal

zesty! this is from although very tart, this has a sweet depth to it with a nutty overtone. i use more nutmeg, and find the salt, although optional, should be used. i will try subbing...

Easy and deliciously peachy cinnamon toast

one of the favorite's here at the farm, this peach cinnamon toast is super easy to make and truly wonderful. each year, we have a brunch at the farm and this is always one of the first dishes to go!

Danish kringle

from aebleskiver and more - a sampling of danish recipes by lisa steen riggs. i have heard this is devilishly hard to make, but well worth it if you can master it. i've never been able to make it. hope...

Cranberry white chocolate scones

a very tasty scone recipe that takes no time at all. though the recipe calls for dried cranberries, i usually use a mix of dried cherries and berries for variety and often use more than the 1/2 cup called...

Cream waffles

a danish recipe posted for zwt - scandinavia

Cinnamon waffles

i grew up with homemade waffles fresh and hot from my gramma's waffle iron. my dh has been addicted to the frozen pre-made things that pass for waffles these days a little while back i made real,old fashioned,...

Cranberry walnut pancakes

a specialty recipe from the 1774 inn in phippsburg, maine. i usually prefer waffles to pancakes, but these look so good i had to post the recipe here for safekeeping.

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Copycat ihop swedish pancakes

some of my best memories of my grandmother, were in the kitchen. one summer growing up i spent a week with my grandparents and she taught me quite a few recipes. we baked cookies, made candy, pickles and...

Chocolate pancake

this recipe will leave you mouth watering! this is a delicious filled chocolate pancake which is just right for any meal! and it is easy as a pie! so take a look and make your own! do not forget to share...

Oatmeal base and variations healthy low fat oatmeal guide

in this recipe is the perfect and easiest microwave oatmeal base along with 21 variations you can choose from. its the perfect breakfast guide! you get variation without spending hours searching up differant...

Christmas morning breakfast tarts

unwrap this savory breakfast treat before opening all the presents under the tree.

Comfort eggs

this has always been a favorite of mine, and is a great fast breakfast or snack.

Crab omelet

it seems that i often have crabmeat left over after making crab cakes or other crab dishes. this is a great way to use it up the following morning. this recipe can be halved.

Chocolate smoothie w blueberries and pineapple

this recipe is thin but tasty too. if you would like it to be thicker feel free to add ice. enjoy, 12 year old chef

Sheet pan breakfast bake

what's better than a bacon, egg and cheese on a bed of potatoes? only having to do one dish after you eat!

Cream cheese almond coffee cake

an adopted recipe, i have made this ahead when having company over for and easy breakfast. original intro: a great moist coffee cake.

Deep dish pizza quiche

this is another low carb winner! this is perfect to serve any time of day, even breakfast. pile on your favorite pizza toppings, such as onions, peppers, mushrooms, even pepperoni or sausage.

Cinnamon blueberry smoothie

a smoothie with a hint of fall from the simple veganista.

Tiger waffles

resembles belgian waffles but easier, and moister than a pancake. i did not want to buy and store a separate waffle maker, so i use a george foreman meat grill. it is also easier than making with a waffle...

Coffee nut scones

this is a really tasty recipe with the hazelnuts and coffee. my dh just loves it. can't keep enough of them around! great for breakfast, snacks, having with coffee, and packing in lunches! :)

Cinnamon vanilla pancake syrup

it's great for when you don't have pancake syrup in the fridge because most if not all the ingredients are already in your pantry. i'm not sure where the recipe came from except that a friend gave it...

Decadent french toast souffle

taken from “foothill house bed and breakfast” in calistoga, ca there's another recipe here with the same name on here. this one is a bit of a variant in the fact that you need to store it overnight...

Feta omelet

this is me testing out how to use this site as well as adding my new favorite discovery. i have written this as if you know how to make an omelet, so if you don't just look at another basic recipe. i...

Dees waffles

ive been messing around with several recipes and this is the combo i like best . can freeze these and heat in toaster or microwave the bacon or bananas i are optional

Crab hash

serve this as a satisfying main dish for lunch, brunch or even a hearty breakfast.


veg sandwich low calorie

Creamy avocado and cherry tomato toast

i have just pulled my head out of the avocado sand and discovered that i really like them. so, i have been experimenting with ways to use them in my diet. this was this morning's breakfast. for some...

Corn and bacon pancakes

good for breakfast, lunch or a sidedish. my grandma used to make these for sunday dinner all the time. serve with extra bacon and maple syrup if desired.

Cottage cheese delight breakfast bake

this recipe comes from the babbling brook inn in santa cruz, ca. i got the recipe from mastercook. this is a great breakfast with homemade rolls or bread on the side. one of our family favorites.

Cranberry tartlets

this recipe came from recipe says that it comes from a restaurant who serves these with their breakfast meals. these are yummy, pretty little "tarts" that are really more like...

Water cakes

a wartime recipe from the civil war recipes cookbook

Cream scones

delicious scones from the prestigious culinary institute of america. scones aren’t just for tea anymore. like the humble all-american biscuit, they offer a satisfying addition to almost any meal. these...

Dutch apple pancakes

these are not your normal pancakes. let them puff up as big as you want it just adds to the flavor and fun for young kids. this was a family favorite found in a vegetarian cookbook my mother had but...


from emeril's cookbook louisiana real and rustic; posted for zwt 5. "long ago, before modern highways, it was near impossible for country children to get the golden beignets that their city cousins enjoyed....

Easy cheesy herb omlette

this is a home favorite. made with simple everyday foods you can easily find in your kitchen. adding herbs to eggs is a great way to introduce a gourmet flavor to breakfasts of blah!

Ciabattini frittata shoemakers frittata

the daily workers of italy have long made food that sustains them through the hours . this delicious and hearty dish will fuel your morning's work well. that goes for a relaxed week end brunch too.

Cocoa krispies biscotti

this recipe came from a printed out coupon feeder at the grocery store and i just have to try it. the print out is so small i have to enter it before actually making this recipe. *updated 8/31/11 - loved...

Cilantro eggs

if you like cilantro, this is an easy and quick dish to make. prior to a small out of town trip i emptied out the fridge of perishables and this is what i came up with.

Coconut stuffed rice dumplings

one of the many breakfast prepared in a south indian home. i am crazy about it--do try this!

Citrus sunrise

"using pink grapefruit sections rather than plain ones gives this chilly tangerine sipper an extra jolt of sweetness.