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Top recipes for "Broil"

Crab balls

i got this recipe years ago from the hostess. easy to make, great to pass around

Bbq d gin gar chicken

this recipe was a runner up in the 1979 gilroy garlic festival cookout submitted by helen headlee. it is wonderful

Crab dabs

another great appetizer that combines the flavor of crab & bacon. yum prep time includes the 30 minute chill time


this is an indonesian dish that i actually had in the caribbean. it's marinated meat on skewers and is delicious cooked on the grill! i always serve it with peanut sauce and's a family favorite!...

Knob hill chicken

grilled chicken with creamy rich taste

Creamy leek and gouda soup

this is a creamy delectable soup worthy of home and company!

Crabmeat crusted chilean sea bass

my boyfriend and i just finished having this for dinner -- wonderful!! i had to tweak the original recipe, and what follows is the end result. i'm sure the crust could actually be used on all kinds of...

Crab omelet

it seems that i often have crabmeat left over after making crab cakes or other crab dishes. this is a great way to use it up the following morning. this recipe can be halved.

Cranberry barbecued ribs

an alternative to traditional barbecue sauces. unfortunately, this is a recipe i found recently, and i don't have a grill in my apartment. if anyone has times or other suggestions on converting this to...

Crumb topped tomatoes

tangy side dish. if you're a tomato fan--you'll love these.

Easy chutney chicken kebabs

i have not tried this, but it was in today's newspaper and i wanted to share. with bbq season practically here, i thought this was a great recipe to have on hand. prep time includes overnight marinating,...

Green chile chicken tamales

i've actually had people bring me the ingredients for this recipe so that i would make them a batch. it's time consuming but oh so worth the wait. even my 1 1/2 year old son loves them.

Easy and delicious grilled teriyaki salmon steaks

only three ingredients makes these salmon steaks simple to prepare and so delicious. prepare ahead, they need to marinate for 1-1/2 hours before grilling, you may also broil these in the oven.

Traditional bahraini chicken machboos machbous

machboos is a dish of rice & meat, popular in many gulf countries & across saudi arabia. here is a version which is traditionally made in bahrain. if you don't have any buharat / baharat spice mix, there...

Curried cheese and olive toasts

a quick and cheesy appy. from 1st travelers choice cookbook

Roast beef blue cheese and caramelised onion bagels

adapted from a recipe in the pre-christmas issue of the australian magazine 'new idea' which contained several recipes which make good use of christmas day leftovers. this recipe could, of course, be...

Spicy shrimp stove top pizzas

spicy and savory toppings on fresh-crusted pizzas. this sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really not that complicated. also, you can prepare the crusts and toppings earlier in the day and then assemble...

Cornmeal mush

this makes a nice warm breakfast. kids love it, give it a try.

Cinnamon fried ice cream

no need to go to the mexican restaurant for fried ice cream any more ! try this at home. delicious

Broiled roast beef sandwiches on garlic buns

this may be made using sliced turkey or chicken in place of roast beef, i prefer the beef better --- leftover roast beef, thinly sliced steak or deli roast beef will work for this, if you don't have a...

Ear wax wieners on q tips

posting this per recipe request. i have not tried this yet, but you can be sure that i will be doing so soon. it really does sound quick, easy and fun.

Spring thyme salmon

from mccormick.

Bbq cantonese pork tenderloin

this dish can be your main meat serving or as part of a buffet.

Crab mornay

different from the other three posted on zaar this one comes from the popular potato which are used in this recipe as a topping for the dish.

Who by fire

these screaming hot chicken wings can be made hot, hotter and scorching hot by adding more hot pepper sauce and/or ground red pepper.


a quesadilla from basque - that more closely resembles an ultra thin crust pizza. the combination of roasted peppers and goat cheese accented with fresh herbs is just wonderful in this meal. i've enjoyed...

Grilled nanners

when having a cookout, these are very popular since the grill is already hot after the burgers are cooked. the kids think this is great fun to make.

Grilled vietnamese chicken

this chicken is just full of flavor. scoring the breast or thigh before marinating allows the marinade to penetrate the meat better and faster. i found this recipe in cooking pleasures magazine and we...

Melba toast

homemade melba toast has the edge on the bought packaged variety. it is nicest served while still a little warm, in a basket or on a napkin-lined plate. if it is made a short time ahead, store it in an...

Ouzo marinated greek cheese

ouzo-marinated greek cheese

Dilly onion humpty dumpty burgers

humpty dumpty sat on a wall. humpty dumpty had a great fall. which turned out to be a stroke of luck for me. you see, the timing was perfect, because humpty was just ready to hatch anyway, since humpty...

Pork tenderloin with low fat lime cream sauce

the original recipe uses 1 cup of whole cream instead of the non-fat sour cream. therefore it is alot more caloric but the flavor is fabulous. and you would have to cook the sauce a bit more after the...

Crock pot chinese ribs

these ribs will have to be broiled firstly in the oven and then slow-cooked in a crock pot you can easily double this recipe. you can also cook these ribs on low heat in the oven. you might want to double...

Wedding soup

a tasty chicken soup like nothing you've ever tasted.popular in the cleveland,pittsburgh and youngstown area.

Easy bbq chicken marinade

came up with this one on the fly. this quantity of ingredients will be sufficient marinade for 4 drumsticks. i like to use zipper-seal bags for marinating because the air can be removed so that the meat...

Tuna melt with avocado on english muffins

this tasty tuna melt uses italian dressing and fontina cheese, broiled until bubbly.

Chicken and pineapple skewers

i thought this sounded delicious especially during grilling weather or as a looking-for-warmer weather dish. recipe source: local newspaper

Confetti appetizers

go nuts! have a party! and at your next special occasion where an appetizer is on the menu, maybe you'd like to give these a try! (i said, "go nuts..." but there are no nuts in the recipe) :)

Dijon burgers

just a simple burger for a simple weeknight meal. goes will with spicy-style fries.

Japanese wasabi marinade

a nice tangy marinade, great for chops, steaks, swordfish, tempeh, and tuna fillets. i did want to mention to anyone interested that when you add vinegar to things like horseradish (powdered "wasabi"),...

Roasted green chiles

i use green chiles often in my recipes so i went looking for a way to make my own that i could freeze. surprizingly they are quite easy to harvest and i find them tasty, not to mention a cheaper way to...

The last garlic bread you ll ever eat

once you try this cheesy garlic bread, you'll never ever want to eat another

Deviled hamburgers

might refer to this as a retro recipe. we had these on a regular basis growing up. since i can't find anyone here in virgina who knows what they are, it may be a midwest thing. mom said that you always...

Easy bacon and cheese pumpernickel puffs

simple to make and perfect to serve for a get-together or enjoy for a weekend evening snack --- purchase the smaller sliced party pumpernickel loaves for this, you may prepare the puffs and place in the...

Grilled marinated goose breast

this recipe was given to me by a german gentleman. a really good way to prepare goose breasts that gives a texture and flavor similar to a fine steak. especially when barbecued over a medium or medium...

Spicy lamb chops with tomato cucumber raita

these lamb chops provide a powerpunch of flavor that is toned down by the coolness of the tomato-cucumber raita. it's spicy and refreshing all at the same time! feel free to cut down on the curry power...

Marinade for steak

we've been using this marinade for 25 years and never tire of it. the taste is wonderful and, if left overnight, the marinade helps to tenderize the steaks. (if tenderness is a big issue, add a couple...

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