Cowboy burgers

this recipe is from kraft.

Cola burgers

different but has fabulous flavor.

The farm cafe's farmhouse veggie burger

the minute i saw this on foot network i said i gotta try this! gotten off the farm cafe's(portland, oregon) website after seeing it on the best thing i ever ate. it's different from the other recipe...

Chipotle barbecue cheeseburgers

this fun recipe is great on a grill out in the summer sun.

Ultimate sriracha burger

reprinted with permission from the sriracha cookbook: 50 “rooster sauce” recipes that pack a punch by randy clemens, copyright © 2011. published by ten speed press, a division of random house, inc....

Greek style turkey burgers

the best turkey burgers i have ever tried .... i freeze left-overs, and heat in the microwave later ...

Spicy grilled turkey burgers

i'd never tried ground turkey meat before. i got curious when our small grocery store down the road got some in and i just had to try it. i came up with this recipe through a magazine i had that my (of...

Mini chicken breast sliders

these are good, quick, and tasty sandwiches.

Smokey juicy burger patties

these are hands down the beefiest, most flavourful and low carb homemade burgers on the planet. try one! i guarantee that you won't be will be drooling!

Spicy turkey burgers

my dh and i were watching diners, drive-ins and dives and saw the chef of one of the restaurants making these delicious looking burgers using ground chicken. dh thought they looked so good that he wrote...

Buffalo turkey burgers spicy alternative to the beef patty rut

your grill -- traditional buffalo wing flavors of pungent blue cheese and fiery hot sauce paired with a perfectly grilled turkey burger -- a match made in backyard heaven! fire up the grill!!

Gluten free spinach tofu turkey burgers

this makes a lot of burgers. one of my family's favorite takes on a burger. served with provolone and marinara, it is delish!

Oaxacan turkey burgers with chipotle salsa

although you will not find these turkey burgers at a local cantina in oaxaca, i can vouch that they certainly did conjure up fond memories of the flavors in dishes i ate on some of my many journeys to...

The lure burger

found on burger with caramelized onion and bacon jam sounds phenomenal and i plan on making them this weekend. posting here for safekeeping. times are estimated and cook time assumes...

Salsa chicken burgers

zingy chicken burgers from canadian living mag.

Teriyaki turkey burgers

found this recipe online, tweaked it a little and it turned out fabulous so i had to share! prep time includes cooking time.

Grilled balsamic portabella mushroom burger

this healthy recipe is from the mayo clinic. the balsamic vinegar is really a nice complement to the mushrooms.

Chile con queso cheeseburger

if you love chile con queso, sink you teeth into this cheesy gooey burger for a real taste explosion! have a napkin and some tortilla chips ready to catch what your mouth misses because you will want to...

Zesty turkey burgers

you can't get much easier then this and the addition of the spice mix makes these so tasty.

Enchilada burgers

something i made up with leftovers that turned out amazing. you can use any kind of burger you want with any meat or a veggie patty.

Garbanzo veggie burger

i love store bought veggie burgers, so i decided to experiment on my own. i don't like the patties to actually taste like meat so my recipe doesn't and i wanted veggie patties with less calories. it actually...

Black bean quinoa burgers

i originally found this recipe on it is the perfect vegan summertime burger! top it with some avocado, tomato, spinach, tomatoes, etc. and you are set to go:) although it sounds...

Hidden valley ranch cheeseburgers

if you like the zesty taste of hidden valley ranch, then you'll love the scrumptious taste of these cheeseburgers. you'll love even more that they are so easy to put together! this is a very easy and very...

Olive lentil burgers

from the post punk kitchen website! these were delicious! i love making my own veggie burger, and these had such a wonderfully unique taste. the salty brine of the olives mixed with the meaty texture...

Grilled turkey burgers

i love to serve these burgers up on a hot day! i enjoy turkey burgers much more than beef burgers. :-) for a jucier burger, try not to use the leanest ground turkey. the leaner the turkey, the drier your...

Cubana pork burgers

second prize winner of the 1997 build a better burger contest. by gloria piantek, skillman, new jersey.

Buffalo sauce burgers stuffed with blue cheese

buffalo sauce, a mixture of melted butter and hot sauce, is a big claim to food fame for buffalo, new york. it is normally served on fried chicken wings (buffalo wings), but this burger is a great variation...

Heavenly earth burger

i am always looking for a recipe for good veggie burgers. so when i saw this recipe in light and tasty i knew i had to post it here and put it in my to try pile.

Cajun hamburgers

i came up with this recipe while deployed to southern spain. the guys from my unit love them. they are bigger, taste better and are less expensive than the high end pre made ones from the store.

Amazing baby portobello avocado and aspargus sliders

i made these one night for supper and the hubby said these are awesome; write down what you did because you will forget. here is what you need for these amazing little sandwiches.

Chicken burgers with avocado salsa

from super food ideas. a healthy low fat burger recipes with lots of flavour. portuguese seasoning was specified but i couldn't find it or a recipe to make it, so have suggested italian seasoning.

Greek chicken burgers with feta

these greek-style chicken burgers pleasantly surprise with a feta cheese filling.

Thai turkey burgers with red curry mayo

if you like burgers with "heat," try this red curry mayo-topped turkey burger!

Portabella and gouda burger with garlic mayo

i prefer a good portabella mushroom sandwich to a typical veggie burger anyday, and this one is excellent. it's juicy, garlicky and cheesy, and really quick. try it on the grill in the summer, on grilled...

Houdini burgers

serve these to your guests and watch them disappear! this recipe was created by the hot plate houdinis for zaar world tour iii. the challenge was to create a burger representative of one of the regions...

Circus burgers with lean ground beef and chia seeds

i love to cook creatively. one night i had thawed a pound of lean, grange fed, ground beef, to put on the grill. but, i didn't want plain burgers. i started adding what i thought would give the burgers...

Heavenly burgers

is it possible to have a chicken or turkey burger that tastes better than a beef one? i didn't think so until now. here's my latest invention without all the extra fat that beef burgers have and so delicious....

Stuffed burgers

far above the ordinary burger!!

Thai turkey burgers with cucumber pepper relish and spicy mayo

not your average turkey burger... the spicy mayo sauce is the star of the show here.

The best burgers

one of my favorite cook-books to collect is gooseberry patch. all there recipes have yet to disappoint. this is another good one.

Sweet potato black bean burgers

sometimes a good vegetarian burger can be better than any beef burger. i think this one i made is pretty flavorful, and it's also fairly healthy. the leftovers freeze ok, but the patties are best reheated...

Cheesy quinoa and broccoli patties

these cheesy quinoa and broccoli patties are delicious; crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! you can add in your favorite veggies, change up the cheese to taste, whatever suits your...

Teriyaki glazed turkey burgers

a flavorful sauce that goes well with turkey.

Chicken gyro burgers

i call these gyro burgers because i used a recipe for beef gyro burgers as the inspiration to create this version. these are in no way authentic greek food, however, they are absolutely delicious!

Stuffed ground turkey burgers

this makes bland ground turkey very delicious!

South by southwest burger

this is a lighter take on a classic southern burger. yummy pimento cheese with a kick tops a healthy turkey burger.

Spicy burger

a recipe from frank's redhot sauce. even though this burger is only 3 ingredients, it's delicious. very easy to do. i ate it with the spicy ketchup and a slice of jarslberg cheese.

Korean hamburgers

yes, it is one tablespoon of minced garlic! these are absolutely wonderful. serve on a bun with teriyaki sauce..... -------------- if freezing in advance, you might want to lessen the garlic just a little...