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Top recipes for "Cajun"

Croissant bread pudding

one of the best dessert i have ever made! this custardy creation was the perfect finale for a cajun themed dinner. eat it while it's hot but be warned - you won't be able to stop!!! enjoy!

Crispy shrimp bundles with a smokey dipping sauce

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: enjoy these festive shrimp bundles wrapped in crispy potatoes served with a smokey, chunky remoulade sauce. this can be easily doubled for a meal.

Cissy bars

these taste a lot like pralines with a lot less work.

Creamy cajun chicken pasta vegetarian chicken

i came up with this recipe in attempt to please my husband who is not keen on fake meats. we all loved this dish and i don't believe he realized that the strips were not real chicken breast. the 6 year...

Easy cajun jambalaya

i found this on grant michel says, "i have always loved cajun foods but my wife doesn't like the 'kick.' in response to this, i made my traditional jambalaya without the heat. everyone...

Creole sauce

from - use this flavorful sauce as a base for fried green tomatoes or eggplant, or serve it as a sauce with seafood and rice or pasta.

Crispy cajun chickpea cakes vegan

i thought this recipe was not only easy to make, it was fantastic. i made it for my lunch today. it is from the while the chickpea cakes were good on their own, i thought they...

Creole collard greens

a simple collard green recipe represents cajun cooking. found in a regional cookbook.


from emeril's cookbook louisiana real and rustic; posted for zwt 5. "long ago, before modern highways, it was near impossible for country children to get the golden beignets that their city cousins enjoyed....

Creole mustard pork fingers

this is from justin wilson's "easy cookin" cookbook. i haven't made it yet, but had to save it because i haven't seen anything like this before. i don't have a clue to the cooking time, so i just entered...

Creole mustard

this is in response to a request from the boards. you could use this on your sandwiches or spread on chicken or roasted pork. any time you need some creole style mustard and don't have any on hand.

Easy cajun chicken caesar salad

i got this recipe from the safeway website, which was posted by melissa bellemare. it's really delicious and the cajun-spiced chicken adds quite a nice flavor kick to a plain caesar salad.

Classic red beans and rice

this is made with a ham hock and smoked sausage, to infuse the beans with loads of flavor. you'll need to give the beans an overnight soak (not listed in the time to make the recipe). cook your rice separately,...

Crawfish or shrimp bisque

this classic cajun recipe makes a great first course or a full meal. it isn’t smooth like puree like it’s french counterpart. i use mudbugs (crawfish), shrimp or crab and sometimes all three!

Creamy cajun deviled eggs

from all recipes

Easy cajun chicken

i actually got this recipe from the label on the chicken years ago. it's easy and foolproof.

Crawfish dip

you'll love this one. serve it hot with crackers or toasted french bread.

Clams and shrimp

this hearty soup will please any seafood lover!

Dirty rice

this is a cajun classic. dirty rice is basically a rice pilaf that is called dirty because it's cooked with minced chicken livers or gizzards. don't run away now! the rice doesn't taste like liver, it...

Cornbread stuffing w shrimp andouille cajun creole zwt 9

(from a food & wine magazine article) -- star chef susan spicer comes from a strong european christmas tradition. but in new orleans, her holiday means a magnificent cajun/southern feast. she runs bayona...

Creme fraiche biscuits cajun creole for zwt 9

found in the cajun & creole section of the food & wine website in an article titled “great recipes from top new orleans chefs”. chefs allison vines-rushing & slade rushing were credited as contributors...

Crock pot cajun beans

i got this recipe from my daughter-in-law. she in turn got it from her friend, dan, so where it originated is not known. this is my very favorite bean recipe and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cornmeal mush

this makes a nice warm breakfast. kids love it, give it a try.

Creamy cajun shrimp pasta

this is a fast and easy dish that does not require whipping cream for the sauce. i made it with skim milk and it turned out just fine. we use a lot a cajun spice so adjust to your tastes.

Dirty rice a la kj

this has gotten the thumbs up from my husband, who is from louisiana. not bad, considering i'm an aussie!

Jambalaya soup

found this in a magazine a couple of years ago and it is something i make often,i leave out and add things depending on what i have on hand.have fun and hope you enjoy!


i havent tried this recipe, but it looks simple and very yummy. posted in response to a recipe request!


this is one of the zaar recipes that i adopted. i hope to prepare this one soon and will post any modifications that i make to the recipe.

Cajun halibut

from mr. food's quick & easy diabetic cooking

Dancing mushrooms

cute name for a delicious dish! mushrooms so happy to be prepared lovingly into such a delicious dish that they dance with joy! wonderful with a fresh green salad, some crusty bread and a glass of white...

New orleans hot tamales

this is for a request of hot tamales. my mom used to make these, at least i think this is the recipe she used to use. :-) i am unsure of how many this makes, maybe a few dozen. (recipe is from chef frank...

Crock pot gumbo

i love gumbo and i love my crock pot. i decided to see if i could make a good version utilizing the crock pot so i could do other things while it was cooking. this version passed the spouse test! feel...

Southern green beans potatoes

this is a side dish that you may see on the table instead of a green bean casserole in louisiana & other parts of the south. it's very simple to make & i enjoy serving it with any kind of roasted or grilled...

Dirty rice and beans

i invented this version of dirty rice to accompany my husbands fantastic ribs. it's easy to make, but it does want to simmer for a good long time.

Day after thanksgiving turkey and sausage gumbo

use up those leftovers right down to the carcass...and freezable, too.

Fried calamari with remoulade sauce drizzled with balsamic syrup

the balsamic vinegar is cooked and reduced to a syrup consistency then drizzled over the calamari, which gives this cajun calamari and zing!

Cajun red snapper

from holly on

Cajun oven fries

much healthier fries.

Cajun tofu slices

ideal as an appetizer or a substitute for meat or fish. sunrise tofu recipes.

Real deal pralines

even though i grew up eating these i never can seem to make them! i can make gourmet dinners and desserts but i can't make pralines or bread!! but i got this recipe from the justin wilson website and it's...

Crock pot jambalaya pastalaya

i have yet to try this recipe but it looks pretty good. i got it off of a website called it calls for noodles but you can obviously use rice instead if you like. posted for zwt5

Heart healthy shrimp gumbo with cajun spice mix

perhaps this isn't authentic but is is a lot healthier and quite tasty in it's own right. for zwt this is southern states regional.

Maque choux cajun

maque choux is a stewed vegetable side dish. this recipe also includes okra. don't be afraid of it! for a vegetarian version, just omit the bacon and use vegetable oil as your fat and substitute water...

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