Southern red beans rice for the pressure cooker

this is an adaptation of a new orleans style recipe. i've made it vegetarian & adapted it for the pressure cooker. if you're lucky enough to own a pressure cooker it's a great, fast way to cook any dried...

Seafood jambalaya

i learned this recipe from a restaurant in a town named opelousas, lots of paprika are called for here, i recommend starting small, then adding more. there are no tomatoes in this recipe, so it is faster...

Crawfish mirliton chayote soup

my cajun mother makes a wonderful mirliton casserole for the holidays that's always a hit. i had a craving for mirliton and crawfish one day, and pieced together this soup from several recipes and a few...

Good ol gumbo

this is a great recipe for anyone who wants to try out their hand making authentic gumbo for the first time. it may seem like a lot, but don't let it scare you. it's easier than it looks. i like using...

Shrimp gumbo

saw this on alton brown's show last night. looked like an interesting way to make the roux.

Chicken creole

this is a very forgiving recipe - add or reduce seasonings to your taste. i've been making this for over 20 years and ever so often i'm asked - have you fixed chicken creole lately? so much for subtle...

Dirty rice no livers

a family pleasing dirty rice. no livers....'nuff said...

Easy calamari cajun style with lime vinaigrette

very quick, tasty and simple to make. can also be used with prawns (shrimp) or fish fillets. garnish with lemon wedges. simply delicious

Old bay seasoning copycat

my reverse-engineered recipe for old bay seasoning is an authentic blend of 17 savory herbs and spices.

Cajun shrimp stir fry

i got this out of a magazine called "clean eating" this is low in fat and sugar. both dh and i found it to be outstanding. it may say fry but there is nothing fatty about it. it would also be great on...

Gumbo new orleans

this is one of my paw-paw's recipes, from his resturanteur (i think i spelled that right) days, so you will have to make some adjustments unless you are feeding a large crowd. we never adjusted it, because...

Crawfish fettuccine

you won't believe how easy and delicious this dish is!!!! this recipe was passed down to me from my hubby grandmother. i changed the regular cheese for the spicy jalapeno kind for that kick! you can...

Jambalaya soup

found this in a magazine a couple of years ago and it is something i make often,i leave out and add things depending on what i have on hand.have fun and hope you enjoy!

New orleans crawfish bread

you will love this bread! it was on our local news from a local chef and in our opinion, he can do no wrong! after broiling you serve this sliced and eat with a fork. we n'awlinians eat this as a meal,...

Cajun red snapper

from holly on

Seafood etouffee

i am from texas but my hs sweethearts father is cajun so i picked up some recipes from him and i love all the flavors and spices. this is one of my favorites

Pioneer woman cajun chicken pasta

from one of my favorite websites: the pioneer woman cooks.

Killer voodoo gumbo

a delicious, classic louisiana-style gumbo. this recipe is based on one from a friend's grandmother who grew up in slidell.

Heart healthy shrimp gumbo with cajun spice mix

perhaps this isn't authentic but is is a lot healthier and quite tasty in it's own right. for zwt this is southern states regional.

Cajun fried catfish

a yummy version of friend catfish with a bit more zip than the typical recipes. if you like fried catfish, i think you'll like this.

Maque choux cajun

maque choux is a stewed vegetable side dish. this recipe also includes okra. don't be afraid of it! for a vegetarian version, just omit the bacon and use vegetable oil as your fat and substitute water...

Deep fried oysters with hot sauce

prep. time does not include the time to refrigerate the hot sauce for the flavors to blend well.

Crawfish quiche

what do you do when you have several pounds of crawfish left over from a crawfish boil? you peel 'em and put 'em in this easy to make, fabulous quiche that has gotten rave reviews from everyone who's ever...

Crab meat au gratin

this recipe comes from a famous new orleans restaurant but i don't remember which one! however, i remember the taste of the dish and have been trying to duplicate for years. this is very good!

Cod with crawfish bayou sauce

i use 1/2 & 1/2 however you may choose to use heavy cream like the original recipe.

Cajun deviled eggs

cook time depends on your method for making eggs. for this small batch, i recommend a cold water start, bring to a rolling boil and cook for ten minutes. drain off hot water and allow to rest in cold water...

Deviled crab

this is a childhood favorite. the hardest part was pinning mom down on amounts.

Cajun eggs

one of my granny's recipes.

Cajun style beef and beans

i want to thank puppitypup and her dh,dave for inspiring me to come up with this recipe. and the recipe that gave me the idea was recipe#205493. for the beans you could also use the same size can of either...

Chicken and smoked sausage gumbo

recipe courtesy emeril lagasse, 2005

Cajun pot roast for the crock pot

for a truly cajun meal, serve this with cooked okra, but i'm not quite that cajun so we just have this with green beans or another vegetable. makes great sandwiches for left overs and can be frozen for...

Toms simple shrimp and crab gumbo

an easy and healthy gumbo that is relatively easy and simple to make. i use smart balance butter for a mostly fat free dish.

Cajun chicken and sausage jambalaya

from throwdown with bobby flay

Voodoo pasta

if you like cajun/creole flavor, this recipe is for you! it is a super easy and delicious, spicy cajun creamy pasta dish!. we make this at least once a week, it's that good! the recipe is very flexible,...

Cabbage with liquid smoke

this is from justin wilson's "easy cookin". i haven't made it yet.

Short ribs jambalaya

a new twist on a classic. the meat is very tender and full of flavor. this jambalya has a rich flavor and color. the original recipe is printed in the february/march 2006 edition of cooking pleasures....

Crock pot jambalaya pastalaya

i have yet to try this recipe but it looks pretty good. i got it off of a website called it calls for noodles but you can obviously use rice instead if you like. posted for zwt5

Cajun habanero sausage

tired of sausage that claims to be hot but isn't? try this recipe. you'll need a grinder with sausage stuffing horn if you want links. otherwise, use a food processor, and make into patties to pan fry...

Black eyed pea gumbo

this is so simple, either crock pot or stovetop! a friend of mine served this a few weeks ago on a very cold sunday and i've made it three times since! spice it up or tone it down as you like. i like spicy...

Spicy cajun cabbage and noodles

this recipe was a fortunate

Louisiana beans and rice

this recipe is a soak overnight recipe. you do not have to do it this way if you are in more of a hurry to make these.

Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo

some people think that new orleans cuisine is cajun cuisine. it isn't. it's creole cuisine, where most sauces and gravies are prepared with tomato. to delight in true cajun cuisine, one must travel...

Real cajun red beans and sausage

i was looking for "real" cajun recipes and found this site amazingly called imagine that! "traditionally cajuns prepared the red beans and sausage then served the beans and sausage...

Cajun shrimp alfredo

this is my version of dave and buster's cajun shrimp alfredo. this goes together rather quickly and is so good. i would certainly serve this to company by doubling the recipe. also, if you like spicy...

King cake traditional new orleans recipe

in european countries, the coming of the wisemen bearing gifts to the christ child is celebrated twelve days after christmas. the celebration, called epiphany, little christmas on the twelfth night, is...