Whipped peanut butter substitute one 1 point

i got this from a weight watchers online support group and hope it's as good as it sounds!

Dirt cake iii

this is a joke, a bit of whimsy to lighten up your next party. the cake is really a quick mix dessert made with oreo cookies and soft squishy stuff. the trick is to capture everyone's attention with an...

Moist gingerbread cake

a slightly sticky loaf cake flavoured with ginger and topped with crystallised ginger for some bite!

Copycat twinkies filling

posted in response to a request.

Nutcracker peppermint red velvet cake pops

rich red velvet cake combines with cool peppermint to create a delightfully festive flavor that’s perfect for the holiday season! edible gold paint and frosting help to turn this treat into the cutest...

Chocolate orange marquise

this is very rich and moist and doesn't need any accompaniment, but you can add light cream if desired.

Cucuzza cake

my aunt mae used to grow cucuzza's in her back yard when i was a little girl. cucuzza is a long, green squash. she normally fried them up and served them with spaghetti every sunday. i recently found this...

Creole cake

this is one of those recipes that has been around for a long, long time. i remember one of my aunt's making this recipe when i was a little girl. it brings back memories. the cake gets moister and more...

Crazy spice cake

one-dish spice cake ... so easy! for some reason, my mother-in-law showed me how to make it twice... :) make it in the cake pan, serve it straight out of the pan, and eat with some vanilla ice cream. however,...

Coffee fruitcake

there is something different in the world of fruitcake after all. recipe makes two.

Date and walnut loaf dairy free fat free

this is a very tasty, moist, sin free loaf. when sliced it's also great toasted, spread with low fat cream cheese. you can also include mixed nuts & carob buttons to the walnuts as a variation. you can...

Cranberry tea cake

this was originally from the "moosewood sundays" cookbook and was an instant hit around here...part coffeecake, part dessert - yummy! i've never had almonds in the house, but can vouch that it's great...

Chocolate crunch cake no bake

this was my friend anna's "secret recipe" for years before she finally revealed all! she used to make it every birthday/christmas/holiday for all our friends. it's so easy to make a really yummy. great...

Chocolate cherry cake

i love this cake! my mom used to make it for me all the time. my two favorites; chocolate and cherries!

Chocolate sin

my dh and kids say this cake is

Cream puff filling

made up this filling for the profiterole recipe i posted since the creme angelaise recipe i was given contained egg yolks (which i avoid like the plague). enough to fill 1/2 recipe of my profiteroles

Coffee ganache

coffee flavored chocolate ganache.

Double dunk chocolate coconut cupcakes

moist cake is dunked in a syrupy frosting. then, it takes a roll through crisp, toasted coconut for a layer of crunch. from "retro desserts". prep times are guesstimates because i didn't time myself.

Date ginger loaf 4 ingredients

this is from gourmet garden...so simple!

Down south yam cake

i think i adapted this recipe from something printed on a can of yams about 20 years ago. i have always enjoyed this during the fall and winter seasons, and i think you will too. it is a nice change...

Chocolate tunnel fudge cake

a delicious moist bundt cake with a cream cheese filling in the middle topped with a delicious chocolate glaze! :)

Country apple cake

this cake is made in a pie plate and is delish. i got this recipe from a remax card that came in the mail.

Dream cake

delicious dessert that was carried to many pot lucks and bake sales. everone always loved it!

Chocolate pudding cake

this is my mom's recipe. it's a great dessert on a cold evening.

Chocolate cream cheese frosting

this frosting is sooo good. it almost has a whipped consistency, and it tastes absolutely delicious. i use it when i want a rich & smooth chocolate frosting. it is my "go-to" frosting, and my family is...

Coconut condensed milk cake

a very quick, easy and delicious cake to make that comes from a friend, mrs. betty mccall.

Cinnamon flop

yummy and easy! kids and adults love it :) i don't remember where i got this recipe...i just have it written on an index card, but it has been requested of me many times. makes 2 - 9 inch cakes, so there...

Bahamian papaya rum cake

we vacationed in the bahamas last spring and were impressed with their local rum cakes. taste the flavor of the islands in this dessert.

Ding dong mousse

a positively lethal recipe from hostess to satisfy any sweet tooth. i used cool whip for the "whipped cream" and a 4.37 oz box of chocolate caramel chip jell-o instant pudding. other flavors of pudding...

Funny bones cake

this is a chocolate bundt cake with peanut butter "tunnel". made to taste like drakes funny bones.

Chocolate orange cake

goes with orange frosting

Doodle cake

this recipe is a very old one that i found in a magazine many years ago. every time i bake it, i get rave reviews for it and people are always asking for a copy of the recipe. i have found that it needs...

Cranberry sauce cake

one bowl, no eggs, no oil, easy to do, and so good!

Chocolate bundt cake a redneck delight

mighty fine eatin' fer an easy day of cake bakin'. ya'll won't believe how dang'd easy this 'un is. if you try this recipe, i'm shore you'll have yer loved ones smilin' like a pack of cheshire cats eatin'...

Date filling for hamentaschen

i can't always find date filling at the market. so i am posting this in case i ever need a recipe for it. recipe from food down under. filling should be refrigerated, and you may freeze it as well.

Coconut fudge filled cupcakes

anything with a fudgy filling is tops in my book, and these definately fit the bill!

Chocolate surprise muffins

these muffins are filled with a creamy chocolate chip cheesecake filling. from the cake mix doctor's chocolate book.

A different banana pound cake

this is a very moist banana pound cake because the bananas are precooked in butter.

Dutch funnel cake

our youth group used to make these at fund raising yard sales. i am posting this recipe for family groups and one for large groups. just like you get at the fair!

Chocolate orgasm

name was chosen by group of friends i once served this to. you should have heard the sounds at the table! baking time has been fine-tuned to take different reviews into consideration.

Date bran cake

high fiber that tastes great!!serve with a little icecream or diet topping from the high fiber cookbook for diabetics by mabel cavaiani, r.d.

Dulce de leche cream cake

this is another south texas favorite. it is very good and very rich tasting!!

Crock pot hot fudge brownie cake

i found this recipe on the internet while searching for easy desert recipes..i can prepare it ahead of time,bring it with me to family events and there is a hot delish desert ready for everyone to enjoy!i...

Almond cream with fruit

elegant, but so easy dessert.

Deep butter cake

i am not sure where this came from, but i have had this recipe for many years. whenever i take the cake somewhere, i also take the recipe, because everyone wants a copy. i think it is the best butter cake...

Cider 5 spice bundt cake

most of the time i refer to this as my cider and 5-spice gingerbread, but i changed the name out of concern for those who expect a little more gingeriness from their gingerbread (although anyone is free...

Dirty banana cake

the 'dirt' on this cake is that it's wonderful! actually, it's the coffee frosting...a 3-layer banana cake filled with banana buttercream and iced with that wickedly dirty frosting...2die4!

Dinette cake

this is a wonderful little cake you can use with either fruit or ice cream. it's also great by itself. i love it because i always have the ingredients on hand for a fast dessert.

Devils food cupcakes

based on a recipe from cook’s country magazine, february/march 2006. makes 24 cupcakes, although it can be easily halved. the editors say, “if you don’t have bar or block chocolate on hand, use semisweet...

Creamy brownie frosting

rich and delicious!