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Top recipes for "Californian"

Dill sauce

i havent made this but its suppose to be very good on fish especially salmon. its sounds like a great change from regular tartar sauce.

Avocado with salmon appetizer

quick easy & attractive appetizer

Crummy halibut

the topping on this fish is real crumbly, you may lose some of it getting it to the plate. but just spoon it on the fish, it tastes great!

Easy bake salmon

very good, quick and easy; perfect.

Cottage salad

use the fat-free cottage cheese and you have a great low-cal dish. i could eat this every day!

Creamy fruit salad

fruit and pudding salad

Coleslaw with peanuts

a daily news copycat version from a coleslaw sampled at wood ranch bbq & grill

Coke au vin baked ham

basted in coke and wine, and glazed with mustard and brown sugar, my experiment produced a succulent ham so juicy and flavorful that condiments are optional. my whole family raved! amounts are approximate...

Cupid cookies

i havent tried these yet. i just got this recipe today from a friend but since tomorrow is valentine's day i thought it was a good occasion. they do sound really good though.

Crab louie salad

this recipe is the easiest crab louie salad i have ever seen, and it tastes great. you can substitute imitation crab and the taste is still wonderful.

Dinner party chicken

here's a really impressive dish with hardly no fuss. your guests will love it!

Cobb salad

this is not a low cal salad! but it is a delicious one-bowl meal for a hot summer night.

Show off cheesecake

this is my "make an impression" cheesecake. everyone loves it. and it's really easy to make.

Almond cream with fruit

elegant, but so easy dessert.

Diabetic broccoli in garlic sauce

from - delicious!

Summer salsa

this is a great topper for grilled chicken or chops. cook time is for chilling.

Lil bit of sunshine

this is an extremely simple adult bevy....i found this worked and was rather tasty while visiting friends in albuquerque, nm. availability of the classic sunny d mango flavor is hit and miss....but trust...

All purpose easy shortening pie dough

this is a nice easy pie crust. i use 2 knives when i cut the shortening into flour mixture since i do not have a pastry blender.

Original cesar cardini caesar salad

this is the only dressing i will ever use for caesar salad. it is from the creator of the caesar salad, cesar cardini. you can make it, like i do, or you can buy it in the store. it's a large bottle for...

Leek dip

forget the recipe on the knorr's leek soup box. this is just as good and contains a fraction of the sodium.

Carrot blush

this recipe is courtesy of hallelujah acres. the beet gives it a nice sweetness. great healing juice!

Classic pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream and walnuts

this is delicious. the maple taste is wonderful in this recipe. this is a good one for the winter holidays.

Chocolate raisin truffles

this is a very good candy treat.

Crisp garlic potato skins

yummy low-fat, low-sodium appetizer.

Emerald rice

this spiffed up rice side dish is so pretty and tasts so good! great way to use up leftover rice.

Chocolate toffee shortbread

i got this recipe on a supermarket checkout coupon! very easy to make and i am often asked for the recipe. delicious.

Salad encino

this is a nostalgia salad, circa 1936. actress ann dvorak served this salad to guests at her ranch in the encino community of los angeles. this simple salad is typical of that era. the recipe is adapted...

California cioppino

i found this recipe in the newspaper about 15 years ago. i modified it a bit and have served to my very best friends. absolutely the best. rather expensive but worth it!

Ice queen

this was an a+ for me in bartending school. it's a fun, blue, fizzy, cocktail. i hope you love it!

Strawberry patch smoothie

tastes just like summertime!

Cool chili dip

adopted from the recipezaar account.

Cheesy asparagus and ham

take these to a cookout and watch them disappear!

Buttery baked chicken

this chicken makes a scrumptious sauce while it bakes. perfect for a dinner party. top it with toasted almonds for for a real treat.


i invented this based on what the jailor serves the

Chocolate coconut squares

these very rich and delicious layered bars are a big hit whenever i take them to a potluck or family gathering.

Monkey flip

healthy alternative to a chocolate shake, with a twist of bananas and peanuts...

Easy asparagus side dish

this dish is so easy and fast, but it looks amazingly elegant and impressive on the plate alongside a variety of main dishes. try it!

Lushroom mushrooms

pile these on top of juicy hot barbecued steaks.

Ceviche with ahi tuna

this is my own creation using both modern and traditional ceviche methods. the key of course is fresh fresh ahi. there's nothing better. like 'butter'. [email protected] of the reasons that a...

Easy pizza muffins

the quickest and easiest pizza to make. even the kids can do it. even make funny faces for kids parties. clowns, pirates,monsters.....etc i put it in vegetarian because you can omit the ham

Zesty zucchini sticks

yum,these are so good! they can be appetizers, a side dish, or just a snack.

Maple bacon biscuits

breakfast in a biscuit! my husband and i had these during a trip to la and they were fabulous. i am not a fan of maple, but these biscuits are very good. i just happened across the original recipe while...

Eggs avocado

fun to share with guests for breakfast, friends after the show, or anytime! friendly, filling fare at any hour. great with parmesan french bread. i like to add cream cheese and diced tomato to mine....

Hamburger mashed potato casserole

a tasty quick and easy beef and cheese casserole. easily converted to different styles with your own creative touches.

Crescent tuna melt

actually this is a tuna melt pocket. something i got when i was in a creative mood.

Guilt free west coast veggies

entered for safe-keeping. from sam miles's "guilt free gourmet". the sauces have also been saved separately as guilt free west coast asian-style sauce and guilt free west coast cheese sauce. note that...

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