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Top recipes for "Camping"

Dubai style shawarma

shawarma is an arabic pita wrap overflowing with shaved chicken or lamb. a crunchy tabooleh or fattoush salad accompanied by either tahini or hummus completes this middle eastern street food.

Fudgy chocolate chunk brownies

a big hit at a recent cook-out. they were gone before we had finished bbqing the main course!

Costa rican marinade

this marinade can be used with beef, chicken, or pork. posted for zwt 4 - south/central america and found on recipe goldmine's website.

Door county style fish boil

although an authentic fish boil is served with melted butter, the simple dill sauce in this recipe is a little healthier. serve with coleslaw and dinner rolls. some fish boils also serve corn on the cob...

Crunchy lentil walnut salad

this is a copycat of the fabulous lentil walnut salad from the kebab shop in california. you want to make sure not to overcook the lentils...they should have a little bite to stand up to the crunchiness...

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Easy caramel popcorn

i like to make this for football parties or for any casual get togethers. it turns out great every time! make it ahead of time and put it in zip-lock bags to keep fresh and crunchy.

Walleye chowder

the walleye is a member of the perch family and the perch is without a doubt the sweetest tasting freshwater fish there is. this recipe is from an old fishing magazine i found years ago and is one of the...

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Creamy garlic red potato salad

this is a great tasty potato salad for a summer day. great with grilled steak, chicken, or fish. it is best if made early in the day if you are serving it for dinner! prep time includes minimum refrigeration...

Cran rosemary grilled chicken thighs

i had a bottle of mike's hard cranberry lemonade that got opened but didn't get drunk so i got creative with this marinade. the tang of the cranberry complemented the rosemary beautifully and the sugar...

Date nut balls

really easy to make, and so good.

Delicious homemade chicken salad wraps

this recipe will knock your socks off! i deperately wanted a chicken salad wrap, but didn't want to use canned chicken, so i came up with this delicious recipe!

Chocolate oatmeal cookies

i had to add this to my cookbook for safe keeping. from cooks country tv.

Easy chocolate chip cookie bars

with the help of a cake mix, these bars are put together in a snap.

Chocolatey gorp

this is my favorite snack to munch on! it's

Cinderella beef short ribs

oh my goodness, these are awesome! from the cookbook, smoke and spice.

Cocktail nuts

from farmer's almanac

Texas beef fajitas

daddy's fajitas. great for a spontaneous fiesta or even a quick weeknight meal. these fajitas can go from the fridge to the table in 20 minutes. or even packed in a cooler for camping!

Barbecued baby back ribs

from paul kirk, the baron of barbecue, kansas city, missouri. on the menu for labor day.

Cinnamon cookie bars

i like this recipe because it is so simple to make. i read that cinnamon is very good for you. i found a cinnamon cookie here, but i didn't like that it didn't hold together. i took a recipe of mine and...

Curry lentil dip

very easy, nutritious, delicious vegetarian dip. great for picnics or on the road.serve with tortilla chips, pita bread, or veggies.

Cilantro potatoes

fresh cilantro gives exotic syrian-style flavor to these easy-to-prepare skillet potatoes. note:if using red potatoes, i just scrub and do not peel.

Campfire muffins

simple and fun muffins for the younger ones to do around the fire.

Dutch meat loaf

this recipe comes from an older, but local church cookbook of family favorites. while the meat loaf is pretty standard, it is the sauce that intrigued me. we especially like it and i hope you will as...

Crab frittata

yet another way to make use of those big blue crabs we are catching. 1 crab gave us 1 cup of beautiful meat for this.i can't do what i suggest in the last step as i don't have a griller (broiler) so i...

Cochinita pibil

this is a mayan recipe for an incredibly delicious "pulled pork" for tacos. we make this at the restaurant i work at, ciudad d.f. in dallas, but i actually like this recipe better. it comes from 'tacos'...

Chuckwagon sandwiches

from a hometown cooking magazine that isnt published anymore. my family loves these and they have incredible flavor....much better than those packaged or canned sloppy joe mixes!!!

Delicious orange chocolate muffins

this is an adaption of a friend's. my nephew devoured them as they came out of the oven! the frozen butter fully dissolves as it cooks and creates mini pockets of air which provide a light texture. they...

Branston pickle and cheese sandwich

soo good, i always got this at school, i will have to thank our chefs for this one. this only tastes good cold, so i wouldn't recommend trying to heat it up

Chocolate drops

these cookies are soft and dark and have been likened to a brownie. i made these for my film class and now they love me forever. i got so many compliments on these cookies and they're absurdly easy to...

Mexican burgers

i found this in an old bh&g mag, it's a bit different to the other mexican burgers here. my dh just loved this.

Chocolate coconut brownies easy microwave fix

this recipe is another sweet treat from *microwave cooking* by lorna rhodes & is sadly the final recipe i’ll be entering from this nifty cookbook. the intro boasts that “these are so quick that you...

Cracker eggs

the kids love this one...

Coleslaw that lasts

this coleslaw lasts and its a crowd pleaser. great on picnics or buffets.

Crunchy spice granola

the best source that i know of for most of the ingredients in this recipe is whole foods market, but you should be able to find them in other health food stores or better supermarkets. you can be fairly...

Dried fruit balls

if you love to camp and enjoy the great outdoors as much as my family, here is a take along snack that is sure to please. using my dehyrator compacts so many things and makes them easy to take along since...

Curried pecans

an excellent snack for most any occasion--holidays, camping, sporting event get togethers, lunchboxes, etc. we can't stop eating them! these make a great gift, just cut a piece of cellophane and wrap into...

Ginger crunch

this is so simple to make! if you like ginger, you'll love this. think crunchy biscuit base, smothered with ginger flavoured icing topped with crystallised ginger. it's from an old australia & new zealand...

Hero wraps

from outpost natural foods. in their diabetes fighting foods flyer.

Coffee can or grill bag scalloped potatoes

quick and easy to prepare, make ahead and then cook. kids like coffee cans when camping, moms like grill bags, easier cleanup. your preference.

Croatian slavonian fish stew fi

this is typical slavonian meal. use only freshwater fish. it is important to mix various fish, and it is important to put a lot of hot paprika in it. these is one of the ways of making fish paprikash,...

Dinner in foil

good for camping and backpacking

Chocolate peanut butter pudding

chocolate and peanut butter. yummy! don't forget to allow 24 hour chill time for this heavenly dessert.


grilled chicken skewers popular in japan. chicken thigh meat, green onion, chicken liver, hearts, gizzards, chicken skin can be prepared this way. it tastes best cooked over charcoal. mirin is a sweet...

Grilled vietnamese chicken

this chicken is just full of flavor. scoring the breast or thigh before marinating allows the marinade to penetrate the meat better and faster. i found this recipe in cooking pleasures magazine and we...

Copycat rankin irish fruit soda bread

this makes a small fruit soda bread loaf that i based on proportions listed for the rankin brand of irish fruit soda bread made by irwin's bakery in ireland. i have no idea how close it actually is to...

The best easy margarita

i've had friends say that they can't tell the difference between this and a real margarita! i made up this recipe myself one day when i was preparing for camping at a music festival. i needed lots of booze,...

Beer bathed brats with sauerkraut and apples

this brat recipes screams oktoberfest to me. it is best done on the grill as the sauerkraut needs to cook indirectly, but i have done it on the campfire, by arranging the coals. serve with a good german...


consistency is thick. add tomato juice or water to make more "soupy".

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