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Top recipes for "Candy"

Christmas hard candy

easy to make christmas candy.

Coconut ice

every new zealand child learning their way around the kitchen makes this at one time or another. classic supersweet confectionery.

Dutch fudge

i found this on a dutch cooking site, but written in english. i could have translated it, but getting it in english is much easier, especially for someone as lazy as i tend to be. it's good. in the...


marzipan that can be

Date snow balls

these are a sweet, tasty treat that are great for an "hors dourve party". many people have been hesitant by the "dates" but you will soon be eating more than one after the first bite! i can't go to a...

Dandy candy

when i came across this recipe in my recipe box i just had to post it because it brought back childhood memories! my sister loved to make this candy when she was little! the recipe came from a 1976 child's...

Chocolate roll

i posted this recipe as a result of a request for

Cream fudge sucre a la creme canadien

this is traditional french canadian fudge recipe. i make it every xmas and easter. if i made it regularly, i would be the size of a house.

Cow pies

chocolate alert !!!

Chocolate mushrooms

great for kids parties! my nan used to make these for me all the time!! great fun to make with the kids and they actually do look like little mushrooms!

Chow mein noodle cookies

another family favorite.

Easter candy

found this in an old hospital cookbook from the 40's. i have never tried this recipe and is it fun to read!

Danish fudge

i received this recipe from my son's boy scout leader. it is a nice change from the standard fudge. i get many rave's at christmas time. it is very easy to make. this is my son's job at christmas time....

Ella mae's creamy sure fudge

i like this recipe because it is easy to prepare, no-fail recipe. this was given to me by a friend many years ago, and i would like to pass it on to others. it is a chocolate confection that candy lovers...


incredibly $rich$ delicious candies :o) that are sooooo easy you would never know it by their taste. they are so awesome that everyone will think you slaved all day making them!

Marshmallow whip

use this recipe to make marshmallow treats aka peeps from martha stewart living.

Chocolate covered saltine crackers

i had these sweet and salty saltines covered with chocolate and topped with nuts which i tweaked at a friend's house. very addictive little treats.use topping to suit the occasion.

Coconut snow fudge

this is a wonderful fudge recipe!

Chocolate no bake macaroons

great for a chocolate fix!

Copycat hungry girls guilt free peanut butter fudge

fudge unpluged (haven't tried yet, tell me how it is!) hungry girl has done it again. armed with nothing but pumpkin, some brownie mix and a very lowfat pb, she’s whipped up a version of chocolate...

Chocolate covered potato chips

these can be made in a jiffy for a party or just for fun. while it sounds odd, the flavor combination of salty and chocolate is out of this world! this recipe comes from "365 great chocolate desserts"...

Date loaf candy

this is a very old recipe, it goes back to my grandmother, that was born in 1878.

Cinder toffee

i go this from "how to be a domestic goddess" by nigella lawson. this is really great toffee, i might even try making this with golden syrup next time.

Chi chi dango

i love to go through boxes of chi chi dango while i'm in hawai'i, and i get it at a certain specialty japanese candy store. i was so pleased to find this recipe online at aloha world.


this came from the little cookbook, that i got with my kitchenaid. it is the first thing i made with the kitchenaid, because these were the ingredients i had on hand.

Coffee meringues

elegant little after-dinner treats, delicately flavored with coffee and dipped in chocolate. low carb and low fat, perfect snacks in moderation for diabetics. three or four of these only amounts to 12-16...

Church windows

great for an easter treat!!

Double chocolate kisses

these cookies/candies look both easy and scrumptious...a winning combination. my mouth has not yet actually tested this recipe, but i'm going to find an excuse to make them in the near future. recipe courtesy...

Chocolate yummies

these are delicious no bake bars, that taste like smores!

Coconut brittle

this recipe is in response to a particular request for coconut brittle.

Easy caramel

i got this recipe from a friend in college. it was super easy to make and my husband ate the entire pan of it within a few days.

Coconut candy

three ingredients are all you need to make this candy and have a bit of paradise.

Cream cheese mints

i made these for my wedding and my daughter makes them every year at christmas. they are wonderful. the cook time is the approximate drying time.

Classic fudge

easy to make fudge. i got the recipe out of the newspaper. time does not include cooling time.


toasty tasty popcorn ceral carmel mix, make and give as christmas gifts.

Chocolate covered espresso bean ducks

this is a fun and simple little recipe, especially designed for easter. little kids can get involved with preparing this one, but the final product is strictly adult-fare. i suppose that you could substitute...

Creme candy

nice little holiday treat

Chocolate caramelized macadamia nuts

what a nice sweet snack to have for everyone or to just have to serve your guest, delicious -

Chocolate holiday bark

this great recipe comes from the nov 2005 issue of favorite brand name recipes, 'a passion for chocolate.' preparation time includes cooling in the refrigerator.

Drop mix candy

a friend served this at a book club meeting. it is delicious and so simple! the almond bark can be colored or you can substitute colored discs, such as wilton, to get different colors for holidays.

Chocolate covered rocha

crunch coated in chocolate. a sweet change from regular nut brittle. prep time is also cool time.

Caramel crispix

it's very good and is relatively quick to make.

Rudolph chow

easy chocolate mix. great for gifts or to have around the house to snack on.

Chocolate peanut butter pieces

one of the simplest and most delicious recipes around.

Cuppa tea

cutie for a shower, birthday party, or just a pressie for a mate.


this is an ancient family recipe. it was handed down 4 generations from my mom's side of the family. enjoy!!

Cinnamon munch

i made this last christmas and it was a big hit! it is so embarassingly simple.

Coconut balls

easy to make, kids favorite treat after school.

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