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Top recipes for "Canning"

Dill pickle relish

a nice addition to burgers or hot dogs. and very pretty for gift giving. you could substitute green bell peppers for the red ones, but it wouldn't be as attractive. you can also substitute zucchini...

Dill cucumber relish

i adjusted 2 recipes i had for pickles and relish as i couldn't find a suitable dill relish recipe anywhere.

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Crabapple jam

a tasty departure from regular crabapple preserves. from an online source in response to a recipe request. while this recipe is written in a relatively old-fashioned way, it is perfectly safe if processed...

Damson plum jam

if you are lucky enough to find them, get your hot little hands on some damson plums. they are small and sour when fresh, but make the absolute best plum jam in the world. i have listed two different options...

Chokecherry jelly

if you wish to make syrup, use twice as much juice to 1 package of pectin. processing time not included in preparation time.

Confetti salsa

this salsa is sooo colorful...and uses a wide variety of peppers. it is a bit sweeter than most. enjoy!

Cucumber ketchup

i haven't tried this yet, but am posting it here for safekeeping. i'm looking forward to trying it!

Preserved basil

this came about when i had more fresh basil in my garden than i knew what to do with it. i posted a question to the cooking q&a board and with the help of jenny sanders, this recipe came about.

Chow chow

we grew a ton of tomatoes this last season. there were still blooms on the plants in november when we got our first frost. but andy was on top of things and ran outside and plucked off all the remaining...

Corn relish for canning

a good way to get rid of surplus corn or a really good corn deal-good with brats, dogs, and burgers.

Dandelion jelly

this is a beautiful golden, clear, delicate, tasting jelly. avoid the bitter milk in the flower stems, and any green parts it is unpleasant! great for gift giving. if you want to add more color add a couple...

Canned carp

this is a historical recipe not one to be made now. always follow ball book. this is how they did fish here in nebraska. always can meat under pressure.

Jewel jam

from darlene kosmman very old recipe has cherries and strawberries

Orange pineapple pear butter sauce

do you remember making mud pies when you were little? this is the memories i get when preparing the pears to puree. peel, stem, cut end and then squeeze in your hands over the blender, you are left with...

Basil jelly

a great way to use up some of your lovely basil in the herb garden.

Salsa verde canning recipe

i wanted a good canning recipe (and a safe one) for all the tomatillos i have in my garden, so after much searching i found this one. it is posted by nancy castleman on the good advice press site under...

Winter pear butter

smooth, delicate pear butter is delicious on toast, popovers, biscuits and other light breads. try it on waffles and pancakes, too.

Raspberry liqueur

if you love chambord as i do but suffer sticker shock when buying it, here's a good substitute. it doesn't taste exactly the same when drinking it straight up, but when mixed in cocktails you won't be...

And the winner is beets

my entire family loves pickled beets so last summer i prepared 4 different batches & ran a contest. the slight heat from the chilies made this recipe the unanimous winner - in fact, my daughter hides her...

Pumpkin cakes in a jar

cute little pumpkin cakes baked right in a jar. great for gifts or to make and store around the house. they last up to 6 months once baked and sealed. if you like this, i will be posting many more so check...

Grape butter

this recipe is posted by request. i want a jar ;-)

Cranberry jam

a nice holiday gift, cranberry jam with pineapple.

Easy crock pot apple butter

this is the first recipe i ever used to can apple butter. recipe starts out with applesauce, great for any time of year. it was my first time canning and it turned out great! this would make great christmas...

Peach bellini jam

this fantastic jam recipe originally came from a better homes and gardens canning magazine, as did the tip about making peach bellini floats with it. i added the butter to help tame the foaming. use your...

Pear amber jam

canning season is coming, and this is one of my favorite jams.

Pineapple lime jam

i found a recipe similar on all recipes, but i did not like how long it took to cooked down. i like chunky jam and do not like to stand at the stove that long. so i changed it to use pectin instead. cooking...

Banana butter

a lovely flavored spread for scones, toast, or pound cake. from c.c. preserves.

Cinnamon pickles

by request, here are those old fashioned red hots pickles...

Small batch brandied cranberry conserve canning

serve with roasted meats and game, or with baked brie. a great holiday gift, using fresh or frozen cranberries. nuts are optional, or substitute another type, like pine nuts. from "the complete book of...

Cinnamon cardamom honey

try this in a french toast batter or bread pudding .

Habanero jelly

from a recipe on by brent thompson on 6/6/1996. i eat this on wheat thins with cream cheese and give it as holiday presents (only to people that i know love spicy foods).

Tomato basil jam

from a bh&g canning cookbook. serve this on warm crusty bread as appetizer or as a go-along with salad or soup.

Cherry jelly

sweet or sour cherries can be used. i used sour because that is what grows on our tree. got this off the internet and altered it somewhat. no need to pit all those cherries. this one is easy! time to make...

Chili sauce

this recipe is posted by request. cooking time is and estimate-see instructions for explination.

Tomato marmalade

this is a nice way to show off your garden tomatoes and makes a nice holiday food gift as well! a break from the traditional orange marmalade.

Coconut rum preserve

this is my modification to golden coconut rum conserve (#35886). i used craisins to give it a little different flavor. [addendum - i agree with the review below. i posted this before i had actually made...

Rhuberry jam

i think this would be excellent on freshly baked biscuits. taken from

Dilled zucchini slices

this is from a collection of sheryl arnolds recipes. sheryl was not just a good cook, she had her own catering business and owned the lunch bucket, a popular restaraunt here in the sacramento area back...

Chow chow the hot version

this recipe can be made with green tomatoes or ripe tomatoes. whichever you prefer. the measurements can be altered to suit your own taste. it just depends on how hot or mild you want your chow chow. yield...

Crock pot awesome apple butter

i adapted this recipe to the crock pot and it comes out wonderful! i put a 90 minute prep time because it takes me about 30 min to prepare the apples, 30 minutes to cook on the stove, and 30 minutes to...

Plum chutney

i had a whole bunch of plums one year, and wanted a chutney that would sing and dance on my tongue. this is what i came up with, and i think it's pretty darn good. if you can't find keffir lime leaves...

Spiced pear jam

from my mom's canning recipe collection. i am hopeful my pear trees will yield big time this year. adapted from southern living.

Cranberry pear lemon jam

combine these three distinctly flavored fruits for a delicious breakfast jam. its tart tangy flavor also marries well with roasted poultry, rabbit and pork.

Mole mo lay sauce

this is my version of mole sauce. it can hold its own against the mole at our great local mexican restaurant. i usually double this recipe, but that's just me. the original recipe calls for 5 tbsp(yes,...

Raspberry jalapeno jelly

you would be surprised at how good this tastes and how versatile it is.

Chunky peach preserves


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