Cuban bread

published in the miami herald prep time icludes rising times. "this recipe is from the father of schools superintendent roger cuevas, retired baker roberto cuevas it was reduced and modified for home...


funny name for a boiled pudding from the caribbean that is reminiscent of tamales dulces. posted for zwt, untried by me. adapted from "around the world in 450 recipes".

Corn pie barbados

i received this recipe from a friend in barbados. it reminds me of a corn pudding, or very soft cornbread.

Cuban pizza

this is the most delicious homemade pizza i've eaten. it's a borrowed recipe i tweaked to make lower sodium. it is versatile. it makes a lot of sauce, so you can either make the whole lot or you can...

Crab bake

a quick crab dish from the caribbean. the other option is to put grated cheese on top instead of or in addition to the breadcrumbs. you can add more spices if you like it spicier ie. cayenne

Curried shrimp

this works just as well over rice.

Cou cou

the national dish of barbados when eaten with flying fish;loosely based on the middle eastern cous-cous but the okras make the difference!

Curried beef

curried beef was a staple when i was growing up, therefore consider it one of my favourite 'comfort' foods. more often than not, my mother used goat meat. if you get the chance, i highly recommend giving...

Climax explosion

i think the name says it all- a delightful mixed drink with a bit of everything but the kitchen sink!!paradise mango rum liqueur is slightly different from your traditional mango rum as this has the appearance...

Cuban bean dip

this is a wonderfully fresh "dip" if you want to use it as that - but is also good inside tacos, omelettes, as a side to grilled pork, fish or chicken - whatever you want to use it for.


there are many variations of this drink. flavor this base with the fruit of your choice but the lime is essential. originally from havana's la florida restaurant -- i had one there!


coquito is a puerto rican version of egg nog. it is to die for. i experienced this for the first time last year and i can not get enough. my friend gave me the recipe and she makes it only at christmas,...

Cuban pork roast sandwich

recipe attempting to recreate a recently closed sandwich shop in seattle. i merged a few recipes i found online. i use a traeger pellet grill for slow cooking the pork, but i suppose you can use any slow...

Cuban chicken

from mom's test kitchen blog --

Cuban pork stew

simple crock pot dinner.

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Bahamian papaya rum cake

we vacationed in the bahamas last spring and were impressed with their local rum cakes. taste the flavor of the islands in this dessert.

Cuban black bean soup healthier version

a famous comfort food made just a bit healthier and with fewer calories. taken from raichlen's healthy latin cooking.

Crock pot caribbean style black beans

easy recipe for a weeknight meal. throw everything in crock pot in the morning and your meal's ready when you arrive home from work or school. serve with hot cooked rice; tossed salad on the side. source...

Cuban mojitos

my dh and i had these for the first time while in puerta rico. be sure to make fresh and not use a bottled mix. addictive!

Coffee martini

a wonderful coffee martini. take the time to make this martini, and you'll be on the dance floor for hours. adapted from

Coconut bread guyana caribbean

this recipe comes from the internet website [note: on 29 june 2009 i edited the ingredients, changing the pounds & ounces of flour & sugar to cups.]

Crows nest

non alcoholic drink zwt 9 caribbean

Coconut flan

another signature dish. very tasty, best wneh served cold. this recipe comes from there are different recipes. i haven't tried this one in specific so if you have a better one, let me...

Cuba libre

politics aside, a damn fine drink.

Cream cheese flan

i found this recipe at bon app├ętit!! considered to be cuisine of spanish and/or central america/caribbean. the intro states: this is one of actor andy garcia's favorite dishes; the recipe comes from...

Cuban picadillo

this meat mixture is cooked with a sofrito and can be served on rice with eggs or in tortillas like a taco. goes well with fried plaintains.

Crab backs

i love seafood, and this recipe from trinidad is tasty and very more-ish.

Couscous cubano

this recipe is a modification of a contest winner from near east for original couscous creations. we omitted the green onion for personal tastes. i've only made it once, and it was a little bit bland...

Puerto rican guava cheese appetizer

i tried this recipe at an international food festival several years ago and simply loved the flavor. the cheese and guava paste go very well together.

Cuban bean salad

cuban cuisine is a fusion of spanish, african and caribbean cuisines and closely resembles that of other caribbean nations such as puerto rico, dominican republic, and panama of central america. while...

Cuban mojo

refered to as cuba's barbecue sauce, it's more of a garlic/cumin vinaigrette flavored with sour orange juice that is splashed on just about everything-it is delish! if you have a sour orange source-lucky...

Dominican pastelitos savory pasties

this recipe found at aunt clara's kitchen. i've used this recipe changing the filling. i've also increased ingredients and more for parties. these can be made ahead of time and frozen till needed. ...

Cubano marinade

a citrusy marinade for chicken, pork or fish.

Cuban roast pork

this is a recipe i found in my "the complete meat cookbook" by bruce aidells and denis kelly that i combined with a recipe posted by closetcooking,com. posting for zwt event so untried by me, but sounds...


a birthday party favorite


coquitos is a christmas tradition in cuba and puerto rico much like eggnog here in the usa and elsewhere. it is like a sweet wine. it is served on the night of noche buena (good night) before eating lechon...

Culto a la vida cult of life a rum cocktail

dark rum is created by a longer aging process and different casks from that of light-coloured, drier white rums. look for words like "aged" or "anejo"" on the bottle. the spirit inside will have rich...

Cuban sandwich

it is generally believed that the cuban cigar workers who migrated to the tampa, fl area/ybor city back in the early 1900's brought the cuban sandwich to the us. originally called the "mixto" or mixed...


this is an indonesian dish that i actually had in the caribbean. it's marinated meat on skewers and is delicious cooked on the grill! i always serve it with peanut sauce and's a family favorite!...

Coconut bread

a bread recipe straight from haiti. prep time is an estimate as i haven't tried this recipe yet.

Cilantro rice

this yummy rice is a great way to sneak some veggies into your loved ones who would otherwise pass on them. wonderful change from the usual red spanish rice usually served with tex mex or mexican foods....

Cuban martini

this is from australian good taste, one of these & your anyone's..:lol:

Summer salsa

this is a great topper for grilled chicken or chops. cook time is for chilling.

Cuban special

this is a signature cocktail from toronto canada's lula lounge, a glamorous latin nightclub.

Coconut and bean soup

a vegetarian meal in a bowl. very easy to make.

Cuban meat stew ropa vieja

this meat stew is delicious and easy. a nice change of pace, and it makes the house smell so good. serve with rice and a salad, or crusty bread. from a goya cookbook--best of the americas-carribean.

Creamy fruit salad

fruit and pudding salad

Caribbean smoothie

this is a very smooth drink and best served chilled. beware it can sneak up on you. it would be lovely served in hollowed out papaya skins or hollowed out green coconuts with a toothpick or a parasol...