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Top recipes for "Carrots"

Colorful sauteed vegetables

this has a very pretty presentation and is a good way to get in a bunch of veggies! you're welcome to use whatever greens you would like, including cabbage. this can be vegan if using only olive oil...

Cucumber cleanser drink

the beetroot is the big detoxer here. don't drink more than one beetroot a day at first, you have to build it up gradually. drink it when made. try to use organic produce. this might not be the most delicious...

Dilly carrots

simple appetizer or side dish, served cold.

Dairy free asian inspired coleslaw

this is a fresh, crisp coleslaw that my sis and me came up with one night to go with our dinner. its referencing some asian flavours and we think its really yummy. i hope youll enjoy it, too!

Brined and roasted thanksgiving turkey with simple gravy

for succulent meat, brine the bird. stop your turkey from being dry by brining it and not overcooking it. also,when serving roasted chicken, you can brine it first to keep it moist. brining means your...

Stir fried pork soup

from taste of home.

Cumin and honey carrots

a spiced glaze dresses up the humble carrot - so very delicious!!

Cumin carrots

cumin really tastes great on carrots. spices them up just right!

Curried mustard slow cooker beef roast

this recipe makes a very tender, flavourful roast and the leftovers are great for a roast beef sandwich. i found that the roast was ready to carve after 8 hours but use your own judgment as all crock...

Crock pot lamb chops dinner

i only recently discovered lamb, but we found we love it. here is my first attempt to 'create' my own dish using lamb chops. hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Carrot soup with lime and chiles

"this soup contains a wealth of cold-healing foods, from garlic to carrots to chicken broth." - adapted from the prevention magazine book, "natural healing guide 2002" if you'd like you can do as the recipe...

Honey carrot and date muffins

i can’t count the number of times i have made these delicious gluten-free muffins. they are quick, easy, and absolutely scrumptious. i used to “make a date” with my carrot grater on many a lazy...

Clam soup

this recipe is posted by request-please let me know how you like it.

Pineapple juice brown sugar glazed baby carrots

my mom gave this recipe to me. truly simple and sooo delicious! also, a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables.

Scandinavian summer vegetable soup

this is a beautiful and delicious vegetable soup! everyone at my home loves it, and guests always ask for the recipe. don't be thrown off by the radishes...they do not have a strong taste in the soup...

Cream of carrot and ginger

a delicious (low calorie) creamy soup. i found the recipe in a magazine article and just knew it would be great. i just made it last night and had to share. serve with a nice multigrain bread and a...

Crock pot corned beef and cabbage

st patty's day meal made easy! serve with rye bread or my irish soda bread recipe #50600. and some green beer (beer with green food coloring added. in the pictures is the corned beef topped with the pineapple...

Coriander pork tenderloin with carrot ginger sauce

from bon appetite. feb 2000 - but i found it in my 2001 book. they say to serve it with jasmine rice with sesame seeds, steamed snow peas, a dry gewurztraminer and serve a melon salad for dessert. sounds...

Orange or lemon glazed snap peas and carrots

entered for safe-keeping, i love my veggies! these should be kid-friendly as well. from woman's world 11/8/10.

Crispy carrots

carrot patties

Almond mandarin salad

this is a tasty salad that i found online. great for warm weather. crumbled bacon, green onions, and of course, mandarin oranges!

Salmon with sage butter root vegetables in parchment

a beautiful one-dish meal with gourmet flair. all the ingredients are placed in a packet of parchment paper, which seals in moisture and allows the juices of the fish and the butter and spices to flavor...

Crock pot short ribs and cabbage stew

a beefy, sweet, spicy un-thickened stew topped with short ribs. try mashing up your potatoes in the sauce with a fork - a left over penchant from my childhood.

Duchess soup

my sister got this recipe years ago when she took a cooking class. it is fit to serve to a duchess! it is delicious!

Bunny muffins

taken from "hey mom! i'm hungry" cookbook

To die for nutless carrot cake

carrot cakes don't need nuts in them to be good! try this version of a recipe i originally found in chatelaine mag. don't be put off by the length; it's no harder than any other carrot cake!

Country soup

a family favorite on a chilly night. serve with bread and it's a meal in itself.

Kfc pot pie

due to the waste of chicken in the restaurants, the colonel created a recipe to help use the chicken that was unable to be he devised the potpie recipe. you see, the chicken could only sit and...

Sneaky spaghetti sauce

excellent way to get some veggies into our picky little darlings. can be refrigerated up to 3 days or frozen up to 3 months. when the kiddies were small i used to blend the veggies before adding to the...

Dolly parton coleslaw

my grandma never cooked from recipes or even owned a cookbook. this is the one and only written recipe that anyone ever knew her to use, and it is delicious. southern ladies know their coleslaw.

Potato carrot burger with spiced mayo

a kinda odd creation of mine i made with easter leftovers.

Spicy lentil and vegetable dish

------so easy, so healthy, so cheap! this is not a curry. it's a spicy, nutritious one-pot dish. can -- actually should -- be made the day before, as flavours definitely improve on standing: this was clear...

Crocked chicken noodle stoup

a crock pot cross between a stew and a soup. will banish the dreary day blues. add another can of chicken broth to make it soupier. enjoy with homemade bread. yum!

Coffee carrots

tasty carrot recipe and healthy to boot. i believe this came from the heart assn. cookbook.

Creamy carrot soup low fat

a creamy soup made with evaporated milk and rice.

Sweet bell pepper soup

when a friend of mine served this, i thought it was tomato soup.. so creamy in appearance.."boy was i surprised. taste is fantastic..had to have the recipe.. thought i'd share it with zaar friends. easy...

Island green salad caribbean

from a very old cookbook i found at grandma's house, 'foreign foods.'

Vegetarian crock pot unbeef stew

one of the things i loved to eat before becoming vegetarian, was beef stew. while this stew is no longer made with beef, the carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, and tomato cook in a thick brown gravy. there...

Creamed cucumber

from my high school home economics book, i'd never heard of using cucumber in a cooked dish and my garden is going crazy at the moment with them so thought i'd give it a go. i think it's supposed to be...

Dilled carrots

great side dish. (originally from weightwatchers)

Drstevers filipino stir fry

i developed this recipe for my wife: a labor and delivery nurse. she is on her feet for 12 hours a day and must eat on the

Roasted carrots with smoked paprika

modified from a recipe found on which in turn was printed in cooking light, december 2009. the brown sugar, cumin and sherry vinegar were my addition. ps this also tasted delicious substituting...

Easy creamy cole slaw for 2

this recipe plus a package of slaw mix is a 10-minute side when any last minute meal is needed. flavors do blend if made ahead and allowed to chill a few hours... makes a more juicy cole slaw if slaw mix...

Delicious diabetic carrot cake muffins

these carrot cakes make a great lunch box treat or snack for diabetics. the only "sugar" is a light dusting of powdered sugar, which could be left off. if you choose to make them "non-diabetic", frost...

Shanghai cold noodles with peanut butter sauce

this is a simple, quick, and healthy lunch recipe, especially during summer time. for vegetarians, switch the chicken strips with lettuce, extra firm tofu or finely chopped green onion, etc. pour some...

Carrot and avocado salad

a simple and healthy lunch idea. from clotilde dusoulier's wonderful blog, chocolate and zucchini. a food processor with a grater attachment is really helpful here.

Cukes n carrots

found this in one of the hundreds of food magazines i have lying around. it has become a family favorite. especially when i made it diabetic friendly by replacing the sugar with splenda granular.

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