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Top recipes for "Casseroles"

Church cookbook beef oriental

this dish is savory and crunchy. i could not stop munching on the chinese noodles while i was preparing this dish.

Stove top stuffing casserole

this recipe was born one night when all i had was stove top stuffing to go with browned ground beef. if you like stove top stuffing and need new ground beef recipes, you will love this one.

Spaghetti loaf

this is a recipe that i just made up one day for my husband who had just had a lond day at work, and was craving something italian. it turned out great, and we have sense made this recipe two times.

Creamy chicken and pasta casserole

another of my kids favorites! i got this recipe from my mother-in-law and tweeked it a bit. the result has become a staple in our house! tip: i often make this, put into two small casserole dishes, and...

Cowboy casserole

this is out of betty crocker bisquick weeknight meals october 2005. this is so good--try it with the country bush's baked beans or the honey bush's baked beans it turns out great but different with either...


bf and i went to the casino the other night and the chinese section of the buffet had a dish by this name. i knew it was rice and very rich and that i needed to find a recipe for it! this is it!!! i did...

Dressing in a casserole or a bird

this is a really good moist stuffing that takes the place of stove top. you can easily make it in a dish for dinner even if you arent making a turkey. goes great if you want to roast or bbq a chicken and...

Creamy seafood casserole low carb

you can reduce the amount of shrimp to 1/2 a pound, but i love shrimp!


this is requested by my husband often and is his favorite meal! can be a meal in one or goes great with some rolls or a salad.

Creamy ham and gnocchi bake

this dish is the perfect comfort food for a quick family weeknight dinner. it stores great as leftovers too!

Deluxe hamburger casserole

we stopped making hamburger helper when we found this recipe. it's easy to make and very cheesy.

Mexican chilaquillas

i got this off the internet. i have not made it but it sounds so good i wanted to post it before our mexican fiesta.

Cornmeal casserole

i have had this recipe for over 20 years. one of my girlfriends at the time gave me this recipe, and i used to make it often for my family. it was easy, inexpensive, and they liked it!!

Cream of chicken potato bake

this is for all you cream soup lovers like me. easy, no fuss and great with ham, pork chops or fried chicken. enjoy!

Awesome and easy spaghetti casserole

this is a great alternative to spaghetti! it also freezes and is perfect for large gatherings. a vegetarian option is to omit the meat and use spinach instead.

Denver potato casserole

a nice comfort food that can quickly be thrown together. best of all, it works for any meal of the day.

Dried beef casserole

here's some good, down-home pennsylvania dutch cooking for you--dried beef is very popular here. this recipe proves there's more that you can make with it besides 's.o.s.!' serve with salad or a green...

Easy chicken broccoli casserole

i was trying to find something quick and healthy for my kids one day, and while rummaging through the pantry i came across these ingredients and decided to throw them together. it was an instant hit!

Creamy turkey potato casserole

very easy and so delicious! this makes a lot, so it is a great way to feed many people with just a few cups of meat.

Crock pot potato kielbasa casserole dinner

easy and filling. i use reduced-fat versions of the products, but if you want to use regular, go for it.

In the pantry tuna rice casserole

my 2 sons grew up on this casserole. young children, especially like this. not spicy, but creamy. the ingredients are usually in everyone's pantry, hence the title. lol

Corn souffle

this recipe came from my aunt who is a fabulous cook! she made this every year for thanksgiving and i use it for any special occasion. the recipe can easily be cut in half to feed about 6-8 people. i have...

Crock pot cheesy spinach casserole

even if you don't like spinach, this may get you to eat it. yummy and cheesy!

Baked sole cornwall

adapted from a traditional cornish recipe.

Crusty cauliflower and ricotta casserole

this is my all-time favorite way to serve cauliflower!!!!

Herb lentils and rice

this was the featured recipe in an email this morning from the best of spark people. listed at website. submitted by lillake. "a tasty non-meat way to get some extra protein in...

Delicious easy vidalia onion casserole

an easy and really tasty side dish for all onion lovers (like myself lol!) this recipe can easily be doubled to feed more people. i like to add in a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise for an even more creamier...

Easy chicken enchilada casserole

you can use cooked turkey in place of chicken, this recipe can be doubled and baked in a larger casserole, also 3 large corn tortillas can be used in place of 6 small.

Savory chicken curry casserole

this wonderful casserole is full of flavour and texture. always a hit at potlucks and get togethers, it also freezes well. i will often make this into several smaller dishes and freeze, ready to put...

Creamy seafood casserole

rich and flavorful with shrimp and scallops. served with rice. this dish will wow your guests when you entertain. from southern living.

Holiday sweet potato coconut casserole

excellent for thanksgiving or christmas.

Curried turkey casserole

i'm going through my recipes and most of them are already posted. but here's another one from low carb friends website that i don't see here. i haven't tried this one yet.

Cornbread taco bake

a second place winner in the country woman magazine.

Pork chops with stuffing casserole

don't remember where i got this one. we like the casserole with the chicken in it so much that this just fits on busy nights of homework and rushing around!

Breast ever chicken

from the breast of friends - very simple and yummy! i use campbells chicken noodle and stove top stuffing.

Chicken dorito casserole

kids will love this one! easy as 1-2-3

Easy creamy corn casserole

this is easy and delicious and can easily be doubled

Easy chicken noodle casserole

easy to throw together, and easy to lower the fat content. substitute low fat cream of mushroom soup and use skim milk. voila, lower fat :)

Couscous bake

this is a simple meatless dish, and easy to make, courtesy of america's best one-dish recipes.

Cream corn casserole

i first made this recipe for thanksgiving a couple of years ago. i had so many compliments on it, i thought i'd post it. i hope people rave about it at your table too.

Corn scallop

a favorite of ours, especially my husband!! my mom made this for us when we were kids.

Crustless chicken pot pie

soooooo easy...soooooo tasty and even more heart healthy than the original version...a reminder: dont forget to cover tightly with foil b4 baking or the stuffing could dry out! meal tip: add a tossed salad...

Daddy casserole

my father used to make this when i was growing up, hence the name. what's funny is that he has no recollection of doing it! it's really simple and tasty, perfect for an easy dinner.

Macaroni and cheese for 20 25

comfort food, food for a crowd...yummy

Corndog casserole

this is so easy and inexpensive. learned this from some of the students staying in the dorms at college. everyone loves it. very easy to make as little or as much as you want.

Cowboy supper

this is a recipe from our church cookbook.

Creamy poppy seed chicken casserole

this is a wonderful, easy dish that makes a quick mid-week meal. my friend brought this to me when i was sick and it was great comfort food!

Crescent roll casserole

too easy to be so good. when i made this my picky daughter said on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 40. i have revised the spices after reading the reviews. if you do not have italian seasoning available you...

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