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Top recipes for "Catfish"

Crispy catfish

basic baked fish. flounder works well in this recipe also.

Clay pot catfish

delicious catfish in tangy sauce. serve with warm baguette or rice. source: mai pham, san francisco chronicle

Crispy catfish fillets

this recipe can also be used for other kinds of fish. it's lowfat, and i got it from cooking light magazine several years ago.

Cornmeal crusted oven fried catfish ww core

this was distributed at my ww meeting this evening and i came to the site fully expecting that it had been posted and i could save it to one of my cookbooks. lo and behold, i am the first and while i...

Deep fried catfish

bring on the coleslaw!!! you'll love this one!

Amazon catfish

recipe submitted per a request for amazon fish. source of recipe is the turtle bay cookbook. cook time is frying time.

Dolly partons pan fried catfish

in this recipe from from “dolly´s dixie fixin´s,” she says “there was always catfish at the all day singing gatherings and it was mostly pan-fried.” she suggests you serve this delicious and...

Catfish creole

this is from the sunset seafood cookbook (1981). we make it frequently. it's quick and tasty. feel free to spice this up if you'd like to. the original calls for the lemon to be sliced thinly and laid...

Grilled catfish with coffee butter

an interesting new way with catfish that i found in the paper. i'm anxious to try this one out! from one of my favourite places, the catfish institute!

Creamy norwegian fish soup

when we lived in norway we used to eat lots of fish...this recipe reminds me of a fish soup which was very common there. you can use other fish and shellfish. the potatoes and tomatoes are ingredients...

Crusty catfish delight

a delight in many ways: very easy to make - a put all together and bake recipe. tasty combination of fish, tomatoes and orzo pasta. and it can easily be adopted to your needs. it presents the white, firm...

Grilled catfish with homemade salsa

a fast, easy, cookout favourite. serve with grilled potato and veggie kabob, and mexican cornbread, or tortillas.

Baked catfish dijon

this is such a nice change in eating catfish. i really loved this one!! (deck o'meals)

Catfish gumbo

my family loves this. very hearty.

Corn crusted yogurt fish

i swore i wouldn't post a recipe that i hadn't made, but the san diego zaarites are hassling me because i don't have anything posted, so... let me know how it works out and i'll update this once i've made...

Parmesan catfish filets

being a southerner with a bunch of fishermen in my family, we usually have an abundance of catfish in the freezer. i decided if tilapia could be parmesan encrusted, so could catfish. my mom and i prefer...

Southern catfish stew

from john edge's "a gracious plenty: recipes and recollections from the american south" serve with cornbread.

Catfish wings

what's that you say? catfish don't have wings? well, i've never seen a buffalo fly either. try it anyway! note -- catfish nuggets are the odds and ends and broken pieces left over from the filleting process....

Blackened catfish

this recipe came from a new orleans restaurant. oh so good and love the spices.

Spicy grilled fish

this is a really tasty, economical and different way to enjoy fish! lots of flavor from the marinade and easy clean up! winners in my book. i am sure this would work very well on any firm, mild fish. when...

Cornmeal crusted trout catfish

i love fish this way. next to good ole' deep fried batter dipped, it is my fave way to eat fish. this is very simple to make and tastes delicious. also, it is very versatile, you can serve with almost...

Cajun fried catfish

a yummy version of friend catfish with a bit more zip than the typical recipes. if you like fried catfish, i think you'll like this.

Croatian slavonian fish stew fi

this is typical slavonian meal. use only freshwater fish. it is important to mix various fish, and it is important to put a lot of hot paprika in it. these is one of the ways of making fish paprikash,...

Thai catfish salad yam pla dook foo

this is yummy and must be tried by all

Oven fried catfish

adapted from cooking light. we love fried catfish but since deep frying isn't a healthy way to cook (and i hate doing it anyway), i have been looking for an oven-cooked alternative. here is one that we...

Spicy cornmeal crusted catfish

serve this fish with tartar sauce as a main dish or also delicious served as a sandwich. easy preparation. prep time includes refrigeration time. from eating well magazine.

Crispy buffalo style catfish

take buffalo style and apply it to crispy catfish fillets and you get = yum!

Vietnamese fish simmered in caramel sauce ca kho to

this is one of my favorite dishes at a local vietnamese restaurant. i searched around the internet for the recipe and this is what a came up with. i just made this tonight and am quite surprised how close...

Catfish and slaw tacos

tacos with a down-home southern flavor.

Spicy catfish cakes

crispy on the outside, tasty on the inside. try them with coleslaw and real (lol) german potato salad.

Blackened catfish po boy can sub tilapia or salmon

can sub your favorite blackening seasoning and the fish is interchangable.

Catfish with cornmeal breading

serve with hush puppies

Alabama catfish stew

a healthy and hearty soup from the cookbook delicious ways to lower cholesterol.

Mariscada aka caldo de siete mares

this is served all over mexico, central and south america. it is delicious anytime during the year and is popular served as a brunch.

Catfish with mushroom and spinach stuffing

easy and very tasty with a wonderful stuffing. sprinkle the tops with breadcrumbs if you like, or just drizzle some butter and bake. easily doubles or reduces. this recipe was created for the ready,...

Panfried fish

from a cooking brochure.

Barbecue baked fish

we eat fish (usually fried or grilled) once a week. i don't remember where i found this recipe...i think maybe southern living, but i adjusted it just a bit. we all liked it for a change of pace from the...

Catfish fillets in ginger sauce

this is an amazing sauce; easy to throw together and because this recipe is for the microwave, you will have tender, flaky fish in a matter of minutes.

Flavorful catfish fillets

taken from "taste of". excellent dish that can be used with fish other than catfish.

Fried catfish bites

easy and good

Ranchero catfish

this catfish sounds really yummy and easy to make.

Catfish pan fried

this is a wonderful way to make catfish filets. if you never had catfish, you have no idea what you are missing. try it, you will like it!

Phyllo spinach fish pie

phyllo and spinach make you think of warm and sunny greece! the fish gives this combo another twist. created for the rsc cook contest!

Catfish cakes

a lady that i work with turned me on to these. my family thinks they are just terrific. we like ours dipped in ketchup. yummy.

Cajun catfish with spicy strawberry sauce

this unusual and delicious recipe comes from

Catfish almondine

posted by request, from the catfish institute!

Spicy grilled catfish

another winner from the catfish institute! prep time includes marination.

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