Curried cauliflower and chickpeas

this recipe was originally shown on a food 911 episode on food network. i have modified the recipe to use easy-to-find ingredients. this is even better the next day.

Detox salad

packing a powerhouse of nutrients, this light & energizing salad will have you bursting with energy. it makes a lot so you can enjoy it all week long for easy, energizing lunches.don't skip the currants...

Country soup

a family favorite on a chilly night. serve with bread and it's a meal in itself.

Curried cauliflower and potatoes

this is a simple vegetarian curry dish that you can make as spicy or as mild as you like. please feel free to experiment with the spices, or try different types curry powders to suit your taste.

Curry marinated cauliflower

this is from kentaro kobayashi's book bento love. i make this for my lunchbox quite often, as it's so easy to throw together. the combination of the curry and rice vinegar makes a very flavorful marinade,...

Cauliflower and fennel salad

i found this in diabetic living. if you need to save time, pick up some packaged coarsely shredded carrots in the supermarket's produce section.

Curried red kidney beans and cauliflower rajma masala

red kidney beans are very nutritious. they are, however, harder to digest than other beans, which is why they're traditionally cooked with seasonings that help break them down, such as ginger. use spices...

Easy cauliflower and tomatoes au gratin

can be made ahead and uses canned tomatoes. from "cooking for love" submitted by susan nycum. this can be made ahead and it freezes well. if frozen, defrost and reheat at 350 until bubbly.

Curried roast cauliflower soup

cauliflower takes well to curry seasonings and by roasting it first you extract maximum flavour from the florets. serve this soup in small portions as a first course for a special dinner or on its own...

Crusty cauliflower and ricotta casserole

this is my all-time favorite way to serve cauliflower!!!!

Susie slaw

i don't know who susie is, but my mom has made this salad for years and it is my absolute favorite! everyone requests this dish whenever we go to barbecues! don't add the dressing until right before serving...

Scandinavian summer vegetable soup

this is a beautiful and delicious vegetable soup! everyone at my home loves it, and guests always ask for the recipe. don't be thrown off by the radishes...they do not have a strong taste in the soup...

Delicious roasted cauliflower dish

absolutely delicious cauliflower roasting technique, produces gorgeous coloring and flavor to this relatively dull tasting white vegetable. loved by all (even the picky eaters). set it and forget it and...

Cream of cauliflower and stilton soup

this recipe comes from bon appetit, february 1996. the magazine indicated that it was british/scottish in origin.

Cream of cauliflower cheese potato soup

i find this soup to be very similar to potato and leek soup but its refreshing to taste the cauliflower and cheese through it. a winter warmer that will delight.

Low fat cauliflower with bacon

i am not a cauliflower lover but we did have this again over the holidays and well, i am back to loving it.

Lemon sauce for broccoli or cauliflower

tired of cheese sauce? try this quick sauce for a change. may 2008: edited to add the small amount of sugar the reviewers suggested -- thank you both! this recipe only makes a small amount of sauce, for...

Cauliflower alfredo

from the marvelous blog "oh she glows"

Cauliflower ceviche

a healthy ceviche - a perfect appetizer for parties and gatherings. and guests won't even know it's vegan!

Curried cauliflower and spinach

this is good and very pretty. the cauliflower turns a lovely yellow color. be generous with the spices and use lots of garlic! don’t use frozen spinach for this one. this recipe is meant to be served...

Curry yogurt roasted cauliflower

while in vegas, this was an item on the buffet at the paris. i ran into the executive chef and gave him my compliments, because it was soo yummy! he gave me an idea of how they made it... mine turned...

Hungarian borscht

this borscht is not really hungarian, but tastes like it should be. it has a very unique taste and is exceptionally delicious. i created this recipe 16 years ago and it is part of my cookbook that i published....

Malai cauliflower

a wholesome dish for cauliflower lovers

Cauliflower and cheese puff

always a big hit at our house, goes well with minestrone soup and even some macaroni and cheese.

Coconut curried vegetables

recipe from vij's

Cauliflower and potatoes

cauliflower and potatoes

Layered cauliflower salad

cauliflower is definitely not one of my favorite things to eat, but i can't get enough of this salad when i make it.

Bagna cauda

when i first tasted bagna cauda, i swooned. a heavenly, warm garlicky sauce and lots of fresh vegetables to dip into it. boy do the italians know how to live! it is traditional to dip little 'mops' of...

Cauliflower delight casserole

steamed cauliflower is covered with a creamy cheese sauce, then topped with a parmesan cheese breadcrumb mixture and baked until bubbly and golden brown. awesome!

Cauliflower provencale

a much more flavourful way of preparing cauliflour as an interesting vegetable side dish

Porte maillot sauce

a lovely sauce for ham from the united states regional cookbook, culinary institute of chicago, 1947. nowadays, a quick pulse of the food proccessor would handle all of the shredding/mincing of the vegetables....

Cheesy broccoli cauliflower soup

this is a nice "chunky" veggie soup instead of pureed. adjusted from a toh holiday magazine recipe submitted by j. russell

Creamy tomato cauliflower pasta

califlower cooked in tomato puree with garlic, chilli and cream and mixed with sea shell pasta.

Leftover vegetable casserole

use any vegetables you have left in your fridge that you need to use. add meat to give more flavor.

Broccoli cauliflower kugel

this is a beautiful and delicious dish that will enhance any shabbat or holiday table

Company cauliflower

i normally don't like cauliflower, but my mom found this recipe i love. it is very effective for company because the presentation is unique since it's whole. hope you enjoy!

Creamy cauliflower soup ww friendly

from weight watchers, "make it in minutes". very tasty and very easy to make! i have made it with both fat-free & regular half & half. works well with either.

Another mock mashed potatoes mashed cauliflower low carb

i saw this recipe made on the new low carb cooking show on food network. i tried the recipe tonight and it is really so good - this is my spin on the recipe. this time, i omitted the rosemary and used...

Delicious cauliflower n cheese sandwich filling

this is a personal favourite of mine. i found this recipe in anjali vellody's foodcourt column of the weekend magazine. hope you enjoy it!

Pot o gold cauliflower chicken and rice soup

this golden, healthy, thick, rich and creamy low fat soup is made with no butter or oil, milk or cheese added. i made this using left over chicken breast, white rice and recipe #205074 (golden in color)...

Easy cauliflower broccoli au gratin

from kraft. great side dish!

Curried cauliflower or gobi gobi

this is kind of a reinterpretation of the classic aloo gobi, only not by the braise process. because the cauliflower emits so much water, it doesn't need to be braised but somewhat steamed for a lighter...

Broccoli and cauliflower in mustard sauce

a colourful and crunchy side dish that will compliment any meal.

Curried vegetables with dahl

one of the girls in my lunch bunch made this for us. i loved it and she was kind enough to share the recipe. adapted from moosewood.

Broccoli and cauliflower coated with spiced chickpea flour

this is daughter #2's favorite way to eat cruciferous vegetables! the barest minimum of water is used to help retain the maximum nutrients. this is not a "pretty" dish, the vegetables turn a sort of smeary-beige...

Tabouleh raw

from "the world goes raw cookbook" by lisa mann. cooking time includes marinating time, but does not include time required to sprout wheat.

Aloo gobi mattar

this is an adaptation of aloo gobi mattar recipe #187408 - a very tasty recipe. all i have done is rewrite it with the ingredients in the order they are used. at this time, i have only prepared it once....

Broccoli cauliflower salad

i always liked this salad, thought it was yummy!