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Top recipes for "Cheesecake"

Peppermint chip cheesecake

i made this cheesecake to bring to the office and they loved it! i'm new to cheesecake making and found this one very easy and it turned out wonderfully. plan ahead, prep time does not include overnight...

Creamy ambrosia cheesecake

this recipe is tried and true! i make this every year for my dad's birthday. he asked if i will make it for easter this year too. i love this, and every time i make it, i think about how much my dad...

Chocolate tofu cheesecake

the tofu gives it a really creamy texture

Chocolate orange cheesecake with orange tangerine glaze

i love the combination of chocolate and orange and they unite wonderfully in this recipe. we usually make this for christmas but it would be good anytime of the year. if you cannot find orange and tangerine...

Easy cheesecake for dummies

this recipe is a good choice for the beginner cook. it is a huge favorite among my friends and family. many times it is requested as a substitute for birthday cake. you can dress it up with berries, chocolate...

Show off cheesecake

this is my "make an impression" cheesecake. everyone loves it. and it's really easy to make.

Creamy vanilla caramel cheesecake

enjoy sinfully rich cheesecake (without the guilt) - tonight!

Pumpkin flan

serve this delicious pumpkin flan for thanksgiving, christmas, or whenever!!

Pumpkin pecan cheesecake

a delicious alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie at thanksgiving or christmas.

Delightful cherry cheesecake

this is an amazing cheesecake that my boyfriend's mom makes every year! it never lasts cause its so yummy!

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake pie

this chocolate topped raspberry cheese pie looks very elegant and yet it is so easy to make. why not impress your friends &/or family? you won't be sorry. i found this

Chocolate irish cream cheesecake

this luscious dessert is richer than some other irish cream cheesecakes thanks to whipping cream and melted chocolate in the filling.

Dairy free cheesecake

a great cheesecake - without the dairy. heaven for the lactose intolerant.

Easter cheesecake

this comes from martha stewart's website. i adore cheesecake so i had to post this so i wouldn't lose it...sounds delicious! i plan to make it for my family easter dinner.

Crock pot creamy orange cheesecake

i had this at a friend's house and it was exceptional!

Non dairy pareve cheesecake

this is so good... the fact that it contains no dairy will just be your little secret.

Decadent chocolate chip cheesecake

a velvety, rich cheesecake that i remember having for my little brother’s birthday. easy to make and very yummy. recipe is from the hershey’s chocolate company.

Lemon curd marbled cheesecake

this is from epicurious. mmmmmm i love lemon cheesecake! cooking time includes chilling.

Caramel cheesecake

this is not a recipe for the health conscious. it is a recipe of indulgence. it can be frozen for up to 2 months.

Deluxe double layer cheesecake

great grandma rush's cheesecake recipe. this recipe includes making the graham cracker crust, and the two layer cheesecake. i use 1-gallon ziplock and my rolling pin to crush the graham crackers. i...

Cinnamon cheesecake

i found this on the back of my container of cinnamon. i kid you not. i did make a couple changes - less sugar & more cinnamon. for the crust, find my recipe #218799. i made this for dessert tonight...

Coffee cheesecakes

quick and easy, tasty mini-cheesecakes.

Strawberry bottom cheesecake pie

this is a cool and refreshing no bake pie. super easy and delicious...chill time not included in time.

Light cheesecake

very light and fluffy cheesecake, much lighter and more chiffon-like than most cheesecakes.

Aunt debbies cherry dessert

my mom got this recipe from aunt debbie. as a kid i use to think this was almost like heaven. it tastes a bit like cheese cake, but fluffier. the last time i made it for a bunko night, the ladies gobbled...

Crustless cheesecake st pierre

this is a very easy and successful recipe for the cheesecake lover in your home. the spring-form pan makes the baking of this extraordinary cake simple yet elegant in presentation. a family friend brought...

Little bits

these are bite-sized cheesecakes and are so-o good! the centers of these tiny treats fall with baking forming an indentation that is just right to fill with sour cream. recipe came from an old sunset...

No bake cheesecake bars

this is a creamy, light, and refreshing no bake cheesecake. i make half “plain” for my son and the other half with raspberries for everyone else! :o)

Chocolate vanilla swirl cheesecake

i found this recipe on the philedelphia website and i made some adjustment to it. this is a very delicious cheesecake and its very easy to make.

Triple chocolate turtle cheesecake

my mother loves turtle cheesecake, so i adapted this recipe, so that it was extra chocolatey.

Raspberry swirl cheesecake

i got this recipe from a cookbook called "ultimate cheesecakes" from philadelphia cream cheese (kraft foods). i've used fat-free cream cheese, and it was just as good as the cheesecake in which i used...

Sour cream philly cheesecake

i was given this recipe by a chef and it really is easy to make.

Cheesecake baklava

long instructions because of the detail, but it's really easy to do and a spectacular presentation. creamy cheesecake filling held by a crisp, buttery, phyllo crust and topped with a baklava layer - fantastic!...

Healthy protein cheese cake dessert

you will swear it's the real thing! i can eat this everyday without getting tired of it. high protein, very low fat and no sugar.

Ricotta honey cheesecake

from the june issue of canadian living. i served this drizzled with greek honey which takes it to an entirely different level. please note that the chilling time for the crust is included in the cooking...

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake supreme

this is prize winning cheesecake.

Chocolate fudge cheesecake

i made this recipe from southern living for christmas and everyone just loved it! the recipe makes two 9 inch cheesecakes so it feeds a lot of people. this three layered cheesecake has a rich brownie...

Turtle cheesecake quick and easy

i bought a frozen assortment pack of cheesecake bites that included a turtle cheesecake that i just love!! so i made this recipe to replicate the one from lawlers, but in a whole cheesecake. prep time...

Easy bisquick cheesecake squares crustless

i've always loved the original sara lee cheesecake and this easy version reminds me of one. this cheeesecake is great for a weeknight dessert, since it takes only minutes to prepare. it sets up beautifully...

Easy caramel apple cheesecake

i haven't made this yet but plan to soon! i just love cooked apples and cheesecake so what a perfect match! (time does not include chill time).

Cardamom and rose water panna cotta with candied rose petals

this is a good example of new age indian cuisine at its best. a elegant dessert that takes nothing to make. you just need all the ingredients in the pantry and just a little time on your hands. use frozen...

Fluffy 2 step chocolate cheesecake

this is such a simple, easy recipe but it tastes so wonderful! this is a recipe from the coupon inserts that i made for my dh one valentines's day. he thought i slaved all day! ;) cooking time is refrigeration...

Low carb new york cheesecake

a great treat for people on low carb diets. i combined the best of two recipes for this simple dessert that i can eat and still drop the pounds.

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