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Top recipes for "Cherries"

Coral cooler

this pretty drink is also refreshing. i use fresca soda and it is one of my favorite sodas. i was thrilled when i found this because even though i like drinking it from the bottle, this is a special...

Drunken cherries

this makes a wonderful gift, especially around the holidays with its vibrant color. this should be stored for 8 hours before eating (in order for the flavors to develop) and last up to 1 week. it is...

Danish cherries

a sweet scandinavian recipe adapted from moosewood cookbook. enjoy!

Cherry swirl coffee cake

there's nothing like a little piece of sweet coffee cake to go with your coffee or tea in the morning! and this is a great one if you like cherries and almond flavor together. if you're like me, you can...

Chokecherry syrup

i finally found a recipe that thickens like syrup! great on pancakes.

Coconut cherry scones

i tried these after seeing the recipe on the back of a land o lakes low-fat half-n-half container and they are yummy.

Quick and easy cream cheese pie

this dessert is a favorite in our family-- we use it for family reunion's, party's, and all our "get togethers". my mom taught me how to make it-- i'm not sure where she got it from though.

Easy fresh cherry pie

i came up with this recipe by not reading the directions carefully on a cherry pie recipe i found one day, and thought i had ruined the pie. but the end result of that "mistake" was the best cherry pie...

Jewel jam

from darlene kosmman very old recipe has cherries and strawberries

Hershey's chocolate cherry fudge

source: hershey's website

Cherry rolls

this is adapted from the company's coming appetizers cookbook. my fiance picked to prepare these. he loves cherries and he loves bacon. how could he go wrong? he didn't! these little ditties are fantastic!...

Patriotic dump cake

an extremely easy recipe. simply dump all the ingredients in and bake. don't fret, it still tastes good.

Dried cherry and almond cookies with vanilla icing

from giada on the food network, these cookies are part of the 12 cookies of 2009. delicious combination of two of my favorite flavors!

Cherry kuchen pronounced ku kah by my family

old family recipe for a coffee cake with fruit topping from a region in russia where a community of germans lived. this is my father's version of the recipe which is almost sugar-free. very good served...

Cherry crunch dessert

this recipe came from my cousins in oklahoma years ago. ****the cherries are packed in cherry juice or water, not in thick pie filling***

Plumi moos

a german/mennonite delight. my father in law's favorite. great for kids or with ice cream. jars well. you can use to medium sized bags of mixed dry fruit instead of measuring.

Cherry mousse

this is a quick and easy way to enjoy fresh cherries when in season. recipe is from a local magazine, sabrossa, which is a southwest dining guide.

Cool and creamy banana split shakes

these shakes really do taste like banana splits! great surprise for the kids (and adults).

Cherry salsa

from "plum gorgeous" by romney steele, published in a local paper. fresh sweet cherries combine with jalapeno, honey and pepper for a sweet-hot salsa, great with chicken, turkey, pork.

Cherry jello salad

my grandma always made this every time we would visit. it's been one of my favorite jello salad recipes since i was a little girl.

Impossible cherry pie

i saw many versions of impossible pie posted, but didn't find the cherry flavor listed. this is my favorite.

Creamy cherry kefir popsicles or smoothie vegan friendly

from delicious living magazine. recipe requires at least 3 hours of freezing. the kefir i used (nancy's brand) was peach flavored and sweetened. there are also goat's milk-based and coconut milk-based...

Cherry cheese bars

i ripped this recipe from a magazine a long time ago. i made it many times and it always turned out delicious as well as beautiful. since then, i misplaced my box of recipes torn from magazines until...

The best ever cherry hamentashen

we eat hamentashen on the holiday purim. they are triangle shaped cookies because haman had a triangle shaped hat. my dad owns a bakery and is a baker my whole life. he makes these hamentashen every purim....

Mini chocolate pancakes

delicious russian mini chocolate pancakes, served with a cherry sauce which includes among its ingredients vodka. what else! but you could make a non-alcoholic version if you prefer or if you are making...

Cold cherry raspberry soup

cherry season will soon be upon us! if you can't get your hands on fresh cherries, frozen ones will do the job too. wonderful dessert soup to serve on a hot summer evening. luscious and complex! time to...

Pretty in pink salad

i'm looking for baby shower recipes and came across this promising recipe. recipe courtesy chef tami johnson.

Plum clafoutis without dough

the classic clafoutis (fruit tart) is naturally richer with batter. but the flourless version, properly seasoned, can give you the impression of indulgence with far fewer calories, besides, it compensates...

Sweet cheese ball

you'll need only a few items for this unique cheese ball. coconut comes through in a cherry-flecked mixture that is coated in pecans.

Azumaya cherry tartlets

these little cherry tarts are made with wonton wrappers.

Chocolate cherry chewies

i think these are the greatest low-fat chocolate cookies ever created. they have a fudge-like texture and great chocolate flavor. i hope you like them as much as we do.

Baked curried fruit

a delicious way to serve canned fruits. use at least 3 cans of fruit; however, you can substitute other canned or fresh fruits, such as, grapefruit, fruit cocktail, bing cherries, apples or whole cranberries....

Cherry dijon glazed ham

my daughter and i go wild over this mustard.

Beef tenderloin in cherry sauce

it's well worth the time to make this beef tenderloin sauce using kirsch cherry brandy and grenadine syrup.

Cross country trail mix

another great treat to have along on a l-o-n-g car trip between wisconsin and montana. we make this one and recipe #216744. one gets packed away to be used on the return trip, the other is used right...

Black forest chocolate cookies

these are really delicious and chocolately drop cookies from the cookbook, "baked: new frontiers in baking" by matt lewis and renato poliafito. dough needs to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. don't...

Healthier fruit muffins

great way to prepare any kind of muffins. typical favorites have been blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, or a combination. they are not greasy or overly sweet, nor are they too dry. uses lots of healthy...

Christmas candles centerpiece

a fun project for the kids. they get to make the centerpiece for the table! use in conjunction with recipe #273965

Polish twelve fruit compote

this is from a library book about christmas in poland. it sites: "the culinary arts institute polish cookbook". i haven't tried it yet but i may this christmas. sounds like it has flavor and fiber!

Deep dish raspberry and black cherry pie

summer fruit pies are the best!

Cherry kuchen

this is my grandmother's recipe, and it was one of my favorite breakfast treats when i was growing up. okay, so it still is! it's so easy, sweet, and delicious!

Cherry pineapple holiday ham glaze

simple glaze that is quick and easy to do in a busy kitchen at the last minute.

Cherry cinnamon smoothie

the original of this recipe, which is now slightly tweaked, came from the vegetarian handbook, 1996 edition.

Tea braised pork tenderloin

from cooking light this makes a wonderful easy main course.

Sweet cherry jam

from better homes and gardens canning mag.

Googly eyes r you looking at me

these are so oh eerie and real like! great as is just pop into your mouth, or as a garnish for drinks, or for eyes on your favorite monster cake. these are so easy to make, your guests will squirm! a...

Cherry almond mini scones vegan

these are some super yummy scones! my husband adores these and i almost regret getting him hooked because they are so tempting to me as well! work quickly with the dough and try not to over work it...

Cherry cranberry chutney

this replaced the canned sauce at christmas the first year i made it! i got a photocopy of the recipe about 20 years ago from a coworker. (still have that photocopy!) i've now introduced it to my future...

Chocolate cherry brownies

delightful mix of chocolate and cherries! i love this change from regular brownies. a friend gave me this recipe....don't know where she got it from!

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