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Top recipes for "Chicken-breasts"

Lemon asparagus chicken rolls with capellini

chicken breasts wrapped around fresh asparagus and cheese, smothered in a lemon hollandaise sauce over capellini.

Dubai style shawarma

shawarma is an arabic pita wrap overflowing with shaved chicken or lamb. a crunchy tabooleh or fattoush salad accompanied by either tahini or hummus completes this middle eastern street food.

Crumbed chicken with potato wedges

from australian bh&g diabetic living.

Easy chicken tikka masala

this is a classic dish, with wonderful flavor. if you don't have the whole spices, you can easily substitute ground/dried - 1 tbsp whole = 1 tsp ground/dried. lovely served over rice (we always use basmati)...

Delicious chicken kiev

this recipe for the russian classic comfort food is based off the recipe from a cookbook i found a couple years ago. every time we make it, it comes out beautifully. the herb butter gives it a delicate...

Crock pot cheesy chicken and mushrooms

substitute all different kinds of cheese and soup to create a different flavors. you can make this using frozen chicken breasts, just brown them in a skillet from the frozen state in the bacon drippings,...

Creamy chicken and pasta casserole

another of my kids favorites! i got this recipe from my mother-in-law and tweeked it a bit. the result has become a staple in our house! tip: i often make this, put into two small casserole dishes, and...

Easy cajun jambalaya

i found this on grant michel says, "i have always loved cajun foods but my wife doesn't like the 'kick.' in response to this, i made my traditional jambalaya without the heat. everyone...

Crock pot pasta sauce with chicken

the easiest way to make pasta sauce...obviously you can leave out the meat or use any other meat you want. i have also used a round steak and pork chops.

Creamy stuffed chicken wrapped in applewood smoked bacon rsc

ready, set, cook! hidden valley contest entry. this creamy delight is sure to please everyone in the family. it is easy to adjust the filling to match whatever you have in your fridge. you can change...

Mexican chicken with potatoes

go mexican with this speedy supper. and it's filling so perfect for feeding the whole family. serve with chopped coriander, sour cream and corn tortillas.

Curried chicken moghlai

a wonderful curry whose ingredient list looks scary but isn't, its mostly spices.

Classy chicken

i've been looking lately for good recipes that are lower in fat and calories. i found this one on all recipes and i couldn't believe how delicious it was so i had to post it here. it's elegant and fairly...

Cream chicken

this is a family favorite. it is a great simple recipe, and very delicious. the better the ingredients, the better the taste, ie don't use margarine!

Dukkah chicken

i looked on zaar for a recipe for this, and couldn't find any, so i decided to make up my own. i recommend serving this with my mediterranean fried cous cous (#388661)

Easy creamy lemon chicken

a variation of the campbell's soup creamy lemon chicken...very easy to make!

Cuban chicken

from mom's test kitchen blog --

Delicious homemade chicken salad wraps

this recipe will knock your socks off! i deperately wanted a chicken salad wrap, but didn't want to use canned chicken, so i came up with this delicious recipe!

Curried chicken with lentils

i came up with this to use up some ingredients i had on hand. it's sort of like a dahl, but with chicken and a few other untraditional ingredients. serve over rice, or just eat with naan or a piece...

Country dijon poulet

this came from a little pamphlet from grey poupon. i keep all ingredients on hand to make a quick, flavorful dinner in a hurry. it has a nice mix of ingredients and flavors.

Creamy chicken pasta and broccoli bake

a tasty one dish meal from kraft. they kept it quite light, and it's still creamy and comforting. you can use any shaped pasta and try to go for the high fibre ones. smart pasta has the most fibre, but...

Creamy chicken in rice

this recipe was one of the 'usuals' at my house when i was little- even so, we never got tired of it! it is a super easy recipe, and you can play around with it: for the soup, you can either use two cans...

Darlene chicken

easy and quick to make and bake

Cordon bleu chicken sandwich

something different to do on the bbq. easy and delicious.

Dijon chicken

this is a simple, economical dish, which can be a oamc meal.

Cumin chicken

i found this guyanese dish on a site for caribbean recipes. the time does not include the marinating time (minimum 2 hours).

Clay pot chicken

a delicious spicy chicken with a delicate hint of coconut. the tomato and coriander really make this dish! and it's really simple to make and easy to prepare ahead of time!

Crock pot chicken over pasta

another simple dish that is sure to please.

Cold chicken salad

i love this recipe - it is an old favorite of the family. my grandmother made this for me many times and now that she is gone, i have taken over making it for the family. everyone who tries it, loves it...

Speedy gonzales chicken soup

no, this soup doesn't have mouse in it! it's a mexican style tomato-based chicken soup with corn and chillies. it earns its name by taking only half an hour to cook. you can use fresh, canned or frozen...

Hawaiian chicken luau

a favorite at any luau here in hawaii or on the mainland. we make it on the mainland when we visit family.

Creamy chicken and mushroom fettuccini

very easy chicken and pasta dish. i always get compliments when i make this. this recipe is for 2-3 people, but is easily doubled.

Cobb salad pitas

this is a drop-dead, out of this world recipe! original recipe called for 2 1/2 pounds of diced cooked chicken. i simplified it by using smoked turkey from the deli.

Chopped thai chicken salad

from pinch of yum.

Creamy chicken ramen noodles for 2

this is an combination of other recipes to make a quick and easy weeknight meal for two.

Clubhouse pepper jelly chicken salad

this pepper jelly chicken salad is a tpc louisiana clubhouse favorite.

Knob hill chicken

grilled chicken with creamy rich taste

Hurry up chicken pot pie paula deen

this is a quick chicken pot pie recipe from paula deen. it is so easy to make, and you could modify this recipe in so many ways.

Crispy breaded pesto mozzarella chicken

i made this recipe for my boyfriend and served it with scalloped potatoes for a good quick meal.

Easy cajun chicken

i actually got this recipe from the label on the chicken years ago. it's easy and foolproof.

Country chicken

i found this recipe in a local grocery store flyer. it sounded really good, so i tried it! i made some modifications to suit what i had on hand and my preferences. the results were great and i served with...

Crispy parmesan chicken strips

this recipe came from my daughter. they are so tasty--i think it is the seasoned croutons. you can use these as an appetizer or as a meal. they are yummy!!

Happy chicken sticks

this is another recipe i got from my kashi freebie book. (called brain foods for kids: over 100 recipes to boost your childs intelligence). we loved it as is, so i made no changes to the original recipe....

Curried chicken salad with grapes

a touch of curry makes this salad interesting but not overpowered like some. this calls for roasting chicken (better flavor than poaching), but i prefer to use rotisserie chicken. it is so easy and flavorful,...

All purpose chicken broth from the crock pot

recipe by: lynn nelson at busy cooks (this recipe works well for chicken quarters also!)

Crock pot greek lemon chicken

this really tastes like restaurant greek chicken we get here in the chicago area. moist chicken, lots of flavorful sauce. start with frozen chicken breasts and a few ingredients you have in your pantry,...

Dill chicken with cream sauce

this is pretty quick to make and has a great flavor. dill is so tasty. i found this in a land of lakes cookbook years ago.

Crock pot cream cheese ranch chicken

this is a recipe that was derived from miss annie's crock pot cream cheese chicken that i attempted to make but found that i didn't have exactly the right ingredients...since my kids love ranch dressing,...

Easy cheesy chicken crock pot

this cheesy chicken dish will become one of your children's favorite meals.

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