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Top recipes for "Citrus"

Citrus ice cubes

another one from rick stein's fresh foods cook time is freezing time.

Depression lemon pie

my granmother made this. it melts in your mouth .

Low carb caesar salad dressing

this did not over power the salad. most caesar dressings do.

Dreamsicle punch

i do not recommend using this as a punch. while it tastes grand the two ingredients will not play together nicely. they seprate and have a curdled look, not what you want to serve to guests so i am changeing...

Spiced blueberry fool

may/june issue of organic style magazine features three beautiful fresh berry desserts, including this blueberry fool. (a fool is an english dessert that is made of sweetened, crushed fruit, folded into...

Creamy ambrosia cheesecake

this recipe is tried and true! i make this every year for my dad's birthday. he asked if i will make it for easter this year too. i love this, and every time i make it, i think about how much my dad...

Cranberry lemon shortbread cookies

a nice flavourful shortbread! i make these for christmas, nice to add to the cookie trays for friends and neighbours. source: inspired by compliments magazine

Whiskey screwdriver

redneck variation on the screwdriver

Fresh lime

so simple and so good!

Dutch 75

this is a take-off on a drink called a french 75, which uses champagne. that has been replaced with beer in this recipe. "the hops and carbonation in the beer worked well with the lemon juice to make a...

Orange vodka

no need to buy flavored vodka when you can make your own with fresh orange or lemon. from

Cool breeze

a nice, fruity drink for those hot summer nights. a pitcher of these really quenches your thirst!!

Chocolate orange cheesecake with orange tangerine glaze

i love the combination of chocolate and orange and they unite wonderfully in this recipe. we usually make this for christmas but it would be good anytime of the year. if you cannot find orange and tangerine...

Lemon cheese

this recipe came over with my grandmother from england. it is great as a spread on toast, or use for filling in frozen pre-baked tart with whipped cream for a quick and easy dessert for unexpected...

Coconut lime squares

these are great-tasting.

Citrus salad dressing

this tart, sweet salad dressing is wonderful on dark, leafy salad greens like romaine or leaf lettuce tossed with orange segments, black olives, and red onion slivers.

Chocolate orange and cinnamon ice cream

this dessert received applause at a luncheon of the american institute of wine and food. with this combination of flavors, why wouldn't it? from joyce goldstein's "the mediterranean kitchen", 1989. ice...

Creamy spinach with smoked gouda gratin

to make sure this gratin is rich & luscious, be sure to squeeze all the excess liquid from the spinach before adding the bechamel sauce. bechamel is a classic french white sauce made by stirring milk into...

Chocolate orange cream cocktail

this is a drink that's as pretty as it is a sweet indulgence. in fact, we like to call it dessert in a martini glass. it tastes a bit like those chocolate orange cream candy eggs, but a whole lot better...

Cuban sangria

this is a recipe for cuban sangria that i first had at a pool party in the little havana area of miami. it was made by the host in a large cooler and dipped out during a bbq and party. it was the best...

Christmas tea

this is my grandmother's recipe for a delicious hot punch for the holidays, which she always called tea. i always make this for holiday parties, and the aroma is wonderful. to make it even more festive,...

Dandelion honey

something nice to do with all those dandelions on your lawn, make a treat from the flowers! dandelion honey is great on toast, muffins, pancakes, and biscuits. source: 225 family friendly recipes with...

Culto a la vida cult of life a rum cocktail

dark rum is created by a longer aging process and different casks from that of light-coloured, drier white rums. look for words like "aged" or "anejo"" on the bottle. the spirit inside will have rich...

Cucumber lime agua fresca

found this in family circle magazine

Pineapple sour cream cake

a really simple and delicious cake

Spiced autumn walnut and golden syrup tart pie

this sticky and lightly spiced walnut tart is absolutely perfect for any autumn gathering, especially thanksgiving, halloween or bonfire night. it combines walnuts together with warm spices and a hint...

Mile high lemon pie

this pie's texture is as airy as a cloud and almost that high! very creamy and lemony. cooking time does not include chilling time.

Citrus sangria

the wine shop i work for recently had a sangria party for our customers. this was one of the recipes we used. it is best to allow this to sit overnight (add ice just before serving) but if you're in a...

Orange rice spice breakfast

an interesting and flavorful change from oatmeal. this is sort of like a healthy breakfast version of rice pudding. this can be made much easier and faster by using 2 cups cooked brown rice. you could...

Citrus salad

from "cooking - a commonsense guide"

Citrus salsa

i've been trying to serve more fruits and veggies for my family and ran across this wonderful and unique salsa just in time for super bowl xli. we loved it!! a taste of sunshine in snowy winter. i found...

Delicious homemade lemonade

this recipe is cheap, simple and extremely refreshing :-)

Cuban chicken

from mom's test kitchen blog --

Citrus margarita

a fresh tasting margarita! if i am using a premium tequila, i don't salt the rim since i think it takes away from the flavor of the tequila.

Orange mango margarita

i made this up to use some things hanging out in my fridge. it's strong but fresh and fruity. easily multiplied for more than one serving.

Classic lemonade ice pops

in ‘200 best ice pop recipes’

Citrus soda

refreshing lemon-lime soda. for the warmer weather of the southern us regions.

Dubai lemonade

i was reading about this refreshing drink and not having had it, and needing some drinks for na* me game, here we go. it is a blender drink without alcohol.

Citrus dressing

from 1001 low fat. try this on a beet salad or as a marinade for chicken.

Orange pineapple pear butter sauce

do you remember making mud pies when you were little? this is the memories i get when preparing the pears to puree. peel, stem, cut end and then squeeze in your hands over the blender, you are left with...

Mandarin tossed chicken salad with cashew dressing for 1

well yasee i had this uncooked half chicken breast left from yesterdays experiments. also the temperature is all ready in the mid 80s and upward bound. a souped up chicken salad seemed like a good idea...

Carrot soup with lime and chiles

"this soup contains a wealth of cold-healing foods, from garlic to carrots to chicken broth." - adapted from the prevention magazine book, "natural healing guide 2002" if you'd like you can do as the recipe...

Delicious lemon tart

i found this recipe in the frugal gourmet celebrates christmas. he calls it "nellie's lemon tart" and credits a friend of his from toulouse, france for gifting him this recipe as his favorite. it sounds...

Butterflied chicken with herbs and sticky lemon

this recipe, submitted by elise lalor from issaquah, wa, was the 2009 judges’ choice and $10,000 winner(representing the pacific region) in the 2009 chicken cooking contest put on by the national chicken...

Coconut creamed corn

from eatingwell: july/august 2008. creamed corn goes tropical with coconut milk, cilantro and lime juice. we love this with the kick of crushed red pepper, but it's great without it if you don't enjoy...

Shaker style sliced lemon pie

this is a decadent lemon pie, just simply delicious,very hard to resist!!

Citrus mint tea

found this on splenda's webpage. it is really really good! especially if you let it set. it seems to get better and better the longer it sits! i added some pineapple rum to it, a a tub of crystal light...

Lemon ketchup

this is an old condiment recipe that uses methods that might have evolved since then. for example, a food processor might be preferred now. from the western cookbook chapter of the united states regional...

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