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Top recipes for "Cocktails"

Dust cutters

one of my father's favorites - from the beefsteak mining company. i use the frozen orange juice and lemonade in cans so i can reuse the cans for measuring everything else.

Baileys cookies n cream cocktail

smooth and nutty with a hint of cinnamon, this cocktail has all the flavour of a freshly baked cookie, sans the crumbs.

Easter bunny

yet to try

Snowflake martini

a christmas cocktail i found online!

Pom o sa

another from the rachel ray show site - apparently one of oprah's favs!! sounds great, doesn't it ladies?? ***just an update -this has been a hit the three times i have served it now with ladies...

Christmas life

very simple, yet delicious fruity champagne cocktails, the great thing is you can really experiment with just about any fruit, also you can mix several together. i just made mine with strawberries and...

Alexander cocktail

finish your party evening with a glass of this creamy cocktail flavoured with cognac and creme de cacoa. adapted from a recipe from nestlé brazil after buying a can of table cream and trying to figure...

The monk

an after-dinner cocktail that is very low in alcoholic content. served in margarita glasses this will certainly impress your guests.


roommate: "so, what do you think i should call this drink, scout?" me: "gone." roommate: "gone hawaiian?" me: "nope. just 'gone'." roommate: "hey! give that back!"

Dolce and gabbana

a mocktail suitable for children. it's the big brother of the roy rogers, and is named after its initials (diet coke and grenadine= dc&g).

Climax explosion

i think the name says it all- a delightful mixed drink with a bit of everything but the kitchen sink!!paradise mango rum liqueur is slightly different from your traditional mango rum as this has the appearance...

Cosmopolitan champagne cocktail

the holidays are quickly approaching! prep time includes time to chill, baby, chill! from gourmet magazine

Cocoa tini

i found what turned out to be a wonderful espresso martini here ( at least i think it was wonderful. everybody i served it to liked it quite a bit. unfortunately, i can't...

Lime light

a great flavorful martini very refreshing ; )

Coconut tequila

yummy, even if you don't like coconut


a martini with amaretto. i have to try it soon :p from the site of disaronno.

Diamond fizz

had this for the first time at a girls' night in party, very yummy.

Dutch 75

this is a take-off on a drink called a french 75, which uses champagne. that has been replaced with beer in this recipe. "the hops and carbonation in the beer worked well with the lemon juice to make a...

Disaronno cosmo

another fun one from the disaronno website. if you enjoy amaretto and cosmos, here you go!

Coffee fantasy

when you drink this try and remember that it does have alcohol in. very yummy especially good, well it is actually made for those coffee lovers out there

Stoli spiced pear martini

a festive cocktail recipe based on one from my holiday box of stoli vodka.

Whiskey screwdriver

redneck variation on the screwdriver

Dirty mother

found in 'coctail handbook'

Cloudy melon

this is my husband's concoction. we were trying to use up some midori one day, and this was quite tasty!

Cocktail bomb

this is a super yummy drink and it looks great to. the first time i was served one of these i remember i had to know everything that was in it so i could make it at home.

Cool breeze

a nice, fruity drink for those hot summer nights. a pitcher of these really quenches your thirst!!

Apple pie moonshine

recipe from natalie bruton and ryan wied

Cooler than cool

a nice smooth non alcoholic beverage.

Creamy eggnog

i prefer eggnog made with bourbon. this is the best, i think. from southern living.

Chocolate colada

pineapples, chocolate what more do you need?

Cozy fuzzy vodka

an adult way to enjoy a peach with a friend. i also learned that the juice of a ripe peach works very well with bourbon ... but that is another recipe.

Orange vodka

no need to buy flavored vodka when you can make your own with fresh orange or lemon. from

Chucktown sunrise

chucktown is one of the nicknames for the beautiful city of charleston, sc. posted for the culinary quest on yuku foodfriendsandfun

Chocolate snow bear

a yummy almond and chocolate frozen cocktail.

Coco blossom

a drink to be served in a parfait glass. taken on drinksmixer.

Cool kiss

great drink that looks so pretty in a glass! beautiful blue color.

Cappuccino rum shakes

found at

Cuervo daisy

from the jose cuervo tequila cookbook, need i say more?

Dirty shirley

this is my favorite drink when i go out. basically a shirley temple, with vodka. have to call it dirty since i fixed it up a bit:-)


this is a rum cosmopolitan. i found myself with a long weekend; only rum and cosmo ingredients. i found this on the internet, and it's pretty good.

Citrus smack

my bf wanted something in a tall glass and not too sweet. i found this drink and it's really delicious. even if there is enough alcohol, it's hard to taste. so watch out lol i used a hurricane glass...

Blue lady

i found recipes for a pink lady, white lady and black lady on this site...this is their blue sister. it is a sweet, creamy one that combines the flavors of orange and chocolate, but in a most peculiar...

Citrus sangria

the wine shop i work for recently had a sangria party for our customers. this was one of the recipes we used. it is best to allow this to sit overnight (add ice just before serving) but if you're in a...


recipe courtesy sandra lee i saw this on semi-homemade last night and thought i might try using up some of my coconut rum this way.

Cosmo jello shots

these jello shots are probably my favorite. great to serve for a girls night in.

Classic sidecar

based on the recipe from the greenhouse restaurant at the ritz carlton hotel in chicago. unlike other recipes, this one is sweetened with simple syrup. you can purchase simple syrup or make your own...

Tipsy turtle

a great drink for when you want to have a little bit of fun! i hope you enjoy.

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