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Top recipes for "Coffee-cakes"

Easy coffee cake 1965

quick and easy...

Diabetic zucchini bread low sugar low calorie low fat

i got a similar version of this recipe from a friend but had to tweek it for my fiance' who is diabetic. it is not 100% sugar free (less then 1 gram per serving) and very low in fat and calories without...

Rosca de reyes three kings cake

the day of kings (el dia de tres reyes), or epiphany, is celebrated on january 6 to commemorate the day the magi arrived bearing gifts for the infant jesus. the day of the kings is observed by latin cultures...

Crumbiest crumb cake

this is a combination of several crumb cake recipes that i tweaked and tested until i came up with this great one. my family thinks that this one is the best. it starts with a cake mix of course and is...

Cinnamon roll coffee cake

the flavor of a cinnamon roll and the ease of a coffee cake! a friend emailed me this recipe, which she got from a message board. this is quick to put together, super moist and simply delicious. it is...

Choco peanut butter swirl cake

a recipe from pampered chief. this make a good house warming gift! easy to bring to parties.

Cranberry tea cake

this was originally from the "moosewood sundays" cookbook and was an instant hit around here...part coffeecake, part dessert - yummy! i've never had almonds in the house, but can vouch that it's great...

Sour cream blueberry coffee cake

make ahead for those sunday brunches, or that midday snack.

Night before christmas coffee cake

this recipe was given to me by a friend from work. i have not tried it yet. her emails had tons of cakes listed. i am going to post the interesting sounding ones. the email had a link to the

Copycat starbucks classic coffee cake

i have found thee starbucks classic coffee cake copycat!! you may find slight variations of the cake at different starbucks locations. sometimes there is a ribbon of cinnamon running through the middle...

Cinnamon nut streusel coffee cake

simple and sweet coffee cake!

Double the streusel coffee cake

this coffee cake really packs a wallop of extra streusel flavor! a family favorite. easy to double recipe for a 9x13" pan.

Cinnamon chip applesauce coffee cake

i found this recipe on the back of a pacage of hershey's cinnamon chips! this is an easy and wonderful coffee cake!

Chocolate coffee cake

this is an adopted recipe that i have not yet tried. the original chef's commented, "this sinfully rich cake is low in fat and great as a afternoon snack."

Danish kringle

from aebleskiver and more - a sampling of danish recipes by lisa steen riggs. i have heard this is devilishly hard to make, but well worth it if you can master it. i've never been able to make it. hope...

Crater banana bread

delicious mix between chocolate chip-banana bread and coffee cake, great for dessert or breakfast.

Crumb cake

i got this recipe from a coworker. the topping calls for 3 sticks of butter, but i only use 2. make sure the topping is ready when the cake comes out of the oven, it needs to go on while the cake is still...

Apple kuchen coffee cake

a favorite apple coffe cake from using original bisquick mix. this recipe is also included in the zaar world tour 2005, germany.

Coffee cake dough

(toppings to follow.) this recipe is from mrs. s. hiller, from the cookbook "heritage of cooking" a collection of recipes from east perry county, missouri. to find out more about this cookbook read the...

Coffee can pumpkin bread

one of my mom's recipes or actually i thought it was but she told me recently she got it from my grandmother. and she was the one who started making it in coffee cans. i'm a big fan of making bread in...

Cranberry cake

clients of the company i work for give us fresh cranberries every year at thanksgiving. this year, i decided to actually do something with them. i made this cranberry cake several times in one week...

Cinnamon coffee cake kaffeekuchen

another great german recipe!

Cowboy bread

after a long search for a cowboy bread recipe that tasted exactly like the one i used to eat in elementary school i found this one. it came from and i absolutely loved it!

Jewish coffee cake in a bundt pan

this moist cake is a request by family members at holiday gatherings. you'll love the moist texture.

Buttered almond cake

tastes and looks great...another magazine 'find'

Easy caramel biscuits

these breakfast biscuits are a family favorite. very simple to make and everyone who tries them always asks for the recipe. they are sweet and gooey. guaranteed to disapear quickly! make sure to serve...

Easy coffee cake

i've had this recipe more years than i care to admit. it always gets compliments. it's one of my favorites because usually all of the ingredients are onhand. this cake is great warm from the oven or...

Gluten free overnight coffee cake

found this in a gf newsletter that i receive every month. as the coffee cake bakes, the topping sinks down into the cake and makes a streusel like filling. time does not include the placing the coffee...

Lemon rolls

the bright burst of lemon in these breakfast or coffee rolls is delightful. it's a lot like monkey bread, and i expect refrigerated crescent rolls would be a good, fast alternative for the bread dough...

Banana streusel coffee cake

this is a unique banana cake, as it has sliced bananas added instead of pureed, with a wonderful buttery streusel topping...a wonderful coffeecake to serve to guests or family.

Coffee and sour cream cake

this is a nice cake which is quick and easy to make. great with afternoon tea or a cuppa.

Mincemeat coffee cake

this recipe comes from the 1952 cookbook(let) 21 "none such" mince meat recipes for winter, spring, summer and fall, which i, in turn, received as a wonderful gift from my partner in the current cookbook...

Apple butter coffee cake

serve this home-style coffee cake for a special breakfast or brunch. the purchased muffin mix makes it easy. best when seved warm. (this recipe first appeared in better homes and gardens magazine).

Cream cheese almond coffee cake

an adopted recipe, i have made this ahead when having company over for and easy breakfast. original intro: a great moist coffee cake.

Coffee lovers coffee cake

this delicious cake has a wonderful buttery-tasting crumb bottom... perfect with coffee or tea.

Banana coffee cake

this banana coffee cake is what happens when you take the best elements of banana bread and combine them with the best elements of traditional coffee cake. it's moist and tender like a banana bread, but...

Chocolate zucchini bread cake

these i make with my home grown zucchini! the kids and husband does not know that they're getting their veggies!!

Blueberry or cherry coffee cake

awesome sour cream coffee cake with brown sugar crumble topping. from the white gull in in fish creek, door county, wisconsin, where they serve it in great big pieces. use fresh or frozen fruit - fresh...

Lemon coffee cake


Cinnamon apple flip

totally versatile! i've made it with blueberries, apples, orange zest, plain. it's just good stuff. normally i halve it and make it in a nine-inch cake pan. i actually found the recipe in an ancient southern...

Berry coffee cake

a friend gave me this recipe awhile back and i converted it to gluten free this morning. it is a nice and tasty gluten free cake. the conversion is easy so i'll post the recipe as written and the gluten...

Herman coffee cake starter and bread

this delicious cake (and starter) should be shared with friends, who in turn share with their friends ... and on and on. thus, often called a

Easy overnight coffee cake

pull apart cinnamon rolls that rise overnight. very easy and yummy! prep time doesn't include overnight rising.

Cinnamon swirl banana bread

i have tried many recipes for banana bread and hands down this is my favorite. i found this online and am posting this so i know exactly where to find it.

Coffee cream layer cake

this is great for any occasion. let me whisper in your ear....i made this from a cake mix!!! sshhhh! really! you will get all the raves and everyone will think you slaved all day on it. it's so good! note:...

Brown sugar pecan coffee cake

from southern living december 2006 test kitchen's top rated recipes.

Old world yugoslavian coffee cake

this is a delicious yeast coffee cake. it overflows with a delicious nutty filling,and the sweet glaze puts it over the top.. it is wonderful with a cup of coffee at breakfast,or any time.

Strawberry rhubarb coffee cake

a great breakfast treat or dessert for any time. found this in guide to southern cuisine. use a 9x13x2-inch pan.

Yummy pecan blueberry coffee cake

i made this for my mom's birthday and everyone loved it! have it with a big glass of cold milk for an extra-special treat. this cake is nice and sweet but not too much with a yummy crunchy pecan topping!...

Cinnamon coffee cake

i found this on the internet a long time ago .. i printed it out along with 6 or 7 others, and still haven't made any of them because this one is just so good !!

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