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Dry enchilada sauce mix substitute

i came across a recipe recently that called for dry enchilada mix but i couldn't find it at the store. i searched around a bit and eventually came up with this recipe to use in its place. one recipe is...

Crispy batter

another great batter for that not-so-heathy eating.

Curry flavored rice mix

once you do the prep, divide into 3 airtight containers, for here it is only 20 mins to the table whenever you need it. i have three-seasoned rice mix recipes see which one you like best. look for the...

Dry rub

dry rub for all meats and vegetables

Dough enhancer

i kept reading about dough enhancer but couldn't find it in any of our stores. a dough enhancer is a powder that is supposed to make your dough smoother and is what commercial bakers often use to obtain...

Chorizo veggie version included

my husband came up with this recipe when i wouldn't let him buy the real thing anymore. it's very tasty and if you use ground pork is exactly like the stuff you buy at the grocery.


an aromatic persian spice blend which is good added to stews and pulses. this recipe is from " a taste of persia" by najmieh batmanglij. the author suggests adding the rose petals to the ground spices....

Creole spice mix

base creole seasoning mix - good to give away as a gift.

Dry onion soup mix replacer

many recipes call for a 40 gram (1.4oz) packet of french onion soup mix or dry onion soup mix. this makes a great replacement. can be made gluten-free with the addition of gluten-free stock powder or...

Cinnamon sugar

sprinkle about 1 tsp. on hot buttered toast or as desired on cappuccino.

Creole seasoning mix

i sprinkle oven fries with this, they come out great, give it a try, you just might like it too.

Dry rub for barbecue

this is a great dry rub for any type of pork or barbecue. vary the amounts of the spices to your taste. this will lasts for weeks if stored in an air tight container.

Cranberry spread

i found this on the inside label of a can of cranberry sauce. i just had it for lunch on a turkey sandwich. wow - it was delicious. you can also use this to baste any type of poultry.


easy comfort food which can be prepared in under an hour. my family enjoy having this dish on rainy days with plenty of mashed potatoes.

Homemade taco seasoning packet replacement

this mild taco seasoning replaces one of the store-bought packets. it is super-speedy to use with only four ingredients. no preservatives, no sugar, no msg, no fuss!

Cooked vegetables spice mix

i got this from secrets from a caterer's kitchen by nicole aloni.

Dixie fry original recipe coating mix copycat

my reverse-engineered recipe for the classic 'dixie fry original recipe natural seasoned coating mix' yields 2 cups -- the equivalent of a 10 ounce, twin-pack box (although, i disagree about the "about...

Easy coffee rub for meat

coffee can be used as a great way to start your day...or end it, at the grill. the dark and toasty undertones from the coffee in this dry rub pair well with dark meats. any freshly ground coffee beans...

Cider beetles

get ready for the holidays!! i know a company that sells these for $7 each but i like to include them in holiday baskets. i like to make these for the kids to have cider during the fall and winter holidays...

Dry curry paste panaeng

a recipe i learned from a thai cooking course in thailand

Preserved basil

this came about when i had more fresh basil in my garden than i knew what to do with it. i posted a question to the cooking q&a board and with the help of jenny sanders, this recipe came about.

Chili paste

this is one of many recipes i have gotten out of a grill masters cook book. some of them i have tried and some are still on my list to try. but all of them sound very yummy!

Curzan seasoning st croix

i found this on another site and i'm posting here for zaar world tour 5 for the carribean.

Herb toasts

these toasts are nice with dips and i also serve them with soups. pita bread is a good substitute; they are smaller so use a few extra. this also works with tortillas, but then you don't split them.

Spice parisienne

from better than store bought.

Crazy salt

i posted this recipe for the request of those that are asking what crazy salt is, recipe #7542. a recipe i adopted. you can add 1 teaspoon of msg which i'm not a fan of. this are made with dried herbs....


this is my mother's base recipe for dutch almond spice, the stuff that goes into speculaas.

Lone star steakhouse spicy ranch dip copycat

copycat recipe posted by request. i am led to believe that this is to be served with french fries.

Yellow pincho seasoning

this is used in spanish cooking, similar to curry powder, to season meat or vegies. use as a rub on pork or chicken.

Anglo tex mex tamarind and treacle barbecue sauce

this is a double-duty sauce -- it also does a stellar job as a basting sauce for a roasted whole bird!

Curry powder

from microwave entertaining

Dry adobo seasoning adobo seco

i'm posting this because my mom found a recipe for enchiladas on this site and could not find adobo seasoning in the market. she found a jar of adobo similar to mole but it would have turned her enchiladas...

Yemen rub

from eipcurious. good on vegetables and meats. good as part of a gift basket if labelled and put in an attractive jar or tin.

Cinnamon extract

a no brainer.. so why didn't i think of it? use a tight fitting 1-cup glass jar taller than the cinnamon sticks. use in addition to or in place of vanilla.

Pork rub

great for seasoning pork chops or pork roast.

Dry rub for chicken or turkey

this makes about 3/4 cup of the most wonderful spice blend, i have used it many times in the past --- the amounts listed is enough to coat one large roasting chicken, 1 small turkey or 2-3 small whole...

Ras el hanout a moroccan spice blend by rachael ray

traditional moroccan spice blend that i found on

Harissa sauce

harissa is a spice mix used in the middle east and africa as a condiment, a grilling sauce, and it's often an ingredient in other dishes. there are many variations to this recipe, but this is a fairly...

Cake mix extender

a simple way to make a bigger and better cake mix. makes a 13x9 pan come out very high and moist.

Dry adobo spice mix

this recipe is used in conjunction with my recipe #315833 (puerto rican rice and chicken) dish. this mixture is used to adds flavor to the dish with a true puerto rican flair. store excess mix in an airtight...

Homemade french fry seasoning blend recipe by cooking examiner kristin king. "this homemade seasoning blend combines salty, sweet, smoky and spicy flavors - no ketchup necessary. whether one is making homemade...

Grill seasoning

lately i've seen a lot of recipes that call for grill seasoning. besides the cost (nearly $5 for a bottle), it's chock full of msg and other nasties. taking a tip from rachael ray, i've made my own and...

Cornstarch paste egg substitute

here's a way to make the cornstarch paste called for in some of my recipes.

Iraqi curry powder

many iraqi recipes call for curry powder and this is the way i make it. an example of a recipe i use this in often is recipe#420598. it is best to buy whole spices and grind them yourself. you can see...


oh yes, it's a copycat and it works!!! saves $ also. di

Curry massalla gravy

an adaptation from that works - this is the base sauce for many of the curries i will be posting over the next few weeks. this sauce will freeze so multiply it up and freeze down for quick...

Long grain and wild rice mix

a mix that will make a great gift or a pantry favorite. ever read the additives on a box of this stuff?????

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