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Top recipes for "Corn"

Corn n spaghetti

this is a real shortcut recipe! it is economical, quick and tasty. kids love it.

Corn my way

this is how i cook corn for my family and they all love it! i got the idea from a friend whose parents were corn farmers. the way they cooked their corn before they canned it was to boil it in chicken...

Creamy corn pudding

chef john over at food wishes never fails! another great dish for the holidays!

Corn muffins with sweet red peppers

compliments any bbq, great taste!! from canadian living mag.

Corn salsa

this delightful corn salsa is a perfect salsa for dipping and can be used to boost flavor or garnish a southwestern meal. chilling time not included in preparation time.

Corn souffle

this is a scrumptious way to serve a corn side dish.

Crockery pot taco casserole

this is a very good taco casserole. something different to have on a taco friday!!

Confetti corn

slight modification of a southern living recipe. enjoy!

Cream style corn for the freezer

a great way to use up all the corn from summer's crop, freeze into serving-size portions and reheat when needed :)

Cinnamon apple popcorn

a great munchie for fall/winter. the kids will love it for their halloween party.

Stove top stuffing casserole

this recipe was born one night when all i had was stove top stuffing to go with browned ground beef. if you like stove top stuffing and need new ground beef recipes, you will love this one.

Colorado pie

this is my adopted recipe and i haven't made it yet. this main dish pie is a family favourite from the more-with-less cookbook. make 2 pies and freeze one for a busy weeknight.

Corn pudding

this is the corn pudding recipe that has been served at our holiday dinner table for years. we would never think of switching. i hope your family enjoys it as much as we have.

Corn souffle

this recipe came from my aunt who is a fabulous cook! she made this every year for thanksgiving and i use it for any special occasion. the recipe can easily be cut in half to feed about 6-8 people. i have...

Corn crackers

i love homemade crackers. you can make them any size and shape and have control of what their flavor will be. these are fun to serve in a basket as an appetizer for a dinner party, but also my kids think...

Crockpot black bean tortilla soup

an easy vegetarian version of tortilla soup. i'm writing it here in its basic, mild form, but you can turn up the heat by adding tabasco, using a hot enchilada sauce, or throwing in some diced jalapeno...

Cream corn casserole

i first made this recipe for thanksgiving a couple of years ago. i had so many compliments on it, i thought i'd post it. i hope people rave about it at your table too.

Corn couscous

my children are complete couscous addicts,and this is one of their favourites!

Corn casserole minus creamed corn

love corn, but creamed not so much, all the others i can find here use creamed corn in the recipe, when i found this one on the internet it did not, so it's going on my list. the options with this dish...

Corn with cream cheese

this is a great side dish that is easy to put together while the rest of the meal is cooking. this is originally from an old farm journal cookbook.

Corn moussaka

this is an easy moussaka recipe that tastes great and suits the international taste. i found this in a magazine more years ago than i wish to say. it's even better warmed up.

Easy creamy corn casserole

this is easy and delicious and can easily be doubled

Creamy corn soup

a make ahead, favorite smooth and creamy soup, so flavorful and refreshing

Easy and healthy low cal corn on the cob

this is the way we usually make corn on the cob. i prefer it without the melted butter. it's simple, hardly takes any time and is good for health too!

Corn casserole pudding

they served this at the country club i used to work at. it was delicious.

Cornbread loaf

i made a few minor changes to the original recipe printed in bon appetit (december 1992). original recipe was printed as a request for corn bread served in le bus resturant.

Speedy gonzales chicken soup

no, this soup doesn't have mouse in it! it's a mexican style tomato-based chicken soup with corn and chillies. it earns its name by taking only half an hour to cook. you can use fresh, canned or frozen...

Corn scallop

a favorite of ours, especially my husband!! my mom made this for us when we were kids.

Deviled corn

different way to fix corn but very good. lowered the amount of salt called for in this recipe on 4-15-07, was 1/2 teaspoon.

Dehydrator taco chips

this recipe is from the nesco dehydrator website.

Corn and rice

i came up with this recipy while looking for a quick meal. it works well for lunch, a stand alone dinner, or as a dinner side dish.

Creamy scalloped corn casserole

if you are a lover of corn you will enjoy this, it makes a wonderful side dish to any meal.

Cobbed corn with kick

something a little different and very easy to make. you can use fat free or low fat sald dressing if watching your fat/calorie intake. serve this one at your summer bbq.

Corn and bell pepper chowder

yummy summer or fall dish! i made this for an autumn evening appetizer and served it in insulated cups around the outdoor fireplace. was asked for the recipe by everyone there.

Cob off the cob

i love corn but not crazy about eating it on the cob. i devised a way that i can enjoy fresh corn on my plate without the cob. i used a large bowl to work so you can catch all the corn. you should go...

Creamed corn

i got this recipe out of the kraft magazine. this is fast, easy and yummy!

Corn fritters with black bean salad

recipe is from good housekeeping magazine. perfect for a light lunch or brunch.

Corn relish

i bring this to dinner every thanksgiving, give it as a christmas gift and eat it year-round. yum!

Creamy corn bake

this cheesy corn casserole is sure to be a favorite at your family's dinner table. great for potlucks also.

Crab enchiladas

based on a chicken recipe i have on here and a good way to make use of all the crabs we are currently catching.

Corn on the cob cooked in the old ways

this corn has more flavor then any corn on the cob you will ever taste--boiled in its own husk keeps in the flavor. this how it was done in my great-great grandmothers' day.

Corn quesadillas

this delicious vegetarian quesadilla recipe is from the cookbook everyday greens. the roasted poblanos really make it special.

Corn chowder

my husband and i took a trip to tennessee where we had some of the best food. one of the soups we had was corn chowder, it was soooo good that i had to come home and try to make my own. here is my version...

Coconut creamed corn

from eatingwell: july/august 2008. creamed corn goes tropical with coconut milk, cilantro and lime juice. we love this with the kick of crushed red pepper, but it's great without it if you don't enjoy...

Corn on the cob with shallot thyme butter

the savory butter is also good on potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or even grilled steak. from bon appetit, august 1995.

Corn and crab salad

corn salad has become very popular for last years. it is very easy to make, will bring pleasure to you and your kids as well.

Corn and bacon pancakes

good for breakfast, lunch or a sidedish. my grandma used to make these for sunday dinner all the time. serve with extra bacon and maple syrup if desired.

Corn with mushrooms

a nice way to dress up plain old frozen corn. easy to make.

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