Deer mash

quick pressure cooker meal.

Chunked venison

the deer hunters in my family think this is the greatest venison recipe. this recipe was adapted from a recipe for beef birds, and the seasonings have been adjusted.

Easiest venison

my fil made this for us when we went to his house. i had a dislike for venison, but this changed my mind! try this, you won't be disapointed.

Deer venison jerky

i am a hunter and i love jerky. i came up with this recipe from about 3 others that i like.

Country fried elk deer wild game steak

a delicious way to prepare your wild game even if guests are coming over! they will love it! you will need an apron (a messy recipe to make) 3 medium bowls, a large skillet, a set of cooking tongs...

Deer steaks and gravy venison

this is my family's favorite way to eat venison.

Venison stew

this is a winter-time favorite. nothing warms your chilled bones better than a hot bowl of thick, meaty stew. this recipe can also be used with beef.

100 year old new zealand lamb dish i have used deer w this

a unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. it has a kick...

Venison jerky

i got the recipe from my dad. we have been making jerky for several years now. it is a spicy but great recipe. very inexpensive compared to the store bought stuff.

Venison soup

healthy, hearty soup. you would think it's full of butter and oil as rich as it tastes, but it's very low in fat and high in protein.

Roast leg of venison

based off a french recipe for roast venison leg (gigot de chevreuil roti). easy to make and fairly quick (other than the marinating time) depending on the size of your venison loin. also works for elk...

Venison steak marinade

this is the only steak my family will eat. they do not even like ny strip any more. we have our meat processor cut our venison steaks to about 1 inch thick, then i marinate and grill to medium rare....

Cranberry deer balls

my christmas table would not be the same without these succulent balls. i make them often in the winter after my dad and uncle get their bow hunting in. if you can't get vension they are equally good with...

Venison bbq

this is a great easy meal that your whole family will love! just cook the venison and add your favorite bbq sauce :-)

Venison tenderloin

oh so tender! last night it was venison steak, tonight it is venison tenderloin. thanks again scott--and thank you phillip! (another dear deer man!) thanks carrie and tom!

Venison pot roast

dh taught me how to make venison roasts when we met. tastes just like any pot roast to me.

Dad's venison chili

this is my dad's awesome chili recipe. he got a deer this year so i actually got to make it tonight with some ground venison he had given us. this one puts together quick, with just an onion and a pepper...

Sweet bacon wrapped venison tenderloin

the #1 rated deer recipe on recipezaar since 2005! it's deer season again, and you know what that means - a lot of 'zaar chefs trying out the venison recipe again or for the first time. thanks for all...

Stuffed heart

i use this for venison, it is really good if you arent fussy about innards. almost just like a roast. please make sure you dont use baler twine treated with linseed oil in error of cooking twine. i did...

Crock pot roast beef or venison

oh-so-tender roast with a delicious broth mixture that can be served "au jus" or thickened for a luscious, hearty gravy. add carrots and potatoes (optional), and you have a one-dish meal that cooks unattended....

Venison rugu ragu ragout

i like this recipe because its quick, easy and good!

Venison parmesan

this is a big favorite of my dh, and his hunting buddies. it is a great way to fix venison. it's good!

Slow cooked swiss steak

this is a fabulous recipe for venison in the crock pot. also works great with beef. a good time saving meal. from taste of home quick cooking.

Crock pot venison stew with bacon and mushrooms

i read some of the recipes off of the recipe forum about unusual meats. now i have a cookbook from alaska that will tell you how to cook just about anything but this is a recipe that someone might actually...

Hamburger stroganoff turkey venison or beef

this is the lancaster county version of stroganoff! mmm--a great comfort food. enjoy!

Easy smothered beef moose venison

this is an easy way to cook a less tender or wild cut of meat... and makes its own gravy. great for a family dinner or may be easily increased if putting on a meal for large groups of 50-100.

Venison steak strips

thin strips of steak are marinated in a lime and chipotle chili sauce, breaded and then fried in oil. i made this recipe to take the gamey flavor out of venison steaks, but it works great for any type...

Sweet and savory venison

this is really good served with garlic smashed potatoes and green beans.

Deer marinade

this is my go to marinade for back strap meat. it is a simple marinade that you adjust to your (and your family's taste), hence no exact measurements. what is great about it too, you can cook the marinade...

Deerhunter's scrapple

when a buck is killed, the dish served that night should be scrapple

Manly marzetti

tired of the nondescript? the italian sausage and pepper jack cheese wake up the classic johnny marzetti casserole. this has zing, but it is not super spicy. use your ground venison, no one will ever...

Maine venison mincemeat

venison mincemeat is an old maine tradition. the deer neck is normally used, but any scrap bones can provide the boiled meat. moose or beef also makes good mincemeat if venison is not available.

Smoked venison roast

posting on request....haven't tried it but not for lack of trying, the beasties elude me. according to the recipe i have, this is best water-smoked because it stays juicier and that it tastes really good...

Cheesy hamburger potato casserole

this has layers of sliced potatoes, cheddar cheese and hamburger. it's creamy and easy, with lots of cheese!! after reading the reviews, i think i didn't state clearly enough that the potatoes need to...

Tasty jerky

from the south dakota out door campus.

Game sauerbraten

a gem of a recipe! the first time that i made this, i used venison roast. my sweetie and i were astounded by the flavor, tenderness. if you don't care for venison, this is a recipe to try. yes, i know...

Venison kabobs

this is a great way to use up venison roasts or chops. it is also great if you use beef instead of the venison.

Norwegian fried venison cutlet with currant sauce braised red cabbage

this is one of my very favorites! if you don't hunt your own deer or elk, you can purchase venison in a specialty gourmet store, such as wild oats, etc.) note: if you don't eat or can't obtain venison,...

Venison summer sausage

this is an excellent recipe for "what to do with all that deer meat" and is also good done with only ground beef, as many ranchers end up with alot of hamburger after the steaks are gone. the 1# of hamburger...

Crusted venison

probably the most unusual and flavorful steak you've had.

Venison bologna

i'll be the first one to say so, 'cause i gotta be honest here, this stuff looks all nasty and funky,but i'll promise you it's good! if yer going for looks and presentation just forget it.but if you want...

Crock pot bbq beef moose venison

this is great shredded with chopped greens and served in tortillas or served as the main course with rice.

Chipotle chili

smoky, spicy chili.

Venison meatballs

made these for my son and some of his friends. these did not last long.

No peek casserole

my mom gave me this when we hunted. it's the best winter comfort food! and it's soooo easy.

Venison roast with wine gravy

this is a recipe from a friend. her and her husband gave us a venison roast. i haven't made this yet, as i have never had venison, and i am little funny about trying it, you know the bambi thing and all...but...